Switzerland – The Birthplace of Winter Tourism

Switzerland – The Birthplace of Winter Tourism

Switzerland is a land locked country of central Europe sharing its borders with Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world enjoyed by families and lovers. It is a very popular honeymoon spot of young married couples. It also offers great opportunities to adventurous sports lovers around the world. Switzerland is a classic blend of three different cultures which includes German, French and Italian. All with their different characteristics make a unique cultural cocktail of Switzerland. It has four official languages because of which it is also known as ‘The country of four Languages’. Switzerland is a small, prosperous and peaceful nation with a stable economy. Switzerland is the most successful nation in promoting winter tourism which accounts about 5% of the total export revenue of the country. Though it gets more tourists in summers but the English prefer to visit in winters.


The adventurous journey of Switzerland starts with Mount Titlis, Engelberg which is located in Lucerne. It is known for the various opportunities it provides for an action packed summer and winter sports. Titlis is the highest glacier expedition of central Switzerland. It offers a four lake tour of Lake Trub, Lake Engstlen, Lake Tannen and Lake Melch. They are considered one of the most beautiful lakes of the country. It also offers the biggest skiing and snowboard sports which are accessible though rotating cable cars. The snow tubing in the Slide Park is a popular tourist attraction. Among other attractions of Mount Titlis include the water adventure park on the Ristis and a 350 km of walking trails which attracts young and old alike. For nature lovers and scholars, Furenalp is the best place to visit.


Charmey, a small village near the Gruyere region is the favourite holiday destination of families and couples. It is beauty in its true form surrounded by breath taking pre-Alpine landscapes. It is the perfect place to have fun and as well to enjoy the serenity of nature. The pre-Alpine landscape of Charmey is surrounded by nine valleys. It is famous for the Gruyere baths it has to offer for relaxation and wellness. The bath is divided into indoor and outdoor baths which provides plenty of water features like swan-neck showers, mini whirlpools, massage nozzles and water jets. It also has various spas, sauna sessions and well-being and beauty centres. The temperature of the water coming from a natural spring is adjusted according to the season. It is a paradise for those who love Nordic walking, mountain climbing, skiing and Mountain Biking. The tracks are well designed with maps shown and beautiful views around. This small mountain village is also famous its old traditions and culture.


The Appenzellerland is also a prime tourist location of Switzerland. If you like crystal like lakes, serene valleys, beautiful villages and lovely springs then this is the perfect place for you. This is a place known for its well alive traditions and its serenity. You will never find an overcrowded and noisy place here. The people are very friendly and welcoming. There are number of luxurious spas, hotels and resorts to entertain the tourists. Appenzellerland looks like a snow white wonderland straight from the fairy tales. It is a hiking paradise with the hiking areas small enough to keep an eye on the skiers. The hiking areas are surrounded by snow covered forests and beautifully decorated cottages.


Belalp is a small village area in Valais, Switzerland. It is at a high altitude of 2100m above sea level. It is famous for its skiing resorts.  It is surrounded by beautiful valleys with fruit laden trees on one side and snow covered high mountain peaks on another side. In the summer season this region is crowded with mountain climbers and hikers whereas as soon as the winter season arrives, the winter sport enthusiasts take over the mountain arenas. This place has a welcoming atmosphere with a traditional glint in it.

Belalp 1

Switzerland is not just the place only for hikers and climbers. It also offers great attractions for families and kids too. The Pilatus peak of Lucerne is one such place. It is the perfect place which offers beauty, history, love and legends all together. At a clear sky day, it offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks. A dragon rock fell here from the sky in 1420 and the legends of this place say that the Roman governor Pontius Pilatus is buried in the lake Pilatus itself, which is guarded by petrified man. Another such attraction is a train ride of Centovalli Express. It is not just a means of transportation but a fun expedition ride that takes the visitors on the tour to see the beauty of Centovalli valley and Valle Vigezzo. It is a 60 km ride offering great views of waterfalls, tunnels, mountains and chestnut forests.


Switzerland also offers delicious cuisines to food lovers. The speciality of Swiss cuisines is its cheese and chocolates. Both are produced in the country itself and are exported throughout the world and had gained a reputation for themselves. Its famous dishes may include cheese fondue which has melted cheese with bread cubes. Another famous dish of Switzerland is Rosti which is a flat, hot cake made of raw potatoes fried in hot butter. The food of Switzerland varies from region to region and all its recipes are influenced from the German, French and Italian styles of cooking.


Switzerland is one of the safest countries of Europe. Female travellers usually do not face any trouble roaming around but it is still advised to be cautious of pickpockets. The Swiss police are very strict about traffic rules.

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