The Land of Sexy Beaches – Miami

The Land of Sexy Beaches – Miami

This city of United States lies to the south east of the country in the state Florida. It occupies most of the land of Florida. Miami lies in the low latitude zone and thus has a savanna sub-tropical climate. It has warm and dry season from November to April and a wet, hot season during rest of the year. The second warmest ocean surf, after Honolulu, in the country (United States) occurs in Miami on an annual basis. People of Miami are found talking in either English or Spanish and prefer English mostly. And to go around and travel the city, use special tours. These sightseeing tours are done by both land and boat. The boat tour has a boat cruise which will take you to all the islands, beaches with an additional exploration of the skyline and Miami Port. While traveling through land, you will be able to see the major landmarks of the city and complete knowledge about the history and culture of Miami by stopping at various significant landmarks and traditional places such as the Freedom Tower, Venetian Pool, cigar making in Little Havana, etc.


The major attraction of Miami is the Miami Beach. Tourists have a misconception that this beach is a part of Miami as it is infact a separate municipality. The beach lies to the east of Miami and Biscayne Bay on a barrier reef. The beaches of Miami are sunny and sandy. They have the heart and sound of a party place. The beach is spreads over the northern direction beside the coast of Florida. There a lot of resorts over the beach and many places and spots for spring break parties. There is Haulover Beach Park on the North Beach which tolerates topless sunbathing as a legal thing.



Another major tourist place of Miami is Everglades Airboat Tour and Wild Life. Everglades are the tropical wetlands with a rich history and mesmerizing view. All the nature lovers and adventurous people must get to this place. It is the perfect combination of nature with adventure. The tour will be a 30 or 40 minute rides on an airboat and there will be professional guides to narrate the description of the place. There is a wild life show included in the tour where you can see a lot of wild and exotic animal species of Florida such as the American alligator, snakes, turtles, American crocodiles and fish, birds such as Bald Eagle, red Shouldered hawk, etc. This is the kind of place which you only saw in National Geographic channel. You must go to Star Island. Miami has this artificial island within the Miami Beach. The island has houses which have the perfect kind of architecture and are worth a visit. There is even a guard house on this island. Many celebrities have their houses on this island like Will Smith, P. Diddy, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, etc. It will cost you nothing to visit this island and this free sight-seeing is more than you think it is.



There are many museums in Miami. One of them is Frost Art Museum which has a collection of American Photography from 1960’s and 1970’s, artifacts of pre-Columbian era (200-500 AD), Asian and African ancient bronzes, artworks and paintings of Caribbean and Latin American styles, etc. Another museum is Lowe Art Museum with has a lot of ancient pieces and antique sculptures, art, pottery, ceramics, etc. from the Renaissance period, Greco-Roman times, collected from Asia, Latin America, etc. Then there is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in the southern Miami is an estate inspired by European architecture. Here it has a house that has all the antique styled furnishings surrounded by a garden occupying 10 acres of land.

miami akvarium

Miami Seaquarium in Miami is a very different kind of a place that you might have not seen ever. It is a giant aquarium which is a 10 minute ride from Miami downtown. It is a tropical island occupying 38 acres area and has marine life exhibits and marine shows. You get an exposure to the marine life and marine creatures, flora and fauna, etc. It is all very beautiful and very mesmerizing.

Miami city also has a zoo like every other city in every other country. But the special thing about Zoo Miami is that it is the oldest zoological park in the state of Florida and is the largest one in Florida. There are more than 12 hundred wild animals in this zoological garden. The animals are from various places of Asia, Africa and Australia. The variety of animals is more than any other zoo of the country. This is because of the climate of Miami that allows the survival and growth of diversity.

As per the area covered, the largest recreational urban park in whole Florida is in Miami which goes by the name Oleta River State Recreation Park. This place is super fun and you can do a lot of activities such as biking, swimming at the beach, enjoy like a picnic, playground sports and takes children to the kids’ park, etc. There are cabins with proper facilities, showers, air conditioned rest rooms, etc. You may even find some eagles and crabs also. But overall, this is good place to spend a whole day.

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