Quaint and Stunning – Stewart City Alaska

Quaint and Stunning – Stewart City Alaska

Stewart city situated across from the Alaska’s misty Fliorda national park, where the Skeena river “the river of mists” makes it way to pacific ocean and at the end of the the Portland canal in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Stewart is a unique border town attracting the tourists from every corner of the world. Stewart was established in 1905 and named after the Stewart brothers who were early prospectors of Stewart. Stewart promoted the town as ‘’the gateway to the Klondike” which attracts miners from around the world.  Even now Stewart is highly minralized and contains proven reserves of a wide range of precious metals including gold, silver, copper and zinc. In 1974 the highway to Stewart completed before it the town was accessible by water or by air. After 2nd world war the population of Stewart decreased to 20 to 30 but after the discovery of natural resources and industrial revolution it started increasing and According to 2011 statics Canada its population was about 494.


Stewart has a colorful past shaped culture and history by unbelievable tales, semi nomadic first nation presence, gold rush booms and busts, forestry development and northern isolation. Stewart’s past folklore is marked by stories of partying and wild goose chase. However Stewart at present time is a  peaceful Place to discover the natural treasures of northern British Columbia. Set against towering peaks with hundreds of scenic waterfalls cascading down their sides, Stewart is Canada’s most northerly ice-free and deep sea port. The glacier highway links Stewart with high way 37, winding past the spectacular mountain and hanging glaciers of bear pass. before 38 km of Stewart. The town site is very attractive with many ancient building from 1910 and the local place with some ancient monuments like historical museum, salmon glacier, bear glacier and nearby Alaska ghost town.  the settings which makes Stewart most stunning city that can be described in superlative, coming oceanfront location  with alpine scenery, glaciers, ice fields and spectacular waterfalls. This setting and the outdoor recreation opportunities it offers, contribute in an important way to the communities lifestyles. The relative isolation, tranquility and mountainous, oceanic and glacial scenery of Stewart are major draws in the summer and winter. Stewart’s winter session with heavy snowfall in November, December, January and summers with long daylight are equally impressive and incredible. In winters the houses became entirely snowed. As a result of such heavy snowfall winter spots in Stewart is incredible. Snowmobiling and snowboarding in vast mountain and glacial terrain and skiing is favorite of tourists and locales.


the town relative isolated adds to its charm as a very special place with incredible wild life resources. In the traditional events The most important festival which makes Stewart the stunning city is” Stewart bear art festival”held in second week of august. During this time bear watching is easily accessed. the main aim of this festival is to  increase awareness through the education about bears and their habits. The Stewart farm house built in 1894 by john Stewart provides the visitors traditional heritage activities, crafts and wood stoves baking. The pole barn, constructed from unfilled lumber was built in 1900 and it is now one of the last surviving barn of its kind and is now home to revamped display of antique agricultural tools. The miniature of natural beauty also represented by the hair loom gardens boasted with variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs that would have planted by local farmer 100 or more years ago, many of them now very rare.

The most appropriate example of its rich traditional culture which makes Stewart a stunning and quaint city by attracting the tourist, is the Stewart historical museum which was established in 1975. The museum has storage of artifacts, archival records and historical reference material relating to Stewart. It also contains wildlife display and exhibition on the region’s mining history.

The Portland canal main reason of Stewart’s beauty as it sits on tideland at the top. It open up to the pacific ocean. About a mile north of this canal stands traditional arrow rock, a precipice rising straight from the sea. This part known as Stewart cassia region, is a home of massive mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes and canyons. Wildlife in this area includes bears, moose, goats, sheep, eagles etc. The most crucial part of stewards beauty is the kenai fjords national park which is southeastern portion of kenai peninsula, at this place mountains, ice and ocean meet in a vast, pristine and rugged landscape, Almost 40 Glaciers from the 300 square. Stewart’s colorful history has been dictated by the fortunes of mining industry. Major mines such as premiere gold, big missouri and granduc copper have been established in Stewart area. These mines are the one of the most important source of Stewart’s economic development and to provide employment to major labor force. Stewart also posses  an excessive amount of hydro power for industrial use.


The salmon glacier located 25 km north of Stewart British Columbia and Alaska, the world’s 5th largest glacier also notable for its major potential as a natural hazard. summit lake near glacier breaks an ice dam in mid July and then flow under the salmon river which also provides an extensive food supply to bears and bald eagles. The parking lot for helicopters is high above the glacier. We can have spectacular views of mountains, alpine meadows, wildflowers and large t- shape glacier from this point.

The beautiful bear glacier beckons with ancient blue ice that sparkles like a jewel with its melt water forming the headwaters of bear river. Two wilderness parks, Mount Edziza and Spatial Plateau, can be found to the north of Stewart providing a myriad of outdoor adventures. Bear glacier with it magical blue glow has created the clear Strohn lake.

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Stewart is located in an area of breathtaking scenery which can be enjoyed and appreciated from variety of hiking trails in and around the town. The rainy creek trail it ends up by the ski hills. The trail has a beautiful view of the pond and surrounding mountains with variety of wildlife and waterfowl which presents the real beauty of Stewart. The Barnery’s gulch trail also known as Sulice box the end point offers a great view of Stewart and Portland canal The another trail is ore mountain trail starts from the clement lake forest service recreation site and climes steeply up ore mountain to alpine viewpoint overlooking the bear valley. The attractiveness of Stewart can be observed by the fact that Disney’s eight below and the thing these movies were filmed in the nearby glacial mountains of Stewart. .

The ancient antique kitwanga village with its spectacular view of the seven sisters mountain located near stewart city with its history of 200 year ago used as a stronghold to control the trade routes. The meiziadin lake park also provides wildlife viewing opputinities.

The other example of Stewart’s beauty, The rout to Stewart BC and Alaska, winds between canyons of rocks and ice, past rivers and evergreen forests. From this rout we can see mountain sheep, grizzly and black bear.


Stewart residents have much common with other northern British Columbia, they love to fish and play in the snow. The traditional method of fishing in Stewart’s saltwater and freshwater is impressive and easily accessible. Prize saltwater catches include all five species of the pacific salmon, halibut, shrimp, prawns and crab and the other activities like boating, hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and numerous other activities. Dease lake the gateway to the adventure and natural beauty situated near Stewart attractive center of visitors. Visitors can explore numerous hiking trails that are virtually untrammeled , go wilderness viewing and hunting fishing. Besides fishing or wildlife viewing, the outdoor enthusiast can find fine hiking in the surrounding rugged mountains. Many deep power enthusiasts again and again return to Stewart only for to board a helicopter and make fresh tracks in Stewart ‘s endless mountain terrain which is an incredible adventure. The world famous bear watching, glacier tours and breathtaking scenery make the trip unforgettable. More over the Towering peaks, chilling glacier scenes and unparalleled bear watching make it must see. So this quaint and stunning city always welcomes the nature lover and adventurous visitors.


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