Where Bargains Matter- Dragon mart Dubai

Where Bargains Matter- Dragon mart Dubai

Where you can find one in a million or Millions of one!

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Doesn’t this line tell you everything? This tag with an interesting name lends to a certain eastern charm to the place. Our mind advertently wanders off to a place resembling a carnival with people entertaining with their craft and hordes and hordes of stuff that will catch your fancy. In literal sense you are not wrong. This is a located in the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates.


This is a place to find Chinese products in a vast quantity. It is dubbed as Chinese market in some cases. A heaven for Chinese traders, this place gives them an opening into the world of African traders and the eastern markets. The quantity of products is overwhelming to say the least and quality is well, you get your money’s worth if you know what in mean. Inaugurated on 7th December 2004, this place is the biggest Chinese gateway to products anywhere in the world, except China itself!  The mart stretches a whopping 1.2 kilometers and has over 150,000 square meter area in its kitty which arranges itself in a shape of? Dragon! There are 3,950 shops in the area which are all fitted in this dragon of a market. They gave you a parking option of around 2,500 cars in the area. Every-time you visit the market it has something different to offer. The logical mind asks? Where do they get this stuff from so quickly and every other day? Well the warehouses are mere 200 meters from the area thus the traders enjoy a very short transfer period and if they got it in stock they will get it for you.   It is located on the Hatta – Al Ain highway. The success and popularity of the place has kicked plans for a Dragon mart 2 rights next to this one. The new baby is supposed to be 175,000 square meters with 4,500 parking place options!

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With the extensive place it uses, the number of people that visit every day, we ask what you get here. The answer is everything! You get Bags, shoes, watches, electronics, furniture, places to eat, tools, carpets, home decoration stuff and much more. Make sure you are ready to walk for if not quality, this place promises to make your leg feel jelly at the end of the day. So suck it up and head right into this place. The prices are cheap if you know how to haggle. The actual cost is a debatable but the keeper will give it to you at half the price he quotes. So go with a local or go with your bargaining tools sharped!


The fun begins in evening after 5-30 pm for it is then that the brown boxes come out and the latest Gucci, Lose Vuitton takes their esteemed position in the glass window of the shop. There are boxes of them stored behind for the cost is less than 27$ for a large Hermes bag traditionally goes for 10,000$. Now that’s a deal we love. The cultural feel, the local color and an expensive bag to flaunt back at home are the reason tourists throng this place. The shopkeepers are more than happy to trade with them. The shopkeepers proudly say they sell over 10 bags to a beefy group of tourists; it’s easy enough when the gang won’t stop fawning over the bags of Prada and Fendi. In many places all over the world you may find smaller versions of these shops. The only difference is, apart from the sheer size of it, is that here it’s all in open. No one hides, no one runs away from the law. It is likely that you won’t see all the shops in a single trip. But that’s the part of the charm.

To give you a context and feel of the place, here is a vision. Picture an open mall with lengths and lengths of stores. The stores have every brand you can imagine, accessible to you without draining out your wallet or the bank account. It is all about keeping an eye out for the ridiculously comfy shoes at crazy cheap prize. It’s a sheer delight for the habitual shoppers.


In your trip to Dubai, spare your time to visit this place of organized chaos. The place is divided in seven sections and each of them is labelled as Shoes Men, Shoes Women, Accessories, and Electronics etc. Be careful of the electronics stuff you buy as the Nokia phone with Android in it won’t give you what you may imagine!  Unless you know what you are looking for, do not try to look for anything. Let the confusion surround you and enjoy the scene. It’s the only way to have fun in the Dragon Land.


Ask the shopkeepers if they know what they are doing is a criminal offence, they say they have families, letting them starve to death is a bigger crime. Nonetheless as long there is a market, people will come. And with the steep popularity of Dragon Market, we say it’s here to stay. This doesn’t mean that the original giants do not oppose, there have been lawsuits and raids but none have succeeded to diminish the glory or the popularity of the place.

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