Temple Bar, Dublin

Temple Bar, Dublin


As Dublin is one of the  most popular tourist attractions , Temple Bar has certainly gained its reputation.Temple Bar is located on the south bank of the river Liffey in central Dublin , Ireland. Even The Royal Courts Of Justice is located next  to it .It has been a tradition in London that the monarch stops at Temple Bar before entering the city of London from Westminster , as it is the most importance entrance to London

temple bar


The stopping of monarch at the Temple Bar and being met by Lord Mayor is the historical ceremony and it has often been featured in art and literature.  In several places, the authority of city of London corporation reached beyond the city’s ancient walls .Most importantly,to ensure the regular trading into the city ,barriers were erected on the major roads whenever the true boundary was a substantial distance from the old gatehouse . Since, Temple Bar was the most famous of these and as a result , the traffic between the London which was England’s prime commercial centre and Westminster which is the political centre passed through it .

Name of the Temple Bar comes from the street  which is named after Sir William Temple who lived in the mansion nearby in the early 17th century .His garden ran down to river banks  from there was the walk-way which was known as the bar Hence , the bar walk-way was called temple , Temple Bar.The term ‘Temple Bar’ is also retained for the gateway designed by Christopher Wren which used to occupy the spot from 17th to late 19th century.Handel’s Messiah performed in Temple Bar on 13th april ,1742.It had become so famous that  annual performance of the Messiah is held on the same date at same location.

But, during the late 19th century, the area started losing its reputation and popularity. In 20th century, it suffered from Urban Decay , with many derelict buildings .The reasons being in 1980, the state owned transport company ” Coras Jompair Eireann” proposed to buy up and demolish property in the area . And that terminus led to the protests by An  Taisce ,residents and traders also led to the cancellation of the bus station project which was responsible for security finding .In 1999, due to drunken behaviour,”stag parties” and “hen nights ” were supposedly banned .


Present day condition

Many Irish cultural institutions are located in this area. Two squares have been renovated in these recent years– Meeting House Square and Central Temple Bar square.Outdoor film screening takes place in Meeting House Square. The film “Ek The Tiger had a song that was featured in this area.


Temple Bar is basically a colourful quarter  of Dublin City. It includes dancing, shopping, drinking, nighlife .Restaurants and Bars are the favourite attractions of tourists. It is the hallmark of the  friendlist watering   in Dublin.With its outdoors cafe terraces , delicious eateries and cobbled streets , this historic area is the place to visit.Every saturday from 10am to 5 pm , over  Irish and Irish based designers show an electric mix of contemporary and vintage crafts,handmade clothing , visual arts,jewellery and arts.


All city centre buses will bring you to the Temple Bar.The area of Temple Bar is open all round.It is very vibrant and energetic are of Dublin . It is also within a walking distance to Dublin’s top bars , Cafes and restaurants as well as the main tourists attractions and theatres.It also has a big music centre.The gallery of photography and the national Photographic archives enhance the beauty of the Bar In summer months , outdoor activities like concerts and cinema, saturday food market in Meeting House Square , a book market on Saturday and Sunday in Temple Bar Square keep the atmosphere alive . Funky shops , electic cafes,hordes of stylish young europeans have made Temple Bar one of the most popular tourist destination in the city. Temple Bar is known as the “heart” of Dublin city.Excellent booze, live concerts ,delicious food will make your day an unforgettable one. The streets there are to be wandered and watched. You will  get the sensation of entering into a new world from the busy and working streets of Dublin to the cozy,warm atmosphere of Temple Bar.The staff is also very friendly and there are lots of streets across.The people of different places play music in the Temple Bar and around it also.


Temple Bar is very famous with locals and visitors. The service is always great even in the super busy nights also.The atmosphere there is very relaxing.24 hours live band will make your soul relaxed and alive. The homely feelings always prevails in the Temple bar whether you are alone or with a group of friends . It has amazing whiskey collections , the beer garden and the smoking area.The amenities are also very reasonable in price.The Temple Bar itself is very spacious and has a friendly atmosphere. Temple Bar is not for people who want quiet, secluded surroundings .It is for those who enjoy city life, and who want everything in block.

Thus, it is a great stop in Dublin .The atmosphere is spirited and keep the crowd going .It has a very catchy and enjoyable atmosphere  will will enable you to sit and relax.th As it is very popularly known as the “heart ” of Dublin, hence, this is worth to visit.


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