Phnom Penh City, Cambodia -The Pearl Of Asia

Phnom Penh City, Cambodia -The Pearl Of Asia

Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia Located on the bank of the Tonle sap and Mekong river in south central region of Cambodia is the largest and wealthiest city of Cambodia. Phnom penh, founded in 1434, the city is noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attraction, is also a center of cultural heritage, economic and industrial activities also tourism center of Cambodia. It is also known as pearl of Asia, as it was considered as one of the loveliest French built cities in Indochina.



Visitors can reached phnom penh by air, phnom penh airport is the largest airport in Cambodia then through the bus service you can see the beauty and attraction of the city because the main highway runs on the either side of the tonle sap from phnom penh to siem reap, sisophon and poipet. The main tourist attraction center are The oldest structure, wat phnompenh costrycted in 1373,royal palace with silver pagoda, the independence monument and the nationalism museum hosting a vast collection of the khmer antiquities, the killing field, the colony villa and the royal palace. Phnom phen was originally called “city of four faces”because the region where the Mekong, bassac and tonle sap rivers cross, form an “x”




Then the most visited museums in the city  the national museum, which is the country’s leading historical and archaeological museum, dedicated by king sisowath, contains excellent collection of the art from Cambodia’s golden age” of Angkor and displays over 500 objects including Angkor era statute and legendary statute of leper king ( the Hindu god of the death). The main attraction of the statute of king jayavarman VII in mediation pose, other exhibits worth seeing includes graceful statute of Hindu gods. The pleasant little park in front of the museum is the site of the annual royal Plouging ceremony.then

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The Independence Monument sit in the center of the traffic circle at the intersection of Norodom Blvd. and Sihanouk Blvd. and is the site of colorful celebrations and services on political holidays such as Independence memorials,it became more attractive on weekend nights when Multi- colored fountains are activated with music.The vibrant streets of phnom penh are full of colorful sights.




The city posses a taste of Cambodian history and royal life visitors can visit the royal palace and the silver pagoda located just next to palace, the national museum. The royal palace including the two magnificent and worth seeing pagodas in the palace ground, the silver pagoda and the temple of emerald Buddha. then the Tuol sleng genocide museum most important prison of Cambodia in 1975, which displayed khmer rouge torture devices and photos of their victim This museum presents the horrific past of Cambodia. It consists of skulls stacks in the cabinets and disturbing photographs of people dying.Wat phnom ( hill temple) noteable for its historic importance. Sisowath quay aka riverside, an attractive boulevard running along the bank of the Mekong and tonle’s fronted by a large long open space with manicured lawns and palm tree.



Then there is a killing fields of choeung ek, situated 17 km away from phnom penh, this the place wher the khmer rouge killed many thousands of their victims during 4 year reign of terror. Today the site is marked by a Buddhist stupa packed full with over 8,000 human skulls- the sides are made of glass so the visitors can them up close.there are also pits in the area where mass graves were unearthed, with ominous scraps of clothing still to be found here and there.  the there are Wat Koh, One of the city’s five original wats, established in the early 15th century and Wat Phnom, A small hill crowned by an active wat (pagoda) marks the legendary founding place of the Phnom Penh. The hill is the site of constant activity, with a steady stream of the faithful trekking to the vihear, shrines and fortune tellers on top and a constellation of vendors, visitors and motodups at the bottom. short river cruises and sunset cruises along phnom penh riverfront offers an attractive view of the city, A sunset cruise down Phnom Penh’s Tonle Sap river serves as a perfect, relaxing end to an activity-filled day. Catch the soft river breezes and watch as Cambodia’s capital begins to light up and shimmer for the evening you can take the view of royal palace, national museum, parks and phnom penh skyline.



phnom penh offers some interesting culinary not found elsewhere in the country like include French influence dining, thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian dishes. It has many famous restaurants like asian spice café pub, baittong restaurant, café mith samlanh, tom yum kung thai restaurant, heart of darkness and khmer surin restaurant which famous for its delicious pizzas, banana pancakes, fried rice, French cuisine, chi cha restaurant and dosa corner which is famous for its excellent Indian food and south Indian dosa food and than the ka tieu phnom penh, its variation on rice noodle soup.. If you want to see more attraction of the city then the fifth element restaurant which provides a stunning 360 degree view of the city. their is variety of luxurious hotels central massions, Angkor international hotel, hotel nine, bouquet hotel, blue lime, Cambodia uncovered and golden gate hotel.


phnom penh also a education center of Cambodia it has Traditional royal schools and institutions like ecole royal d’administration, the royal university of phnom penh, royal university of law and economics, the oldest and largest institutions of cambodia are also center of attraction. Phnompenh is also popular for its attractive traditional festivals like Chaul Chnam Thmey , water Festival ( the largest festival in phnom penh celebrated for the reversing of the tonle sap river) pchum ben, gathering together to make offering. Phenom penh is a Cambodia’s tourist and economic center as it account large portion of the Cambodian economy in recent years it triggered an economic boom with new hotel, restaurants, bars and residential buildings springing up around the city. the other new buildings which is constructed are the 42 floors golden tower, OCIC tower, river palace and vattance capital tower which will make this city more beautiful.



To get a taste of city life, visitors can walk along Sothearos Boulevard, sampling local foods and patronizing a clutch of ‘antique’ shops that sell silver trays, betel boxes, belts, ancient coins, silver or wooden statuettes. visitors also have the opportunity to buy traditional silk clothes, jwellery and many other traditional things from  ‘Phsar Toul Tum Poung’ also known as Russian Market offers antique pieces, sundry souvenir items, and factory over-run designer clothing at hugely discounted prices, sourya market, Olympic market and central market. The alluring capital city features a wide variety of historical and cultural attraction, along with mydrid opportunities to sample local Cambodian culture city’s famous riverfront lined with trendy pubs and restaurants. all evidence of the dynamic energy of phnom penh so don’t miss the chance to visit this pearl city

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