Landscape Denksiya

Landscape Denksiya



When we look at a solar system we find Planets,Asteroids,Star,Satellites and many more.When we go to the Planet ,the most beautiful Planet in which living and nonliving things exist, in which gravitation is present and which is different from the other Planets is “The Planet EARTH”.Our Earth is a combination of forests,deserts,oceans,mountains etc.,.

Mountains are generally less preferable for human habitation than the low lands,because of harsh weather and little level ground suitable for Agriculture.It is a land form that rises high above the surrounding land in a limited area.They are made from Rocks and Earth.The Dictionary defines it as “the higher and steeper than a hill”.Generally Mountains are higher than 600 meters.Those less than 600 meters are called Hills.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!, Why we are talking about all is just to describe about the most beautiful and glorious Mountains-LANDSCAPE DENKSIYA-the colored mountains.


Landscape Denksiya are located in Gansu,CHINA. Gansu is a province located in the North West CHINA.It is the seventh largest province on that country base on the area.The Yellow River passes through the Southern part of the province.It is the historic area in the Country with settlements.The present population of Gansu is 27 million people.Landscape Denksiya means “rosy cloud”.

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Coming to the History there is no particular History to this site.As these mountains are naturally formed.But according to some Historians some thousands year ago it was a Thriving city,one of the richest of the country.As per the Scientists research on the Landscape they declared that,the Landscape was formed back in the Mesozoic Era and in addition to that it has preserved many Dinosaur fossils and the remains of the plants and many have been detected.

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The formation of this beautiful Landscape began many millions years ago.This Landscape consists of reddish sandstone,Hematite,clay,large amount of sand and other mineral deposits.Because of this minerals only no plant species can grow there.

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These mountains are colored mountains.The unusual i.e., commonly occurring or spread color is because of giant cluster of red stone and centuries of erosion.This undergo heterogeneous precipitation and as the land is more exposed to air and water,the mineral deposits are slowly oxidized , which was the cause of so unusual riot of colors.This interact with each other and they form Bizarre figures leaving beautiful scenarios on every mountain,on every hedge.They are covered with shades of ocean waves.The thing is that these colors are not straight or horizontal or vertical they are curved which appears like colorful ocean waves flowing across the hills.This is an amazing place with a suitable climate all around.No agriculture is cultivated here because the sand and minerals here are different and according to scientists views cultivation is not possible here.Even plants do not grow in this place.This place suits to be an exact landscape because of the climatic conditions,height,length and area of the hill.

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Thousands of years ago,Gansu was a Thriving city,One of the richest in the Country .This consists of a silk road which is called as the GREAT SILK ROAD.many people especially hundreds of Merchants come here daily to buy or sell something.But now the Silk road began to loose its popularity,and the road was abandoned.Today the World had forgotten not only about the once great city,but also about its main attraction-colored mountains.This shows that the richness of the city is not there now.

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In 2010 , this landscape was added to the UNESCO(United Nations Educational ,Scientific and Cultural Organization) World  Heritage.Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education,science and culture.This Landscape is protected with many rare animals and plants.This is open to tourists.Any one can come and enjoy the beauty at any season.Coming to accommodation one can take rooms in China if interested they can even get accommodate in Gansu. If China is in your list of visited places then make Gansu also one of the site seeing place in your list.

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The concept of cultural Landscapes is not new,But today the most Richest and Beautiful Landscape has lost its prominence.This shows the negligence of people.Every individual must take the responsibility of protecting at least the natural beauties of the world.One need not do something over the place but at least spread about the greatness of the place and let it move to its original position as on the past.No foreigners can do this.Only the people who are living in the surroundings of the area can do this.Negligence should not be shown on such beautiful places.

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What to say anymore about this beautiful place.Silk road,colored hills,curved surfaces and many more.A bus is available even now to move all around this mountains they move from starting point to ending point of the town. It is even more beautiful after rainfall because the mountain get wet in rain and reflects its original color.During summer season it is tough to sustain here and even we cannot see the colors of the mountain clearly.Because of less plants here we even do not get good shelter when we visit the place.So it is better to visit this place either in rainy season or in winter season.So,finally I hope every one enjoy this place !!!!!!!!!!


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