Stairway to Heaven: Haiku stairs

Stairway to Heaven: Haiku stairs


Haiku stairs is one of the beautiful sight . It is absolutely a  wonderful treat to the eyes . Haiku stairs is very popularly known as the “Stairway to Heaven”, which is basically considered as a steep hiking trait and it is located on the island of Oahu.



On the south side of Haiku valley, a wooden ladder as a rial got spiked to the cliff attached to it. This tract got its installation in 1942 so that antenna cables get strung from one side of the cliff above Haiku valley to the other . To maintain a continuous link between Wahiawa and Haiku valley,a building was constructed which was the peak of ” Puukeahiakahoe”, and the height was upto 2800 feet . But , the antennae which was attached was  trasmitting low frequency radio signals which would reach US Navy submarines . Then, in the mid 1950′s wooden stairs were replaced by the section of metal steps and ramps. At that time, the station and trial were very closely attached to the public by 3,992 steps . The cost of the stairs were $875,000 which were repaired in 2003. But , at that time , it was stated by the country of Honohelu that till now there is no plan to open the stairs for public use because at that time it was having some liability concerns . But , even after the announcement , lot of people even could not resist climbing up the stairs . people started hiking up the stairs every day because the view was absolutely adorable that it provoked people to experience the ” stairway to Heaven”.


The guard that was appointed to take care of the outgoings of the place , also got disappointed actually he did not seem too concerned to stop any hiker that was on their way to experience the stairway .



Originally , the stairs were of wooden at that time and the ” Stairway to Heaven” got its installation during the World War IInd. But,the guard ensures that anyone who goes to experience the stairs sign wavers and present a $1 million liability insurance policy.Sometimes , you are forced to climb the ladder vertically to a mountain face and from there , the stairway takes you above the noisy highway and this is the only reason behind its name ” Stairway to Heaven” . It is a great view when you are at stairs , the viewing points always remind you to look up and around the green mountains above you , and also everything around you , be it the water below you . Even though hiking is not permitted , but the view is that much attractive that people cannot resist to experience it for the first time . People usually start hiking in the early morning in order to walk the mountain ridge .


It consists of offs on the other side of the ridge but it is surely one of the memorable place one can ever visit. Local people also have been pressuring the government to open the stairs for local public but it was not acceptable to the government and the government believes that opening the stairs for local public will be cost prohibitive and government insists on keeping the stairs in a very safe condition.

The steps of the metals are galvanized metal and they are believed not to be concrete . One can easily enjoy the beautiful shots of the stairway. The spacing of the steel on the stairs is very manageable but is should be realized by  each and every person that the spacing is equivalent to about a sixty to ninety minute continuous work out on the climbing machine .Ascent ranges from flat to vertical . But , the ascent sometimes get paused at six feets. The Haiku stairs consists of two sections of about two hundred feets from each other and the sections in between contains many missing segments . Those missing segments of Haiku Stairs are known as the most missing segments of the Haiku Stairs . From the top of the Haiku stairs , one can easily see the coastline from Ahuimanu , Haiku valley to Mokapu , Halawa Ridge trial , Pici peak , Manamana peak , Olomona peak etc. Antennas also can be seen at the top of the stairs and it is one of the astounding view from all the four sides . Pictures cannot even capture the beauty of these heavenly stairs and one has to go there to experience the real beauty to cherish the first hand experience . There is nothing lime going there and experiencing the first hand view of the Haiku Stairs .


Earlier , stairs were repaired by the trial and ladders , but it was decided to remain the trial closed until the management issues have been resolved . Its frequent disappearance into the clouds has earned it the beautiful name ” Stairway to Heaven “. It is said that these stairs are comprised of approximately eight foot high segments and these segments are interlinked by the hooks .

The Stairway to heaven is definitely one of the unique and beautiful view for the locals and tourists . First experience of Haiku Stairs leaves the visitors with only one word ” WOW” and it is surely not a place to miss . Experiencing the stairs without being allowed definitely adds an extra taste the journey .



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