Aquaventure Water Park: For the Crazy Adventurer in you

Aquaventure Water Park: For the Crazy Adventurer in you

There are two types of travelers. One, who love to see the beauty and explore all that a place can offer visually, and then there are those who like getting in there and having some wild fun. If you happen to belong to the second type then this place can be your paradise for the day. Aquaventure is one of a kind water-park created on Atlantis, Paradise Island in Bahamas. Spread over 141 acres, having over 20 million gallons of water, 20 swimming areas, 11 amazing swimming pools and a number of thrilling water rides this water-park is the main and the biggest water themed attraction in the whole Caribbean. The water-park also has pools specially created for kids and a water play fort for them. The water-park is a home to much more than you can imagine or have experienced in any other water parks. Stay in the Atlantis Resort or make a one day trip to this water park and you will be amazed beyond your imagination.

The Water slides

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There are some 9 water slides that can blaze you like nothing else. Leap of Faith is one these which is a 60 feet long water slide which drops you from the iconic Mayan temple almost vertically into a clear tunnel which passes through a shark filled lagoon. If you want to get into a slide challenge then get into the challenger slide which is a twin slide that lets two people race to the bottom and check their completing times in the time clocks. The Mayan Temple has 2 more water slides- the Serpent Slide and the Jungle Slide. The Jungle Slide takes the kids through an exotic Jungle safari into the caves. Then there is a 120 foot tall Power Tower which features a 50 plus 200 feet long slide named “The Abyss” which begins with a 50 feet long vertical drop pushing the guests through darkness into an underground lair. The lair has prehistoric alligator gars and fishes. The Surge, The Drop, The Falls are some other throbbing water slides in this Power Tower that can intoxicate your body with an adrenaline rush! The Surge involves twisting and turning and throws you into The Current while The Drop begins with an ominous drop in an enclosed tube. The guests have to cross through the darkness and again reach into The Current.

River Rides

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Besides the extra adventurous water slides of Mayan Temple and Power Tower, there are also few relaxing and lazy rides one can find in this water park. These river rides can be enjoyed by the whole family where they have to sit in their inner tubes and they meander around a loop which is about one quarter of a mile and takes you through the beautiful tropical landscape. The gentle current of Lazy River and rolling waves and rapid currents of The Current makes for an exhilarating ride. It takes the guest through lush tropical backdrop and provides a fun experience. They never have to get out of their inner tubes and do not even need to get out of the pool for climbing back to start like many other water parks. But they are propelled back by the water escalators and can enjoy their lazy rides for hours.

Swimming Pools

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One can find over 20 different swimming pools and 11 unique pools over here. If you want to go for an exclusive adult ride then try the Cain at the Cove but this pool is exclusive only to the guests of Cove Atlantis. There are 8 pools where the whole family can enjoy together. For a relaxing experience get inside the Grotto Pool that has 2 beautiful cascading waterfalls. The Mayan Temple pool is the spot for swimming and sunbathing while to enjoy a royal bath with soft music and a romantic backdrop The Royal Bath pool can serve you well. To keep up with your fitness regimen there is a 4 lane Lap pool and to enjoy the oceanic beauty and white sanded beaches there is Cascades Pool. The Blu Pool will rock you with its hottest tracks from the 80’s and 90’s combined with the latest hit list. Basically whatever mood you are in there is a pool for you! Connected to the Lazy River Ride is the river pool which gradually deepens as one move forward. The kids can enjoy in 3 special kids pools- Ripples, Poseidon and Splashers. Ripples can be found outside the Royal towers and has mini water slides. Poseidon is located outside beach tower and has animal figures and mini slides that children can easily climb over and slide from. Splashers is a Mayan themed pool with tube slides, rope bridges, water cannons, slides, fountains and many more. All these kids pools are shallow so the parents can be far away from being worried while their little ones have the time of their lives.

Rock Climbing

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The Aquaventure Water park also has a fitness center with a rock Climbing facility. There are 12 different climbing surfaces with different difficulty levels that the guest can choose from. They can go for the simplest vertical climb or can be enrolled into instructional training before climbing up the surfaces having higher difficulty levels. You can also go for a team climbing experience which requires teamwork and skills.

So, started planning a Bahamas trip yet?

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