Tasiilaq: The Arctic Riviera

Tasiilaq: The Arctic Riviera

Greenland is known for its beautiful and lovely town of Tasiilaq which actually lies on the centre of its east coast. This beautiful town is actually a village accompanied with tall mountains and surrounded by a harbour. A very deep and clean river cuts through the village providing a perfect look to this colourful town. There are many things to explore on hike in this town but the best thing is the majestic Flower Valley. The entire town of Tasiilaq is actually under modern European influence and is a place with strong tradition.

About the Town:


The town was discovered in the year 1894 by the Danish explorers. And by then it was known by the name Ammassalik. The name itselt meant that the place is full of small fishes. Now the locals call it Tasiilaq meaning the one which looks like a like. Tsiilaq became the official name of the city but still the municipality is known by the name Ammassalip Kummunia. This village is very much compact but still people can find post office, hotel, bakery, restaurant, museum, book shop, and even a helicopter station also. Apart from these a hospital and Greenland filatelia is also available. Many people that live in this place work in the service or in administration office and the others are either hunters or fisherman by trade.

Get In to Tasiilaq:


The simplest way to travel to Tasiilaq is to get a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland. Apart from this single flight, there are many other flights available from many major cities that fly to Kulusuk. Kulusuk is not a far place from Tasiilaq. Many people prefer to take a local helicopter from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq. If people don’t want to spend some extra money for their helicopter ride then they can even travel through a boat. They just have to ask a local fisherman to take them on their boat and they can easily travel to Tasiilaq. People are advised to book a package for their trip if they don’t want to take much load. If visitors are on some package deal then the trip advisors will themselves receive them from their hotel or from the airport with a boat of their own. During summers it is preferable to travel in a helicopter but during winters people prefer to reach Tasiilaq by a dogsled or a snowmobile or on skis. After reaching the city, visitors don’t have to spend much on their travelling as the town is small enough to cover all by foot. People should even walk outside the town also to start a new adventure.

Things to See:


Many people like to visit the city during July because the Arctic Team Challenge happens in Tasiilaq every July. It is a five day challenge with teams of four persons; the teams are challenged to do some adventurous things like mountain trekking, icefjord paddling, mountain biking and glacier trekking. As it can be seen from the names of these activities, these are really tough ones so only healthy and strong people are fit to apply for this competition. For those who love to shop some unique and decorative material should visit the Skæven Handicraft Shop which offers very wide range of jewellery, mitts, carvings and even slippers also.

Another popular place in Tasiilaq for art lovers is the Tasiilaq Museum which was built in the year 1908 in the old church. The Tasiilaq Museum has some great collections from the famous culture and history of the East Greenland. The most important collection is the mask collection which is the largest in the entire country. Some wonderful photos, traditional costumes, beadwork, and even some beautiful carvings are also among the collection. People who want to know more about the history and culture and even want to do some research on it can visit the Neriusaaq Bookshop which is a good one in Tasiilaq.


For all the fun and party lovers, a high-fi pub cum disco is also there in Tsiilaq named Klubben. People who visited Tsiilaq in past will surely recommend this place. People call it as the best active spot in Tasiilaq. It is the best for a night out and hangout. People who can manage to get an invitation from a member of this pub cum disco can enter the place for free but make sure that the pub will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Time for Some Adventure:


Tsiilaq is very much known as an adventurous place by the people as there are many adventurous activities that people can do on a daily basis. The names of the popular ones are Hiking, Kayaking, Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling, Icebergs, and Skiing.  Tsiilaq provides a perfect landscape for hiking along with boat trips. Many Kayaks in Tsiilaq still use some sorts of hunting tools and because of their livelihood Kayaking is still popular in Tasiilaq. Another sport which is famous among the locals as well as the outsiders is Diving. People can witness the unique fishes and even the icebergs. The area of Tasiilaq is also known for cold fishing and angling.

The city of Tasiilaq has come a long way from being the not so popular place to being a happening and famous place. Now the city among the most beautiful places in the entire world and because of that it has become one of the most visited places in Greenland.

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