Amazing Man-made Boundaries

Amazing Man-made Boundaries

A border is a fictional line and is not at all remarkable for a common man. When visiting different states or countries people often recognize a border by the board signs which says “welcome to California” or “you are now leaving Oregon”. The significance of a border line is not usually known by people. It is not necessary for the border to be a line always it can be a city, a garden, a lake, a mountain, a stone or a desert. They are just meant to separate countries. Surprisingly there are some amazing borders in this world which are quite informative, beautiful, green and approachable. There are some borders which are quite unusual and are noteworthy.



One of them is the “International Date Line” which is a border between the United States and Russia. This line also crosses amongst the Diomedes. The Diomedes lies in the Bering Strait and is just a pair of islands. The whole area of Diomedes is divided into two small portions named as “Big Diomedes” and “Little Diomedes”. Thus, the people of Little Diomedes belong to the American city and the region of Big Diomedes belongs to Russia but is still uninhabited. It is very simple for these people to travel from U.S to Russia. When these people step into other country, they are not just into their neighbor country but they are in a different time zone. It is 9AM Sunday on Little Diomede when it is 6AM Monday on Big Diomedes. Thus, the government has installed cameras across the strait of the Little Diomedes.



The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a shred of land (about 258 kilometers) which serves as a divider between North and South Korea. Nobody can actually enter it without authorization as the border is so heavily protected and guarded. Thus, the border comes under the category of one of the most greatly militarized border in the world. The zone is actually a nature preserve as many endangered species have taken up the place as their permanent residence. Infact it is being said that their population is also increasing day by day. The two countries are still at war so an actual peace treaty was never made.



The Derby Line border was an amazing border which passes through some institutions and even homes. This line separates US from Canada.  We can say that a family cooks the food in one country and eats it together in the neighboring country. The Opera House and the Haskell Free Library lies in this Border. The most important thing that one should know about the Opera House is that the Opera Stage is said to be in Canada but the entrance gate of the Opera and some of the seats of the stage comes in the United States. Due to this fact the building is provided with two separate addresses for US people and for Canada people.



Another border which is actually a Municipality in the Netherlands is known as Baarle-Nassau or Baarle-Hertog. The land of Baarle-Hertog is actually divided into 26 separate fragments which are enclosed by Baarle-Nassau. But there are some portions which are shared by the two. This border is very much complicated and complex in view. But in the picture it can be seen that the left side is Netherland and the right side is Belgium.

Very less people know the fact that the District of Columbia is actually a border for Maryland and Virginia. The border comes with some rare features because of its location, size and shape. Originally one hundred stones in all were placed across the district to outline a border between Maryland and Virginia. Even today one can still find these stones placed there to indicate a border. Other unusual fact about this border is that the street is having different area codes for different sides. One code is for Maryland which is for the persons who are living in the northern side of the district and the other area code is for the other side of the district. Now, this is very strange.


spain morocco

A city in Spain named Ceuta (which is situated on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea) is actually a border between Spain and Morocco. The city Ceuta is an enclave which is situated on the north coast of North Africa. Both countries are in a conflict regarding the ownership of the city. Once Morocco claimed that the city Ceuta and Melilla along with some Mediterranean islands which are across its border belong to their country. This lead to a number of conflicts and after which Spain decided to fence a border between the two countries to resolve the issue. The city is 18.5 square kilometers in size. Spain made a secure border which is about 3 meter high. The border is equipped with fences and bared wires.

There are many other borders which are quite amazing to have a look at. Some of them are the Azerbaijan and Armenia border, the boundary between the United Arab Emirates-Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates-Oman, the China-Pakistan-India border (Kashmir), Namibia’s Caprivi Strip (a border separating Botswana from Zambia), India-Bangladesh-Nepal border, Bolivia border and the Alaska-Canada border.

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