Wilderness Romance: Stockholm Archipelago

Wilderness Romance: Stockholm Archipelago

Getting married? Thinking of an off-beat location to ring in the wedding? Places which come to mind are Switzerland, for the frosty mountains and Maldives, for the pristine and sparkling beaches. They are so passé’. Ever thought of romancing in the wild? Head to the Stockholm Archipelago!  A welcome shift for couples from the usual and clichéd romantic getaways. This is the new thing and it is one you simply have to try.

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The archipelago, which has been taking shape right from the Viking Era, is the largest archipelago in Sweden and the second largest in the Baltic Sea. Initially, fishermen inhabited this beautiful place on the earth. However, now it has been transformed into a quick and stunning getaway for many Stockholmers and offers many cottage houses for the guests. The archipelago is a cluster of 100 islands and it is assumed that these little islets rise by around three millimetres each year. This place also plays host to some of the popular parties thrown in by Europeans.

The citizens of the archipelago had been mostly farmers and fishermen who lived there right from the 1400s. However the younger generation born around and after the World Wars moved out and away from the archipelago for better employment opportunities. However today, most of these islands are shut and fishing activity has come down to a nil. The most popular sporting activities in this archipelago is boating, and there are many sailing events held here.

Getting down here is easy all the year round, however in the winter months; it totally depends on the climatic conditions. There are many companies offering trips and rounds of these islets. Even taxi boats are available for the tourists. The summer months are extremely popular with the guests of this place, as they can take ashore their private boats, host parties and let their hair down, quite literally!

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What could one except on the archipelago? Oh! There is a lot to offer! The sun, surf, sand, waves, rocky edges, mountain cliffs and never-seen-before scenic beauty all await you with open arms. The best way to explore the little islands is hoping from one land to another by way of boats or ferries. The people there are as warm and welcoming, and once you go there, it will be difficult to pack up and leave. So leave aside all the worries of the workplace, shut down your laptops, switch off your cell phones, breakaway from the chaotic world, and soak into the wilderness the islands bring you.


The islands are divided into northern, southern and central. There are companies which give out boats on rent. There is also a map giving details of all the information pertaining to the islands. This map is definitely handy for the tourists. You could rent a boat or take a ride in the numerous boats ferrying along the archipelago.

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There are also many options of lodging and staying. Make yourself at home in a campsite, or a hostel, or a tent by the beach, stay like a caveman or just check into a hotel if you are still reluctant to explore the not so contemporary methods of living. However. Don not forget to make reservations well in advance. The archipelago sees many visitors and you obviously don’t want yourself without a roof in an unknown land.

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There are many interesting things to do on these islands; however it varies from island to island. Have an idea of how you want to spend time on this place? Name it and you shall have it! On an island, you could rent bikes, go shopping for the local artefacts, visit museums and theatres. Being surrounded by ocean on all sides, you also have the option of going fishing or just renting a kayak. If you are an indoor person, you could log onto the local sites which let you browse through music, novels, movies, etc. laze around at home, or just settle down in a lounge chair with a book.

Remember to take along sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, scarf, loose clothes, flip-flops when going there in the summer months or windcheaters, gloves, moisturizing lotion, gum boots in case you happen to drop in there during winter. Always keep your cell phone close to you and keep it well charged with sufficient balance. You don’t want you running out of currency on your phone and find yourself stranded. Have sufficient local currency when you leave the mainland as ATMs may be hard to find on the group of islands.

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Holidaymakers on the archipelago could also have the traditional Swedish sauna or if not nothing, directly plunge into the ocean. Although the water may be a little cold for your liking, you are bound to enjoy it to the T. One important tip: There is no TV, so make sure you equip yourself well to beat the boredom. Even board games like ludo or chess or playing cards could keep you occupied.

The next time you plan a tour with your loved one or your family, you know where to head and what to do. Drown your worries in the ocean and watch the evening sun setting down while sipping on a homemade cuppa!

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