Thilafushi island : Maldives

Thilafushi island : Maldives


Thilafushi is basically located to the south of Male , and it is currently situated between Kaafu Atoll’s Giraavaru and Gulhifalhu of the Maldives . It is basically an artificial island that was created as a serving purpose to the municipal landfill. It is considered a part of Vaadhoo channel .Thilafushi Island is basically an half an hour boat trip from the male , the capital of the Maldives.It is now surrounded by the clear crystal water .



Thilafushi was originally called ” Thilafalhu “and before its esixtence , it was a lagoon. The prescribed length was 7 km and it consisted of 200 meters in width at shallowest regions . After a long series of discussions it came into existence . Lot of efforts were made to resolve the garbage in the Male during the early days of the 1990′s. On December 5, 1991, an important decision was taken to reclaim Thilafulhi as a landfill.

Earlier , it was given the  name of ” Rubbish Island ” and at that time , it actually started recieving visitors in the form of massive refuge freighters , and migrant workers were paid to handle the trash in the Male. This man man island got presented with approximately 330 tons of garbage a day . The Thilafushi island certainly received its first lord of garbage from Male on the January 7 , 1992. And the waste which was collected from Male at that time was deposited into the midst of the pit, which topped off with a layer of construction debris.The waste had to be disposed immediately due to mass accumulation .

Initially , the pungent clouds, toxic smoke rising from open fires , the piles that were made from the plastic bottles , packets including crisp in them , were initially found in the island . Initially , it used to dump 330 tons of rubbish on the island every day . There was also a smoke rising from refuse on Thilafushi.


It is generally believed that it is four times densely populated than London and it has no surrounding land . And it proves very surprising for the locals and visitors tourist that this beautiful country actually has a waste problem. At present date , Thilafushi has a landmass which consists of more than 4.6 million ft, And Thilafushi has been developing with leaps and bounds and government was observing the developnment of Thilafushi. And only because of the developnment of Thilafushi , it was decided that this land was to ceased to entreprenuers. Earlier , the waste was subsided into the sea but now dumping of waste has been strictly banned by the government. Thilafushi is like a second home to the migrant workers who work in very filthy conditions especially the people from bangladesh .Discarded packets of the eatables and the juices were also among the wastes .

The current industrial activities in the island are manufacturings of the boats , packing of the cements and various large scale housing . There was more than 330 tonnes of rubbish that was brought to Thilafushi a day and almost all the waste came from the Male . Thilafushi island has also suffered from many toxical wastes . There is very little around that escapes itself from getting polluted  But as for now , garbage boats are now advised to to shuttle off their merchandise to India .Many truckloads of the garbage in the large piles had increased the size of the island . It is currently estimated that so much is being deposited and as a result this land of Thilafushi is growing and developing by leaps and bounds .

From the certain reports , it has been estimated that a single tourist can maximum produce 3.5 kg of garbage a day . These wastes worked as a source of toxic heavy metals and it is known as increasingly very serious ecological and health problem in Maldives .

Thilafushi Island is one of the view of Maldives that few visitors ever see. Thilafushi island of Maldives is very revealing .

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Interesting facts

Thilafushi island has been considered as one of the wierdest man made island of the world . It serves as a dumping ground to the locals and tourists . The concerned authorities are trying to clean up the island and they are also trying to transform this dumping ground into a phenomenal island . But it is believed by the locals and tourists that the island will remain as it is and one of the main reason being that is situated at an industrial place and no matter what but Thilafushi island will face pollution problems .But , the country is definitely trying to put its best foot forward and struggling to cope safely with this disposable waste. Maldives is basically a country that is filled with more than 1000 pristine islands. Most of the stuff that came from the capital of Maldives , Male , was almost electronic waste that was burned or buried with the normal waste .

Maldives is a very beautiful country . But is a  very famous proverb that a coin has two sides ; heads and tails . If a thing is beautiful , it has its ugly side too . This island , Thilafushi , in Maldives comes with the environmental issues . but , the concerned authorities are trying their level best to take advantage of this land and to transform the island into a  phenomenal island surely .

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