The Rich and Active Shanghai, Most Populous City of China

The Rich and Active Shanghai, Most Populous City of China


The most active city in China is Shanghai. The city in the world with the largest population is Shanghai. This city of China is, therefore, the most populous city in China with a population of 24 million as in 2013. Since 1930’s, it has been the most prosperous city in whole of the Far East. Many tourists from all over the world visit this city and tourism has grown in the past 20 years. This is evident from the event hosted by Shanghai in 2010 – the World Expo – which had the largest number of visitors in the history. Shanghai is the only city of China that has a very fascinating mixing of Eastern and Western cultures. There are Chinese styles in the houses with a perfect European touch. You will also find Parisian designs and Tudor designs in the buildings which will give you a look of the New York or Chicago reminiscent buildings. The city is very populous and the world says that “Shanghai for rich is heaven and for poor is hell”. Shanghai houses every class from a farmer, a manual laborer to a graduate from foreign universities.


The geographical land of the city is divided into two parts by the Huangpu River into Puxi on the west of this river and Pudong to the east of this river. Pudong, the modern part, has very famous buildings of Shanghai which are very impressive and extreme high-rises. It has the tallest buldings in Shaghai which includes The Shaghai International Financial Center, The Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jinmao Building, etc. Everything on either of side of the river is referred by both these terms. Older city is the Puxi which is there since 19th century whereas most of the Pudong was developed after 1980s. Another thing very significant about the city is the infrastructure of transport. The city has two major commercial airports, the Hongqiao Internation and the Pudong Internatinal, which handles most of the International traffic in China just after Hong Kong. Overall traffic handled is the third highest after Beijing and Hong Kong. For the local transports, Shanghai has a very extensive system including buses, taxis and the most important one – rapid speed metros. The metro system is rapidly expanding to connect the sub-urbans areas of Minhang, Songjiang, etc. To access any of the above mentioned transport systems, people must use ‘Shanghai Public Transport Card’.


The most famous attraction of the city the Oriental Pearl Tower. this tower is tallest building in the city and lies right in the centre of the skyline of Shanghai. The most visited  is the museums. ‘The Shanghai Museum’ is a 30 meter high building which holds the ancient arts and collections of Chinese culture. It was founded in 1952 and was moved to three different places before it was fixed to be moved on the People’s Square in 1992. The construction was completed in 1996 and it has the shape of a tripod cooking vessel known as a ding made of bronze designed by the local architect Da Ke Ding. The building follows the ancient perception of Chinese about the world as “round sky and square earth” and thus it has round top but a square base. This museum stores a collection of more than 12 thousand pieces having all bronze, ceramics, furniture, ancient coins, calligraphy, jades, paintings, seals, minority art, sculptures and also foreign art. It has overall 11 galleries and 3 special halls of exhibition. These galleries are divided as per the categories of the artifacts and pieces. The museum is very important to their people and has many very important and historical pieces, for example, some from Han Dynasty.


Another thing that is a must visit when you go to Shanghai is the night cruise on Huangpu River. The mother river of Shanghai is Huangpu River. The waterfront district is renowned and is the most famous landmark in the city. The reason why people there call this river as the mother river can only be understood by viewing the lights and spectacle from the Night Cruise’s deck. The section of Shanghai that has perfect blending of the ancient as well as modern culture is The Bund which is visible from the evening cruise. Once you are on the cruise, the eyes will not rest as there is plenty to look at. You can see the skyscrapers glittering over the Pudong’s eastern shore. You will enjoy the privileged view of the bridges that are spread across the Huangpu River. You will be able to see the most famous buildings of the colonial era. You can see the Peace hotel was built in the ancient times and has a distinct pyramid roof with blazing green color; you can see the large clock tower of the Customs House. There are many other buildings and breathtakingly beautiful view from this cruise. The cruise is available at three times in a day, one full cruise in the morning, one full in the afternoon (which takes a complete circuit of Huangpu) and one in the night from 7 pm to 9 pm. For a visitor going for the first time must explore the temples of the city which will have a reflection of Chinese culture in them.

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