Hong Kong – Expansive Skyline and Deep Harbours

Hong Kong – Expansive Skyline and Deep Harbours

There are two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China: Macau and Hong Kong. Hong Kong, being one of the SAR of the People’s Republic of China, is a very major city in the country. Located on the southern coast of China, bounded by South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong covers a land of 1104 square kilometers. The population of this city is more than seven million and only 6.4% of the entire population belongs to other groups and remaining rest of the population (93.6%) are ethnic Chinese.

Hong Kong

The first and foremost place that any tourist going to Hong Kong must go is the Victoria Peak. You can get the view of the entire Hong Kong Island from this wok-shaped peak tower. This tower was for the richest residents of the city and neighboring territories during the period of British Colonization and local Chinese were allowed to enter this place only after the end of World War II. The tower is not just for viewing the scenery around but also a lot of other things. It also is a shopping mall having many shops for various materials, dining (restaurants), entertainment venues and museums in the tower too. The height of this tower is about 396 meters above standard sea level. This top of the tower is called Sky Terrace and offers you a 360o view of the whole city which looks very beautiful, active and vibrant when viewed from this height, especially at night. You can take a walk around this tower to have a stunning view of the sides of the island on the walks like Lion Pavilion Lookout. They also have a laser show at night which is a very beautiful one.

Street Art Graffiti

Another very unique sight in Hong Kong is the Graffiti Wall. It is the most famous wall in Hong Kong and a very special one. They re-paint this wall every week with another new and unique graffiti. To reach this wall, you will have to take a metro to Mong Kok East and exit from the station through Gate B. when you reach outside the station, go right and you find yourself facing this wall.


Hong Kong have everything very unique and one of its kind. Another example to prove this is the “Symphony of Lights”. According to Guinness World Records, this one is the ‘Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ in the world. This show involves above 40 buildings on either side of the Victoria Harbor. It starts every night at 8 pm and provide a spectacular view of the lights in complete synchronization with music showing a large spirit and energy in the city.


There are theme parks in Hong Kong as well, like in every other city. But the theme parks here are very special and different from rest of the world. The most popular theme park is the Disneyland Resort which was inaugurated in 2005. It is located on the Lantau Island at Penny’s Bay which is 12 km away from International Airport of Hong Kong. The entire place has a Disneyland Park, a central lake and two resort hotels. It is smaller than the actual Disneyland Parks but is equal fun, if not more. It is also being expanded to include other attractions like the Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, etc. this place is magical fun when you come with friends and families.

Ocean Park is another theme park on the land of Hong Kong and is very famous in the world being the ‘7th most popular amusement park of the world’. It is situated on the southern side of this island. There are many roller coasters and other rides which will pump your adrenaline in the park with large aquariums. There is a cable car, a funicular railway, etc. in the park to keep you there for the entire day.


Hong Kong also has the traditional style theme parks and not just the modernized fun parks. ‘The Ngong Ping 360’ is a place on the Lantau Island. It is a Buddhist theme park and presents all the Imperial architecture of the Chinese, preserved natural and ecological environment, it conducts interactive shows and demonstrations, houses many coffee shops and restaurants, etc. The main highlight of the place is the cable car. It is the longest cable-car ride in Hong Kong and will be a delight to your eyes with the most amazing view of the place and surroundings. The largest statue of Buddha seated outside is in Hong Kong (called the Tian Tan Buddha) and the cable car takes you there. It is a very peaceful place which will enlighten your mind, refresh your body and is a must visit if you are in Hong Kong.

For those in love with the historical and traditional places and monuments, do not be disappointed after watching the modernized sky scrapers and laser shows. Hong Kong also has the heritage and traditional places. There is a Ping Shan Heritage Trail in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Walk on this trail will give you a sight of the most ancient and historically important sites. There is a walled Hakka village named Tsang Tai Uk, a traditional market with the name ‘Fu Shin Street Traditional Bazaar’, temples like Che Kung Temple and Man Mo Temple, a temple of ‘Ten Thousand Buddhas’, etc. the place also has Museums and if you are actually interested to learn about the history of the place and watch the beautiful sculptures, you must visit them.

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