Mauritius- Of Blue Waters And Shades of Sand

Mauritius- Of Blue Waters And Shades of Sand

Mauritius is the island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is located off the southeast coast of the African continent. It is a multilingual nation where languages like English, French and other Asian languages are spoken. It is known for its high democracy and economic and political freedom. It is an island of very diverse culture and language. People from all over the world are settled here. It is a major tourist attraction of Asia known for its beautiful beaches. But this is not all that Mauritius has to offer. There are lot of other things which one can do besides sunbathing and swimming. The country was also popular for being the only home for the Dodo bird which had now become extinct.


Port Louis is the capital and the largest city of Mauritius. If you want to see the diversity of Mauritius, Port Louis is the best place. It has the glimpses of the varied and diverse culture that had been passed down through the generations in Mauritius. The culture of Mauritius is a classic blend of Africa, India, China, France and other middle-east countries. The food here is splendid in taste and is from all around the world. It had inherited a variety of flavours from different migrations and colonies throughout history. Its cuisines include Indian dishes like roti, dal, curry, rice, etc. and also Mughlai dishes like biryani filled with meat and spices. The best of Chinese and French cuisines is also famous here. While staying in Port Louis you may visit the Aapravasi Ghat, a world heritage site. It is known for the fact that in the 19th century. The labourers or slaves mainly from India were brought in the island through this ghat.  The Port Louis Market and Theatre are also worth visiting.

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The Port Louis Market is the local market of the city which is famous for cheap clothes and goods. People from all over the country come for shopping here. The diversity of the nation is reflected in the types of goods sold here and also the crowd that visits this market. Unlike countries like Bali and Thailand, you should not expect much bargaining in this market but you can get maximum of 10-20% of discount from the shopkeepers. The market also has big shops and showrooms of branded textile companies whose goods are manufactured in Mauritius itself. The famous China Town is also there where you will find Chinese shops and restaurants.

Caudan Waterfront is a place to visit in Port Louis for the youngsters and is famous for being a favourite destination for young couples and teenagers. It has shopping complexes and restaurants which offer mostly all type of cuisines.


Grand Bay is the city of Mauritius and is the first area to become a favourite of the tourists. It is a perfect place to have fun and is open for the whole night and had abundant of shopping complexes, discos, bars and restaurants. It has plenty of beautiful beaches and attractions like the recently renovated La Cuvette. The Pamplemousses Botanical gardens is one of the many attractions of this city and are famous for the giant pond full of Amazon lilies. It is the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere. Mauritius also has a beautiful national park known as Black River Georges National Park. It is the biggest national park of the country and covers about 2% of the island’s land surface. It is the only left forest cover area of the island. It is important due to the fact that it is the habitat of thousands of indigenous specious of the island. Once a hunting ground, the area became a protected reserve in 1994.


If you want to have a look on the rich history of the island, Eureka is the perfect place for you. It is a beautiful and marvellous specimen of engineering. It is a mansion of 109 doors and has such a structure that keeps it cool even in unbearable hot summers. Behind the main mansions, there are number of stone cottages and servant and kitchen quarters. Going along, there is the beautiful Ravin waterfall. The mansion was built in 1830s and reminds of the luxurious era of the French colonialism.


Mauritius being an island country is most famous for its beaches. The Pereybere beach is the best beach for swimming and is famous for its shopping facilities and its restaurants and bars. The Lle Aux Cerfs is a tiny island in the Mauritius landscape and is a paradise for water sport lovers. It has number of beautiful beaches. The restaurants and bars here are quite costly. The Blue Bay beach is the most beautiful beach of the island. It is a white sand beach and has the bluest water possible. It is very crowded on the weekends though. The Tamarin beach is the favourite of the locals and is very popular among the surfers. There was a time when the locals didn’t allowed the outsiders to visit this beach but now it has become the most popular beach of the island. It was earlier known as Santosha Bay and has its own dolphin pod. The beach offers great view of the nearby extinct volcano, Montage du Rempart.


Mahebourg is also a tourist attraction of Mauritius and is famous for its Monday Market which is the biggest open air market held in the island. A great number of people visit this market. It is one of the main fishing villages of the island. The place is famous for its spicy street food, beautiful beaches and markets. Mauritius also offers a unique place to visit known as Chamarel which is famous for its various coloured earth surfaces, red, blue, yellow and green. It is formed due to erosion of volcanic ash.


Mauritius is a great place to visit with family and for honeymoon vacations. You are responsible for your own safety in Mauritius. Do not fall into the trap of those offering free guided tours. Do not hire unlicensed taxis or cars.

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