Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island, Australia


Lord Howe Island, the crescent shaped volcanic remnant in the Tasman between Australia and New Zealand sea in the southwest pacific ocean. The 7 million years old lord Howe island is about 10 km long and between 2.0 km and 0.3 km wide with an area of 14.55 Km2. The Lord Howe Island Group of islands comprises 28 islands, islets and rocks,  popularly known for its geology, birds, plants and marine life. Lord Howe island is Australia’s premier bird watching destination with 14 spices of seabirds breeding here. It is a Home of 500 fish species and 90 species of coral, Lord Howe’s snorkeling is second to none. Total 202 different birds have been recorded on the island. Visitors can have the glimpses of largest sea birds nesting and gliding along the sea cliffs at mutton bird point on Lord Howe Visitors can also see the rare seen Large forest bat native mammals.


The island can be reached by plane from Sydney in 2 hours.  the island is about 10 km long with the whole southern part is dominated by forested hills rising to the highest point on the island

The Lord Howe Island is recorded by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Most of the island is virtually untouched forest with many of the plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. other natural attractions includes the diversity of its landscapes, the variety of upper mantle and ocean Basalts, the world’s southernmost barrier coral reef, nesting seabirds and its rich historical and cultural heritage.  the north and south sections of the island are high ground of relatively untouched forest, the southern part is comprising of two volcanic mountains which were produced by volcanic eruptions mount Lidgbird (2,549 ft. height) and mount Gower with 2, 871 far above the ground are the highest points on the island. The rocks and land of the island cemented into stratified layers by water Rocks and land at the foot of these mountains. Popular tourist activities include scuba diving, bird watching, fishing and snorkeling.


The major attractive sites of island includes the transit hill, centered on the island, visitors can start their stroll near the island’s administration center, or walk across the picturesque Blinky beach along a narrow track, to reach the look-out point. the return walk can be done at leisure in around an hour and is well worth it for the fantastic 360 degree views.  after soaking up the sights, visitors can stroll back down to Blinky beach to cool down with a swim. Blinky beach located on the island’s east side, the beach is the most popular place to catch a ride on some of Australia’s least crowded waves. this white beach is a top spot to enjoy a relaxing picnic, take a refresh swim or to cast a line in, all against the backdrop of a sharp cliff face.

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Than the Malbar hill gives panoramic view of the island encompass the towering volcanic peaks of mount Lidgbird and mount Gower to the south.Red. From Malbar cliffs, which plunge dramatically into the ocean, play host the world’s largest nesting ground for the birds.you can watch red tailed tropic birds performing their balletic, airborne countering rituals in may countless shear waters known as mutton birds return to the island at dusk each day in one of the world’s most extraordinary avian spectacles and one of the world’s rarest birds, the providence petrel return to the island to nest. Visitors  can stay at old settlement beach, situated to the north of the island the beach is a great place to surrender for relaxing with enjoying sun warm rays and admirable impressive mountain views. The beach is a picture-perfect spot for picnickers, revitalizing swims, relaxing snorkeling.


Than the other attractive sites are the Admiralty island just 15 minutes by boat from lord Howe island rests an intriguing group of volcanic formation is a cluster of seven small uninhabited islands. Just off the east coast is 4.5 ha Mutton Bird Island, and in the lagoon is 3 ha Blackburn (Rabbit) Island, Mt tower standing at 875 meters, is the highest mountain rated as one of Australia’s best day walk by encountering some of the rarest plants and wild life of the island. By standing atop Gower’s iconic peak you can experience breathtaking 360 degree views of the island and its crystal blue water. the other attraction of island the Neds beach you will instantly be surrounded by a feeding frenzy of mullet, warsse, garfish, silver- drummer and king fish. Visitors can enjoy the soft Golden sand and calm waters by snorkel above a colorful kaleidoscope of fish and corals along a fringing coral reef.


Visitors can also scale The 551 meter tall ball’s pyramid, world’s tallest stack and the site of some of Australia’s most remarkable diving can be found. Visitors can explore the caves and waters surrounding the basalt spearhead. Balls Pyramid is a popular spot for fishing charters and is the only known place where the Ballina Angelfish can be sighted  the Erscott’s hotel with luxuriant garden of stag horn coral dominates the iconic snorkeling destination is a natural wonder.

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At the North of Lord Howe lies North Bay, a secluded beach accessible only by foot or water. Travelers admire migratory sea birds and take short walks to Mt Eliza, Old Gulch and Herring Pools from the bay, or laze the day away on the white, sandy beach. Amazing snorkeling opportunities can be found here, with a large variety of fish, turtles, stingrays and colorful corals all common sightings. The lord Howe Island consisting of diversity of conditions ranging from the valleys, beautiful beaches, unseen views of rarest birds of world and mysterious mountain tops lefts a unforgettable memory in visitors mind.

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