Universal Studios, Florida – Ride the Movies

Universal Studios, Florida – Ride the Movies

Ride into the world of Harry Potter in the Hogwarts express, play, smile and fool around with the minions and go crazy with the craziest family, The Simpsons. Need more? How about a wild ride with the Mummy and the complete package of Men-in-Black experience? Tired, are we? How about grabbing a cup of tea with Barney and friends or a chilled one with Spiderman? No, this isn’t a dream sequence, well not a dream technically, it is dream quiet literally.


Time for some straight talk, this is the Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. The place where you can ‘ride the movies’. A larger than life model of Hollywood’s finest and most awesome productions. Here you can be one with your favorite hero’s and anime. The awesome combination of the technology and creativity combine to give you a real life simulation of the world of your heroes. This wonderland is wholly owned by NBC-Universal and is a toughest competition for the Walt Disney World. The land contains two theme parks namely Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. It has a night time entertainment complex called Universal City-Walk Orlando (this again competes with Walt’s Downtown Disney). To give you reprise from the long hard day of fun, they NBC guys provide you three Loews Hotels. The resort started in 1990 and has since made history with its real life 3-D effects. It boosts to be the only park to have marked an increased attendance after September 11 attacks.

Let’s take a distant tour of this world.

Universal studios

The resort of complete entertainment provides you with thrilling rides, lovely dining options and 3-D tours of the world of your fantasy land. Let’s take a look at few of the popular attraction. The rides and shows combine creativity with advanced technology taking you to the top of the world and pushing you overboard, giving you a free-fall with your hero swooping in to save you in the last minute . Now the trick is you do not move from your seat, it’s just the effects!


Do not be disappointed there are real life hard core roller-coasters that will have you flying through the skies. The beloved Simpson family takes you to their crazy Springfield world, Shrek gives you a 4-D experience and Revenge of Mummy will have bugs crawling on you! Delightful! Take the adrenaline rush offered from the most technologically advanced ride of the world, the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit which gives you a 17 stories fall ride at the music of your choice! That is one slick way to fall. The Minion Mayhem is a treat for whole family.

The Simpsons Movie

Now the rides are sure to make you hungry and the Universal provides well for you from themed hotels to on the go chains the options are many and varied, The Springfield’s (the home of Simpsons) most famous dishes are on the menu for the guests to enjoy (although some may not be edible for everyone).If enjoying the Tinsel town dinner is your dream then head for the themed restaurants it has everything from snooty waiters to valet parking. Paparazzi may not be present though.  There is New York dinning, San Francisco dinning, Woody woodpecker’s lovely kid zone.

For the movie buffs there is option to see how the movie is made, even be a part of one of them. Head for the studios and check out the effects, makeups, dialogues and music that go into a movie. Be a part of the crew and live the Hollyood dream.

Island of Adventure.

Jurrasic Park

The theme of this land is to give you an epic adventure at every turn, every bend of the road. The thrill is a result of rides and shows combined to ring to life fairy tales, cartoons and comic books among a plethora of joy. For every comic book fan to a comic book nerd, this is nerd-vana for the epic details captured will make you swoon. Right down to the Marvel Shield welcoming you to the universe, this will take your breath away. Every character you grew up with is present and they will invite you with them on a quest to defeat evil. And yes, you will win! The toon lagoon allows you to splash your cartoon pals with water. The idea of living the Jurassic park maybe terrifying but hey, this is the adventure Island, you need to have the adventure. The life size dinos may not terrify you in their normal form, but wait for them to turn their eye on you, and then you will scram!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The newest addition to the Universal family is the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. Every Harry Potter fan should see this for is as real as it can get. Right from the Pumpkin juice to butter beer, the high tower of Hogwarts to the Dining Hall, the HoneyDunkes to three broom sticks, from Dervish and Banges to Ollivanders the world is replicated to the last detail. Who wouldn’t want a sneak-peak into Filches Emporium of Confiscated Goods? The Universal studios offer you a flight on a hippogriff and the forbidden journey through the castle. After this journey board the Hogwarts express and ride to the Station nine and three quarters, it is a park to park express which will take you to your next adventure. Do not miss the after ride store and pick a souvenir  toy, the world will envy you for sure!


Head to this place for a mind blowing experience. Cheers!

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