The Gigantic Jumbo Kingdom , Hong Kong

The Gigantic Jumbo Kingdom , Hong Kong

If one wants to go to a restaurant in Hong kong , Jumbo Kingdom is the name . It is one of the best and largest floating restaurants in the world. There are many other restaurants in the world  that are more genuine and more affordable but this attractive restaurant has been in place for more than thirty years and it attracts a bustling crowd. And most importantly , it has regularly been upgraded in all these years.It is internationally renowed tourist tourist attraction in the world.It is a modern complex of dining, sightseeing and cultural attractions . Jumbo Kingdom has become an iconic landmark in the Hong kong which is highly appreciated by the visitors. It is also an important member of Melco’s leisure and entertainment unit.It is moored in the middle of Aberdeen Harbour. Jumbo Kingdom in all these years has made it reputation and earned it respect. This restaurant was established in 1976.It is location in Aberdeen harbor and about 15 minutes by bus from Wancai District.



To built this beautiful restaurant , it took four years and million of dollars.Over the past decades, Jumbo has been highly appreciated by the tourists. Floating restaurants appeared in the typhoon shelter shortly after world war II. In 1971, fire occured in Jumbo restaurant and a result ,upto 32 workers were killed. Finally , it was established in 1976.It has certainly became a scenic landmark of Hong Kong. It is ornamented in the style of gorgeous and exquisite chinese imperial place .  It has lots of dragons ,padogas and very beautiful red and gold decoration. It provides a range of entertainment , shopping and variety of dining attractions. It is a “must see” destination for the people all over the world. The Jumbo Kingdom also went through a a multi million dollar renovation in 2003. The Jumbo Restaurant was also being featured on the very first season of the Australian version of the Amazing Race.


 How to get to Jumbo Kingdom ?

Shum Wan pier drive , Wong Chuk hang , Aberdeen .MTR Central Station , Exit A , then take a bus 75 from the exchange square bus terminal.Otherwise , it is very close to Ocean Park.

Restaurant and dishes

Delicious food is the main component of every restaurant provides you with you many dining venues and  retail shops. Jumbo Kingdom is specialized in sea food. It provides various and delicious varieties of sea food to the visitors. It also serves roasted goose, Peking duck ,and it also provides the customer with the dishes that come with the change of the season . The sea food is very different and for something different , one can  order shrimp fish. The server carts out live fish in a bowl  and drowns it in a wine before firing it up. It is a spectacle.However, Dim sum is the least expensive of all the dishes in Jumbo Restaurant. It is a good orientation place for tourists .


Jumbo Restaurant is well known for its sea food  and its interior and exterior design .If one wants to experience the splendid and outstanding surroundings of Chinese Imperial times , this is the place to visit. The main highlights thing about Jumbo Restaurant is  the accommodation  Jumbo Restaurant can accommodate more than 2500 people at one time and still it manages to work smooth with very fast service . And very calmly , you can enjoy your food.  Over 30 million visitors have visited Jumbo Kingdom including Queen Elizabeth II, Gong Li and Tom Cruise.

The opening hours of Jumbo Restaurant are 11 am to 11:30 pm  from Monday to Saturday. And the best thing is the opening time on sundays and public holidays . The opening timings on sundays and public holidays is 7 am to 1130: pm.

Dining in the Jumbo Restaurant itself is a surreal experience . It gives the visitor a very serene atmosphere . It will certainly take you to an  another world . Jumbo restaurant is decked out in countless neon lights  and bright coloured flourishes , the remarkable ship looks like something out a science-fiction film .And for this reasons , it has always been the point for shooting in the films . It has also been in very popular film.

When the lights dim up at night , the view is quite phenomenal and that view is a heavenly treat to the eyes. Visitors are filled with excitement when they get to know they will be getting the best combination of the floating  and food. It is one of the many landmarks to discover and unique attractions .  The place is beautiful and architecture is also not one of the common one.It is a new and fresh experience. It os something you should go while you are in HOng Kong.

Top Deck at Jumbo Kingdom 

As the name suggests , Top Deck is located at the top floor of the Jumbo Kingdom.The view of  the top deck is one of the admirable one. Top Deck in Jumbo Kingdom has always been in conversations. Anything from fresh sea food to hamburger are available at the Top Deck of Jumbo Kingdom. It has a 800 sq meter terrace.

Thus , Jumbo Kingdom  looks like a casino in the middle of the water . For an unforgettable experience and for a surreal view , one should definitely visit Jumbo Kingdom .

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