Barcelona Spain – The City of Gaudi

Barcelona Spain – The City of Gaudi

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city of Spain and is the home for over 1,620,000 people. The city is situated on the Mediterranean coast of the country. It was a Roman town with the name ‘Barcino’ and has a history of about 2000 years old. People in Barcelona generally speak Catalan and Spanish and most of the signs in this city are written in Catalan. The city is full of everything that you may look in any European city. It has famous shopping streets, many broad walkways, outdoor markets, restaurants, and most famous buildings including churches and museums. It has one of the most reliable metro systems to take you anywhere you may want.


The most visited place of Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia. The construction of this building is incomplete but the view of this site is still very breathtakingly beautiful. The place is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This site is a church which is designed by Antoni Gaudi who is a much praised architect in Spain. The building when viewed from outside will shock you by the height which is exactly as same as the height of a mountain, which is the largest one in the hills nearby. The legend says that they could have made it taller, but Gaudi believed that a man’s creation should never be higher than nature’s creation. When you go inside this church, you will fell your stomach dropping by witnessing the impressive creation. You can endlessly gaze upon the ceiling and its height will mesmerize you. The place has a lot of glass windows which lets the sunlight enter the church making it even more beautiful by illuminating the entire monastery. The ceiling is supported by many hand shaped columns designed beautifully. Any person, who enters the land of, not just Barcelona, but Spain, must visit this church for you will have the best day viewing this church and its beauty. But if you visit, remember not to wear anything that has bare shoulders, feet and knees because you won’t be permitted inside. This church, where construction was started over a century ago and is not completed yet, attracts over 3 million tourists per year.


Barcelona is entitled with “#1 Beach City of the world” by the ‘National Geographic’. The world renowned beaches of Barcelona make it the city which you would never want to leave. The season of visiting beaches starts in mid-March and continues till mid-November. Most active season is from end of May to September. The most visited beach is Barceloneta Beach where you can do a lot apart from swimming. They have wind surfing and Kite surfing activities on the beach, refreshing drinks and plenty of places to rest, soak warmth, lie down or read books. Other popular beaches are Icaria Beach, Mar Bella Beach (also known as the Nudist beach), etc.


Gaudi designed many more buildings in the city. One of them is Parc Guell (also known as Modernist Park), which is located in Gracia on Carmel Hill. You will have to do a little uphill walking to reach this place. Originally, it was supposed to be a residential garden city but became a public park eventually. It has a very beautiful entrance and the design of the place is extremely amazing which is evident as we know who designed it. Gaudi played a very crucial role in modernization of the city. He designed and constructed a lot of Modernist Buildings such as La Pedrera or Casa Mila located in Eixample. La Casa Batlo is also the work of Gaudi located there. Other famous Modernist building is Casa Amatller which is a work of Josep Puig I Cadafiach.


The very exciting part of Barcelona is the Harbour Cable Car which was built in 1929. It is an aerial tramway, which is 1450 metre long connecting Montjuic with Barcelona. The car starts from Torre San Sebastian Tower, which is a 78 metre tall tower having a restaurant as well. The tram stops at Torre Jaume I tower (which is 2nd tallest support tower for an aerial tramway) before going to Montjuic. The city of Barcelona looks amazingly beautiful and travelling in a cable car at this great height is a very exciting experience in itself.


The Font Magica Fountain of Barcelona is one of the many beautiful things in the city. It is a fountain that you will be seeing for the first time. The magical experience of the beautiful and amazing show of light, water with music will be unforgettable. It was built in 1929 for “World Fair” and since then, it is a popular spot for tourists and welcomes 2.5 million tourists every year.

Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso is a world famous painter, who lived most of his life in Barcelona even when he was born in Malaga. The city has Picasso Museum storing the collection of arts and paintings of this very talented and creative artist. There are many other museums and art galleries of the city. One of them, the most famous one after Picasso Museum, is F. Cervera Ancient Art Gallery where you can find Roman and Etruscan antiques. For modern art, Barcelona Modernist Museum is the best place to visit which has a grand collection of modern furniture and art.

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