The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Mysterious Devil Triangle

The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Mysterious Devil Triangle

This mysterious place situated in the western region of North Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. A lot of aircrafts and ships have been lost and their disappearance became a mystery. This place is recognized by a lot of countries and people fear going anywhere near it. But the US Navy believes that the triangle of this kind does not even exist and they have not recognized this spot on the Geographic names. It is also not recognized by the ‘World Wide Fund For Nature’ who made a list of the moist dangerous places in water for shipping in the year 2013. Even the insurance companies do not consider the existence of this place and do not charge premiums for this area’s shipping. The disappearances of ships and aircrafts have led people to believe in some paranormal activities or existence of extra-terrestrial beings.

Different writers have given different set of vertices of this triangle lying in different directions. Some say that it has a vertex in Miami, in Florida Peninsula, etc. But the effective area of the triangle is estimated to be somewhere from 1,300,000 square kilometers to 3,900,000 square kilometers.  Many accidents have been reported but the exact details of the accident are never known because no one survived. Every writer has a different version of the story and different locations and type. But this place is not defined in any map of the government agencies of Unites States as their Board does not believe in the existence of any such triangle. Many ships travel daily from this place in America and Europe and also the Caribbean islands. A lot of travel between Florida and the islands is through cruise ships crossing this path. And not just the ships, even a lot of air travel is done through this route. Aircrafts, both commercial and private, travel over the Bermuda triangle toward Florida or Caribbean and South America.


The history behind this place is traced back to 1950 on 15th September. On this day, Edward Van Winkle Jones published his article in the ‘Miami Herald’ about and alleged the unusual disappearances in the area of Bermuda Triangle. Again after two years, there was another mention of this place in the print media. After that, there was no end to the discussion and books started publishing and flooding the market. Then the discussion moved from the print media to the video world and documentaries and films were made. The most famous work on this place was done by Lawrence David Kushe, who was a librarian and wrote a book entitled: ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved’. He argued that the claims of other writers are unnecessarily exaggerated, and cannot be verified. His work exposed a number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies. To the untraceable leftovers, he said that those untraceable leftovers also exist in the Pacific Ocean and every other ocean. There is nothing very special about the place.


There are many explanations proposed for this kind of accidents over the triangular area. One of the natural explanations of the whole thing is the Compass variations, which is the most believed explanation out of all. Sailors and pilots often use magnetic compass. People believe that there are some unusual and local magnetic anomalies in the area. There is no proof of the anomalies what so ever but the magnetic variations are still believed to exist. We know for a fact that the Compass shows the directions as per the magnetic variation of the magnetic poles of the earth. This also explains the accidents in the air.

But the authorities always go with the explanation that focuses on human mistakes. They believe that any loss of aircraft or ships and even the loss of human life is because of the human error. But human error does not explain the coincidence of those errors in the same area or region every time. Others say that this is because of the violent weather in the region which has powerful storms or tropical cyclones. This explains the thousands of lives lost in the region and ships and planes worth billions of dollars flown in water.


There are a few groups of people who believe that the reason for these accidents and tragedy of the area is due to some sort of supernatural effect. There are people who believe in the existence of a complete continent of Atlantis over the area which eventually was drown in water and lost mystically. Another story connected to this one says that there is a submerged rock formation off the Bimini in Bahamas, and is called Bimini road. This makes a triangle of some sort. There is another story which is found funny by a large number of people and that is about the effect of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Many writers gave a lot of theories and a lot of explanations for this mystical place. The writers wrote books and articles about this and many turned to be portrayed in documentaries and films which became very famous and people started judging the presence of the triangle and the existence of some sort of abnormality in the area. People started enjoying the discussion over time and many conferences and debates were organized to further continue to explore the place and travel near it.

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