A Mixture of Old and New – The Exotic Prague

A Mixture of Old and New – The Exotic Prague

Prague, also known as Parah in Czech, is the largest city of Czech Republic and is the capital city also. The city is ten centuries old, founded in the late 9th century and it is located in Central Europe. Initially, Prague was the capital city of Bohemia for many centuries. Current population of the city is more than 1.3 million people which reach upto 2 million if you include the urban zone around the city. The city has bridges, church domes, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers, and midst all these Vltava River flows. Historically, this city was the capital of Holy Roman Empire. It is fully vibrant city having energy, music, art, culture, events and festivals and hence, is one of the most beautiful and charming cities of Europe. That is why it is ranked 6th in Europe in ‘the list of most famous tourist destinations’. The historical architecture are preserved in the city and there was very less loss during the World War II as compared to the other cities.


The most amazing piece of architecture in the city full of wonderful buildings is the Prague Castle. According to the Guinness World Records, it is the biggest ancient castle on this earth. It is a building that rises above the city and you can have beautiful view of the city below the castle. Old Royal Palace in this Castle is one of the original buildings of the complex. There is an All Saints Chapel which is now called the All Saints Church. In the complex, you will find St. Vitus Cathedral, Castle Picture Gallery, palaces, museums, Royal Garden and a lookout tower. You may like to watch the traditional way of changeover of the on-duty guards and the Presidential Guard. It is a grand view and royal atmosphere. There is a street in the castle complex named the Golden Lane. This ancient street has 11 historic houses in a row, inside which they conduct a display of ancient armory, textiles, other attractions, etc.


Another structure of the city that stands as a pride of the city is the Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge connects the Lesser town with the Old Town. This place is a centre of trade and entertainment during the day as there are musicians, artists selling their art, paintings and jewelry. This bridge was originally made of wood but due a strong flood, it was washed away. It was then replaced by the stone structure and was called Judith Bridge which was later changed to Charles Bridge to honor King Charles IV. The bridge has 15 statues of saints on each side, that is, total 30 statues and every single statue has a history behind it.


Another major tourist place in Prague is the Old Town. The Old Town was built in the 14th century. It is the historic centre of the city which has numerous monuments and buildings of the ancient times. Most of the parts of the place are only allowed to see from outside. The most famous ones among them are the Astronomical Clock, the Tyn Church built in the pure Gothic architecture, the Storch Building, the Jan Hush Monument, etc. There is Calendarium where they open all the windows on the hour of the day so that everyone can see the whole procession of apostles. There is an Estate Theatre right nearby this old town. Also, there are many historical churches in the Old Town such as St. James Chruch. And there are so many historical buildings but most famous of them is the Old Town Hall.


After the Old Town, we have New Town as an extension of the old one and was also established in 14th century. Most of the place is now re-constructed and restored. There is Wenceslas Square, National Museum, discos and Art hotels, parks, arcades, Henry Tower and many other wonderful places each with a different of their own. Prague also has the Lesser Town which is across the river Vltava. There are very beautiful and attractive streets in this town. The place also has many churches; St. Nicholas Church is the most visited church. It has the Lennon Wall near the Charles Bridge and close to the canal with water-wheels.


Another very important place to visit is the Josefov. It is a Jewish Ghetto and is famous for the preserved synagogues. The oldest active synagogue in the entire Europe is the Old New Synagogue which was the resting house of Prague Golem as per the local rumors. Don’t assume that it is a part of the Jewish Museum, because it is not. Another one is Spanish Synagogue which is highly decorated and ornamental built in Moorish style. You can also visit the oldest cemetery located on the continent of Europe – the Old Jewish Cemetery. Other places to go are Kafta’s House, Jewish museum (having more than 40 thousand exhibit items, a hundred thousand books, collection of Judaic art), Jewish Quarter, etc.

Other attractions are Holy Infant of Prague (a statue of Christ), Loreta (Baroque convent in Lesser Town), Strahov Monastery (located on the mountain having a beautiful picture gallery and renaissance library), Prague Dancing House (a fascinating modern architectural building), castle Vysehrad, Petrinska Rozhledna (a.k.a. small Eiffel Tower located on Petrin Hill), many other churches, museums, and a lot of beautiful architectures.

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