Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Harbour bridge , Sydney


Harbour bridge in Sydney is one of the best known  tourist attractions and one of the lovable photographed marks .It stands 134 metre above the harbour which is one of the largest steel arch bridge. Harbour bridge is very fondly known as the ” coathanger” by the residers that live there . Harbour bridge was officially opened in 1932 and finally in 2002 , Harbour bridge celebrated its 70th birthday with pomp and shows .Sydney’s Harbour bridge has been very vastly known as the architectural jewels in the crown of australia which has been regarded as one of the most beautiful city. Many photographers have tried to capture the beauty of the bridge , but there is nothing more captivating than going and experiencing the beauty of the bridge for the first time with your own eyes.



From the northern to southern shore of the harbour , Francis Greenway proposed a building bridge in 1815. But , that building took some time and finally the design submissions for the bridge were invited in 1900. The designs and the submissions for the bridge were finally invited in 1900. The designs and the submissions that were invited were considered ill-suited and as the result , the process of the building of the bridge stopped eventually.

DJJ Brasfield and some of the officers of the NSW Department of the public works managed to prepare a general design for the bridge.And the plans of building a new design of the bridge were finally executed after the First World War. Worldwide tenders were invited for the construction of the bridge in the 1922 by the New South Wales Government and contact was reached to english firm dorman long and corporations of the middlesbrough.

Finally , the execution of the construction of the bridge was started in 1924 and it took 1400 men and eight years to built the attractive and lovable bridge in Sydney.The approximate cost to build the bridge was 4.2 million . The construction of this bridge took six million hand driven rivets and 53,000 tonnes of steel. Now , at present, The bridge carries eight traffic lanes and two rail lines. Two eastern lanes were tram tracks at the time of construction and eventually, those tracks were constructed to road traffic when sydney closed down to its tram system in the 1950′s .

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Past of the Bridge

Harbour bridge is certainly blessed with an interesting past and amazing stories behind the successful completion of the Harbour Bridge .These stories also include its opening on 19th march 1932. When on the opening ceremony of the bridge , John Jack started the ceremony of cutting the ribbon , suddenly then Captain Francis who was the member of the political group immediately used his swords to slash the ribbons .Captain Francis de Grovt did that so because he was of the strong belief that the only person who deserve to cut the ribbon should only belong to the royal family as Captain Francis de grovt himself belonged . This was the whole idea behind doing this . And then , through his sword , the ribbon officially got cut .

Around that time , approximately 800 families were living in the bridge path. And the families that were coming in the way of the completion of the bridge , were eventually got shifted from that place so that the successful completion of the bridge could take place.Their homes got demolished without any compensation . No compensation was given to the people who had their home demolished and as a result , sixteen workers lost their lives .

There are many interesting stories that are linked with the successful completion of the bridge .It is a very popular ans known fact that the americans fly under the harbour bridge with one  kittyhawk  flying under in about February 1942. It has also been reported that in 1943, a flight of 24  RAAF Wirraways also passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It has also been notices that first to clear the time , the pilot himself changed the flight path at the end moment to go over the top of bridge. Again , the dutch also flew three aircrafts which were of 18 squadron under the bridge in formation. They circled back to do another flight under the bridge in a single flow .

One more story is also associated with the bridge of Peter Issacson also flew the huge australian lancaster under the harbour bridge when he was on a tour to australia to collect funds for the was effort

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Climbing the Bridge

One of the most interesting way to experience Harbour Bridge is to climb the top of it .Climbing the bridge started in 1998, which attracted many tourists . If you take a climbing tour to the bridge through ladders and stairs , you will find that the view is absolutely catching , unforgettable and not to forget ” breath-taking”. Bridge- climbing gives you an incredible opportunity to walk to the submit of the bridge and experience the world’s spectacular views which are absolutely a stunning treat to the eyes .


Thus , Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the most luring , captivating , and tourist’s favourite landmark in Australia .The pictures even cannot truly capture the beauty of this marvellous and stunning bridge . You cannot afford to miss the beauty and a refreshing experience of this unique bridge . Harbour Bridge in Sydney is worth a visit.


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