The Wonderland on Sea – Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Wonderland on Sea – Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Emirati city that believes in making world records, Dubai, is home to one of the most wondrous island settlement in the world. An artificial archipelago, constructed by Nakheel group, using Land Reclamation it is the first and smallest of the three islands planned in the Palm islands (Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira and Palm Jumeirah), it was the group’s effort to utilize the sea as land post the city being exploited vertically. Together these islands are to extend into the Persian gulf extending Dubai’s shoreline by around 520 km. Oh yes. There still are places that extend their shoreline instead of simply letting them denudate.


Name Game

People ask why the name?  The 5×5 km Palm Jumeirah is named after its shape. The island is shaped in the form of a palm tree with a trunk, a crown and 17 fronds. It is surrounded by a 11 km crescent island forming the long breakwater. The crown is connected to the mainland by a bridge whereas the crescent is connected to the top through a sub-sea tunnel. This island alone has doubled the length of Dubai’s coastline. Even more wondrous is that this island is visible in all clarity from space satellites. So we to see palm trees from up above.


The Architectural Wonder

Though most would debate if the word is architecture or construction, the use of a word is only insignificant to the technique of pouring sand fill onto the 10.5-metre-deep seabed. The island has been created using 94,000,000 cubic metres of sand and 7 million tons of rock.  The top 3 metres of reclamation was done by spraying calcareous sand over the surface of the rising island. This technique of dredging is also known as rainbowing. The process of reclamation was carried out by Dutch company “Van Oorg” at a cost of US$ 12.3 billion. Costly much? Would you be surprised when I tell you maintaining these islands is a different expenditure altogether- and not a thrifty one? Don’t be, that’s how money should be spent. Isn’t it?

We Connect


The transport to Palm Jumeirah is convenient with a monorail connecting the Gateway towers at the foot of the island to the Atlantis hotel. I do not want to overstress on records, but this monorail was the first one in Middle East. This Monorail line has a planned extension to the Dubai Metro Red line making commutation extremely convenient.

Apartment Watch


Your new apartment got finalized?  What? So Palm Jumeirah it is? You must be filthy rich, where did you land upon so much money? Pardon me for being slightly (maybe even overtly hyperbolic) but if not already that sure is going to be a trend of conversation for residents of palm jumeirah soon. The island which was planned to have signature villas, garden homes and canal cove  town homes as constructed by the Nakheels’ and more apartment building on flat type concepts as constructed by various real estate biggies and builders. The island’s housing when fully occupied would be one of the most densely occupied areas in the world with  high rise buildings giving ample space for a huge number of apartments. The escalated prices help no common man, though the investors are on a risky boat ever since the 2009 controversy surrounding the island and the price lowdown. Nevertheless, when the world is scheduled to end, who minds a home at one of the poshest locations in the world.

Luxuries Unlimited


And when you talk Dubai, you talk big. I don’t say that, Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoom does. For those of you who wonder who are the people I am naming, He is the Sheikh of Dubai. He’s made sure Dubai homes the world’s largest, biggest and the best. And so it does, adding to the super luxurious residential apartments are the well built hotels on the island. Worth a special mention is the Atlantis Resort that was the first one to come up on the island. Its inauguration event alone was testament enough to the grandeur. Other famous hotels include Kempinski hotels and Residences, Palm Jumeirah Residences, Rixos and Waldorf Astoria to name a few. All of these are luxurious properties where you splurge but never regret. The Atlantis has attractions such as a water park, the Dolphin Bay and The Lost Chambers which witness huge footfall of tourists and locals alike.

Celeb Watch


What more? The island hosts, in all pride, the super luxurious, super hyped signature villas owned by the likes of Robert de Niro, Victoria and David Beckham, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Brad Pitt… more villas, more names. And you have the audacity to ask me so? So I tell you, you stand a strong chance of banging into one of these to name a few as you walk the shore. Ofcourse they have private areas allotted but who doesn’t like unbarricaded life- that too on the beach? So the next time you find yourself lost in Palm Jumeirah, please look around and in case you find yourself around Jannat( Heaven), Shahrukh Khan’s villa, make sure you get a picture for me? Please? I’ll add it to my collection of over a hundred already. But the point here is that you are going to holiday with the celebs. Why don’t I hear the shrieks? Pretentious ones atleast? Anyone? You even get the bonus of banging into the superstars vacationing with their family at Atlantis. Still no? You are all pretty boring people I guess – How I wish to be in the world of the looking glass. (Lewis Caroll fans anyone?)


Palm Jumeirah is not a place to miss. The fun, the thrall and the entire hype of being on a man-made island is worth every penny spent. Do not forget my suggestion fee though? Another picture of Jannat.

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