The Monument valley, USA

The Monument valley, USA

The monument valley, Situated Near the center of the Colorado plateau with approximately of 5,560 feet above the sea level. This valley is some miles far away from the boarder of Arizona and Utah of west of the America.  The monument valley is one of the most spectacular sites and also regarded as the best example of the classic American west landscape, is an ancient silt stone valley formed by the deposit of sand and silt from the rivers that run through the area.


Monument valley is a small part of the 16 million Navajo reserved areas. The valley floor ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 feet above the sea level. This red colored valley with darker, blue gray rocks provides the feeling of other world with peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful scenery and unique natural rock formation comprises of the most dense areas of massive sandstone formation ranging up to 100 feet. Monument valley spreads over 91 thousand scenic area. From this place Visitors can visit to the around 100 ancient Anasazi sites providing the great example of the Anasazi architecture. The area is known for the dramatic, mesmerizing lighting with the sun illuminating the towers and casting long shadow on the valley floor. The valley is accessible through the US 163 highway. Through this highway visitors can see the most amazing views of the monument valley.


The monument valley and the Navajo reserved area provide some excellent opportunities to view the Native American culture and to explore the mystery of the valley and Navajo inhabitants. A visit to monument valley is a visit with nature. It provides amazing and unforgettable scenic memories. The impressive view of sandstone formation, buttes, spires and towers, resulted from the volcanic activities and contrasts between the clear blue skies makes a stunning image for photo opportunities. Without the spectacular sunset one can see the deep red earth covered in red color, consisting of many high hard rock and sandstone hill.


The small and isolated hills in the monument valley are clearly stratified with three principle layers comprised of different types of shale and sandstone mixed with an abundance of iron oxide which gives the entire area the amazing reddish color, among which the lowest is the organ rock shale, middle one is the DeChelly and the top most is the Moenkopi formation.


Many sand stones having the natural arch in the valley have been regarded from the name given the name of part of human body like, Ear of the wind which is pothole natural arch eroded in Dechelly sandstone. Eye of the sun is a cave type natural ache also eroded in Dechelly regarded as the large stone structure of the valley. This valley also consists of many other beautiful natural arches like Big Hogan natural arch and hidden arch also eroded in Dechelly sandstone are the most attractive natural arches.


The floor of the monument valley which is comprised of silt stone and sand deposited from the centuries laid down the soft and hard rock layers. The valley’s beautiful red color comes from iron oxide exposed in the weathered silt stone. The best view of the valley can be seen from the 17 mile main loop road. According to archaeological evidence this site was habituated by Anasazi people until AD 1300 and then Navajo people came and settled here.


Winters brought new beautiful color to monument valley. The summer temperature ranges from 80 to 90 degree. period of July and august in the monument valley when the  sky covered with the clouds it may be an unique opportunity to the photographer to capture this beautiful scenic view of bolt of lightning, sun setting and rising behind the buttes and the changing color of the sky. The fauna and flora of the valley includes juniper trees, Russian thistle and Navajo tea. Theses vegetation is still used by Navajos in traditional method of medical treatment. Visitors can take the monument valley safari of one of the grandest landmark in the America dominated by the crimson mesas and surreal sandstone towers.


This monument valley has been a favorite shooting location for the Hollywood filmmakers. This beautiful and isolated valley has been filmed countless time. This place provides the panoramic view of world famous mitten buttes and metric buttes. The monument valley regarded as most iconic and enduring landmark site of the America. This amazing monument valley Navajo park has isolated red mesas, buttes and a sprawling sandy desert which gives the visitors an opportunity to click the unseen beautiful scenery of the valley. The dramatic natural and rich red hues dominated the entire region that spans the border between Arizona and Utah. Both the beauty and sheer size of the valley provide majestic scenery that overwhelms the scenes as the play of sunlight and shadows holds a person spellbound.


Visitors can enjoy the monument valley safari, tracking and Horse ride. The valley is not a valley in the conventional sense but rather a wide flat, sometimes desolate landscape, interrupted by the crumbling formation rising hundreds of feet into the air. One must visit to see the treasures at every step in the peaceful and colorful atmosphere surrounded by large and high sandstone and hard rock Mountains.

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