Manneken Pis, Brussels

Manneken Pis, Brussels

When most people see our Manneken Pis , the first reaction is always one of the amazement  ”Look , how small he is ! 161 cm tall  naked boy urinating into a fountain basin is known as Manneken pis which is located at the junction of Rue De Eikshaat,exactly the lane next to Brussels Town hall from the famous Grand Place.It is within a walking distance of most central hotels too. It is perched on the top of a  curved edge urinating into the basin.It was perched on a 6 feet column which was built on request by Daniel  Raessens in 1619.It was designed by Hieronymus Duquesnoy the elder and put to place in 1618.



This statue has been stolen many times but the statue has always find his way home It was stolen and damaged by a prisoner in 1817 and as a consequence , the Manneken Pis was re-cast. . There are several legends behind this statue. One of the legend was Godfrey III .He is one of the famous legends of the statue.The reason behind the statue was during the troops of the two year old lord were battling against the troops of Berthouts, The troops had put the infant in the basket and in order to encourage the troops they had hung troops basked in a tree.And from there,the boy urinated on the troops of Berthouts . This is the significance behind this famous statue.

Towards, the end of 17th century, this statue became very important to the city life. He is very famous around the globe.It remains the emblem of the rebellious spirit of city of Brussels. It is an icon that represent the city of Brussels and Manneken Pis is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Brussels.He has been happily peeing in Brussels for more that 400 years. The small boy had an adventurous life over the centuries. He  has been  also given a very popular name ” little Julian”


There is a tradition of dressing this statue several times each week , according to a published schedule which is posted on the railings around the fountain.His wardrobe consists of several different costumes.His wardrobe counts more than 900 suits.During big events, he is adorned with luxurious clothes.The first costume presentation was in 1698. The changing of the costume on special days is a special ceremony .He has been regularly given new outfits . On special occasions , the Manneken Pis is attached to the beer keg and he urinates beer which is served to the onlookers to help them celebrate the special occasion.


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The ceremony of statue being attached to the beer keg is indeed a special one. Cups will be filled of water and served to the people passing by.Many of his costumes present the national dress of the nations whose citizens come to Brussels as tourists ,others are the uniforms of traders , proffesionals ,associations , branches of the civil and military services. There is also a statue of Manneken Pis in Tokushima ,Japan which was a present from the Belgium Embassy. Since 1987, Manneken pis had a female  equivalent Jeanneke pis . Sometimes , the statue is dressed as an “African farmer ” and he urinates “milk”.The stunt was organized by veterinary without borders to draw attention to the fact that milk is the major source of nutrition in africa. The main motives of the africans is to improve the living conditions of the  natives and their livestock.



Manneken pis means as much to Brussels as the Eiffel Tower and statue of liberty means to Paris and Newyork . It can be said that Paris has a tower , London has a Gate, and Brussels has Manneken pis.During high seasons , the visitors around the world gather to see the little statue. This statue has earned its respect and reputation in all these years.It is one of the top 10 tourist attractions  Brussels. People who visit always cherish the great memories and they might get the national dress from their country of origin be used as the costume of the statue.

This statue has played a large role in city’s history .It has provided sufficient amount of water to the city dwellers.This little naked boy gets special attention before any public celebrations when he is dressed  in a rangeful colours of attires from his extensive wardrobe. It attracts many visitors and it is worth going to see it.Whether there is local or public celebrations . Manneken Pis always get involved. Some of the costumes are given as gifts and have come all over the globe , while the other attires came out of an enormous local collections of more than 800 costumes.

The people of Brussels accept it the way it is . Afterall , a thing does not always has to be big to be beautiful.Brussels would have been continuosly flooded if he would be the size of statue of liberty.It is so symbolic of the free-minded spirit of the Brusselseirs .Numerous legends have sprung up around this symbolic figure.

He is constantly relieving himself and it seems that each and every person wants to get associated  with Manneken Pis. It is one of the priceless work of art that is definitely to be appreciated.

This statue is open for viewing all the time , and its sight is absolutely free – You need not spend a penny to admire this incredible work of art.

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