The Home of Bollywood: Mumbai

The Home of Bollywood: Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of the nation in a sense when we talk about the population as it is the most populated city in India (and fifth most populous in the entire world). This coastal area of India is a young city as most of the land of the city was claimed from the sea over time of above 300 years. It is now a cosmopolitan and a metropolis city and is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. It is the commercial capital of the nation as the economy of the country has major contributions from Mumbai. The main and extremely important part of Mumbai is the cinema which can never be missed out. The city itself is a symbol of Bollywood films and Indian Television which is influenced by the global cinemas. In contrast to the richness of Bollywood, Mumbai is the place in India where you will maximum slums.

Colonial architecture:


The most famous monument of the city is the Gateway of India. This architecture was made in order to commemorate the event when King George V along with Queen Mary visited the city in the year 1924. This is a symbol of the era of British Rule in India which was alive till 1947. This is the first thing that people will see if they enter Mumbai from a boat or via sea. It is located in Colaba in the south of Mumbai at the waterfront there. There is a Taj Palace right in front of this which is a very famous hotel in India. The British built a lot in Mumbai within Fort St. George’s walls lying to the south of the city. the pavements from Churchgate to thee Colaba were all under the British people and they are wide, clean and better than rest of the city’s pavements and walks. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was originally called the Victoria Terminus is the building which is a railway station but has a structure like that of a palace. Also, the Police Headquarters and the Municipal Corporation buildings were also constructed by them which are also evident in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The High Court of Mumbai, the Mumbai University and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya are the excellent works under the colonial India and were a modern architecture for the city during that time as well as now.

Respect for every Religion:


Mumbai has a population that belongs to diverse societies and different religion including mosques, temples, churches, Parsi agiaries, etc. Haji Ali Dragah is the most religiously important place in the city. it is constructed on a tiny islet in Worli Bay, in area of Worli, which lies at distance of 500 miles away from the coast. Haji ali Dargarh is visited by around 80 thousand people every week. Another very notable monument is the Global Vipassana Pagoda, Gorai, which is a meditation centre which can have 8000 people seated at once. There is a Siddhivinayak temple, dadar, of the Hindu God Ganesh which is also very famous and attracts many devotees. Jewish have their worships in the area of Byculla. The ISCON temples of Mumbai are also very attractive and beautifully designed and attract a lot of crowd of devotees.

The Home of Bollywood:


Mumbai is the major place for the Bollywood, the cinema industry of India. Film city is located in Goregaon which is in the western area of Mumbai. There is architecture of Eros Cinema which has the Chruchgate railway station and is the most preferred place for a Bollywood movie. Indians are a big fan of Bollywood and celebrate the release of a film like a festival. Having a tour of the film city will be a great experience and watching the shooting and film-making process will be a cherry on the cake.

Get dirty at the sandy Beaches:


The location of Mumbai is near the Arabian Sea. The coastal land of Mumbai has some great beaches; though some of them may be extraordinarily dirty. The Juhu beach is probably the best beach in Mumbai and is crowded on weekends by the locals and the visitors. There is a very famous Girgaon Chowpaty beach that offers a large variety of street food of Mumbai along with playtime on the beach. Then there is Aksa Beach in Malad which is also one of the popular spot for weekends. Bombay, though a very modern city, is yet not ready to see women in Bikinis and two pieces and so avoid the swimwear at the beaches.

Museums and galleries:

prince of whales

Museums and galleries in Mumbai are some of the most famous ones in the whole country. The Prince of Wales Museum is the most important and most famous one which is has the gothic architecture. There is a National Gallery of Modern Art which is equally famous. There is a Kala Ghoda area which is named after a black horse statue located in the area and is basically the cultural centre of Mumbai. There is Jehangir Art gallery in the same area which is a centre of regular exhibitions of various artists. In Worli, there is a Nehru Centre Art Gallery which is for the young talented artists.

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