Tamarind Falls – Mauritius

Tamarind Falls – Mauritius


Also renowned as the ‘7 cascades’, Tamarind fall is situated in the south west part of Mauritius, near the village of Henrietta. It gets this name because of the seven steps that it forms before the water reaches from the top to the basin. Blessed with enchanting surroundings and the diverse species thriving in the vicinity, these waterfalls are the tallest in Mauritius (293m). The falls get their name from the river Tamarin (from where they originate) and are also known as Tamarin Falls. Encompassed in an amazing atmosphere, the falls are popular as a site for bird watching, canyoning, adventure hikes and swimming. Apart from the recreational uses, this fall has also been utilized for the purpose of electricity generation using a hydro-electric power plant. Although a bit difficult to reach, these waterfalls can be visited by hiring a car or by taking a bus and looking for signs saying Henrietta. Do be sure of taking lots of food and drinks along with you as the site of a snacks place is very rare in the surroundings of these falls.  Sounds a bit tedious but the serene falls are worth all the pains you take to reach them.

Tamarind falls

It is recommended to start your journey in the morning as early as possible so that you can enjoy the entire cascade, both the ascent and the descent. A guide being important here, especially when it is your first visit, the falls can be an astounding as well as a safe experience with their proper guidance. Unlike other falls, these falls need to be explored rather than seen and admired from a distance. The obvious musts here are shoes and insect repellents. If you love hiking in places that are located in the heart of greenery, then you should not miss out on these falls. With dense trees around and the rocky descent that takes you to the waterfall, the parts of your hiking become challenging as well as breathtaking. The rocks beneath your feet can be a bit tricky and will need proper attention during your hike. A thrilling experience is on your way when you have decided to hike on these falls. The journey through the trees being awe-inspiring, the scene that you evidence after you reach the falls is further mind boggling.  The steps with their naturally formed basins can be clearly viewed from the topmost part of the falls and is truly a site one cannot afford to miss. Once you are done with basking in the pleasant sites from the top, going down can be pretty jumbling. You can either take the steep roads to climb down to the succeeding plateau or can jump from where you are to a place that is 7-10 m below; of course not without proper guidance and accessories. The sparkling water in the basins is really a great way to relax your mind and body until the next jump.


The next thing that you can do to get an adrenalin rush is canyoning. Draped in everything required from the point of view of safety, it is always an enthralling experience to go down the canyon with the waters falling on you. At the huge height of 293m, it can actually prove to be one of the challenging things that you have done in your life. You can also enjoy swimming in the basins, where the waters are nice and cool taking away all the stress from within.

Tamarind falls 1

Having all the adventure rides in store, this place also provides a spell binding view to the nature lovers. Located amidst thick green bushes and trees, the waters occur to be falling from the clouds when you see the falls from the lowermost point. The blue waters flowing over the cascade become too irresistible, and you cannot help but get inside the waters just for a small dip at least. The entire scene is really hypnotic and calls you further close towards it.

The falls are a paradise for the bird lovers as well. With different colors and species of birds flocking in and nestling in the trees surrounding this fall, there are a very few opportunities like this for people who want to capture these beauties; either with the help of binoculars or cameras. Also a good place for family outings, one can always pack a basket full of snacks and come here for a relaxing outing with their family. With the birds chirping around you and nice greenery everywhere you see, this place gives your eyes a pleasant site to look at. You can just lie down next to the basins in the cool breezes coming from over the waters and have the gala time for yourself in this heavenly place.

The simplicity and elegance of the nature are aptly described using these waterfalls. In these tranquil conditions, in the middle of the soothing foliage and dazzling water you are sure to forget the reality of all your problems and tensions. A perfect location to sit back and distress, and simultaneously get enthralled by the adventures it offers, the Tamarind Falls are surely a definition of complete fun and frolic.


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