Undavalli Caves.

Undavalli Caves.


Caves are natural forming. They are formed by weathering of rock.A cave is a hollow space in ground,mostly natural under ground space.It is large enough for a human to enter in. Undavalli caves are one of the natural caves in World.They are located in Tadepalli mandal,in Guntur District,Andhra Pradesh,India.This caves are nearer to the city Vijayawada.This caves are on the top of the hills and face Krishna river.

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This most beautiful caves belongs to 7th century.There are four stories around this cave history.These are four stories around this caves history.In olden days,the parts of India are ruled by different kings.In 7th century and before i.e.,. 420-620 AD.Vishnukundin kings ruled this place. Vishnukundin kings were followers and supporters of Buddhism.This caves are started to be used as Buddhist temples.So Buddhist monks used this place as rest house and they preserved Buddhist statues,which we can see even today.Later the caves were taken over by Hindus.This caves were said to be dedicated to Ananthapadmanabha swami and Narasimha swami.These two were treated as God in Hindu religion.These caves were dedicated by Madhava Reddy. He is the local Governor at that time,who ruled the region.

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The highlight inside the cave is it holds a 25 feet long statue of Lord Vishnu in a relaxed position with the back supported.All the sculptures are made of solid sand stone.Other statues are dedicated to Shiva,Brahma and Trimurti.These temple hold great importance among Hindus.This beautiful caves appears to be fort from far distance but when approaching it will be an exciting sight.there are several chambers inside the cave.The main attraction is 25 feet Vishnu sculpture made of single granite and 5 meters long statue of Lord Buddha.The inner design of cave shows that it belongs to the Gupta architecture.the designs and sculptures in second floor shows that it belongs to Chalukyan architecture.The sculptures in the first floor are Buddha sculptures.Totally four floors are present.First floor is larger than all.It has 12 columns and 8 openings in between the columns.The facade is 29 meter wide.The temples of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva are on first floor and in front of them a big hall and pillars are present.

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The sculptures which are on the walls reflects the Hindu Mythology.The giant sculpture of Vishnu is present in second floor.Ground floor is unfinished.Only hall,8 pillars and seven door openings are present.Top floor is also unfinished.These  caves are the best examples of our history.This shows our Ancient Indian Architecture.These caves are the largest of all.These caves have high rock-cut caves,beautiful sculptures.These caves are listed as heritage monument the caves are been under the care of Archaeology department since 1958.The sculptures which are present inside the caves appears to be natural stone carvings.They just look like original faces of gods and goddess.All designs inside the caves  also looks good.This type of caves are undertaken by Hindus so these caves spread about Hindu religion.At first theses caves are given to Buddhist monks or disciples so few Buddhist sculptures also can be seen here.These caves are just like caves with dark setting all around.These caves have not been undertaken by anyone or repaired or completed the construction of the caves.These caves are still under construction.This shows the negligence of Government on prehistoric heritage.No V.I.P.(very important person who has lot of money)has also not come forward to complete this building.The paintings on the walls are fainted and the beautiful sculptures are loosing its pettiness due to the exposure to sun,rain and moisture.The visitors to this place has also decreased.At once there would be some lakhs of people per year to this place,but now it is only in hundreds per annum.But this place is a must visited one and everyone enjoys the beautiness of these caves (though they were been not taken care).We need to learn alot from our history.The greatness here is the designed sculptures in a perfect way.(it took along period to complete these caves).

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No one can miss this beautiful caves and fantastic sculptures.As there are the representation of our Indian history.The carvings on walls gives the beautiful message of Hindu religion.No need to worry about accommodation.Vijayawada is the city which is nearer to it about 8 kilometers.All star hotels,lodges are present in Vijayawada.All types of food is available according to the tastes and preferences.On reaching top of hill one can see the agricultural fields on one side and Krishna river on other side.Best time to visit this place is from October to February because remaining time it will be little hot.Better to wear light cotton cloths on Summer,if you are visiting this place.There are many other site seeing places around this. Amaravathi,Ghantasala,Gudivada,Kanaka Durga temple etc.,.One can come here by bus,train,flight.By airways nearest airport is Hyderabad,280  kilometers from Undavalli caves.By train nearest railway station is Vijayawada station,8 kilometers from Undavalli caves.Buses are always available from different places.No entrance fee to enter in to the caves and one can carry their own camera’s no restrictions.Better to carry one water bottle with you.

This place is geographically said to be in Guntur but it is near to Vijayawada(the city which is near to caves).So better to accommodate in Vijayawada.Vijayawada bus stand is the biggest bus stand.There the food,bed,facilities,transport and so on every thing is available.

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