Go Sky Diving In Pattaya

Go Sky Diving In Pattaya

Love adventures and don’t fear heights? Then Pattaya is the place for you and Sky is the playground. Pattaya is a sea site resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast in Thailand just less than two hours from Bangkok. Fashionably, Pattaya has much to offer to its visitors. Everything is reasonably priced and varied whether it’s accommodation or entertainment. Pattaya is obviously well known for its surrounding beauty and nature’s artistic hand. The main reason of Pattaya’s fame is sex industry but that is not all. There are sacred places, Ripley’s museums and gallery, Elephant trekking, the Floating market, Walking street and off course Sky Diving.


The best thing about Pattaya is that it offers almost 360 jumpable days in a year for sky diving so it’s an ideal place to go for it. The weather here is quite predictable and it is easy to schedule a clear jump day. As we know, skydive can be one of the most memorable experience of one’s life so lets find out how to go on board with skydiving in Pattaya.


The Drop Zone

 Drop Zones are the designated areas for safe landing of sky divers.


There are three main drop zones in Thailand. Pattaya has the drop zone located at Nong Khor just on the main highway. The taxis can be booked online to take you to the drop zone straight from Bangkok International Airport.

Tandem Jumping


Tandem Jumping is very famous among people skydiving for the first time as it just needs a short training course to make the jumper familiarize with the exit, body position, parachute deployment and all. The instructor is strapped with you and you too fall together. You don’t have to be an experienced jumper to attempt a sky dive, anyone aging more than sixteen would do well. All you have to do is to select a jump date and deposit the fees. There are always experienced and highly qualified instructors to guide you from step to step. Having a bunch of friends and family members will be economically beneficial too, as there are always discount schemes running in Pattaya for a group of skydivers.

Obtaining “USPA A License”

This is an experience that you may want to have more than once or many times. So, a license called “USPA A-License” can be obtained by a technique called Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) by starting with a Tandem jump and completing almost 25 jumps alone. In AFF jumping first few jumps are made with two or three instructors and few with only one instructor holding hands only. Last few jumps are made solo with minimal supervision.

A License

 Once you complete this course, you will be signed off for all the technical skills required to gain your A license. After becoming a licensed Skydiver, you will be able to jump at drop zones all over the world. There are a lot of Skydiving schools from where the course can be completed and the license can be obtained. This whole process costs around 4,000 US Dollars for one person. Costly enough but worth it. Isn’t it?

Skydiving Variations

We all have seen on television and internet the tricks and variations the skydivers do in the air. You or I can also do them but only after obtaining “A license”. The Sky diving schools in Pattaya offer you the post certification courses in which all the different kinds of stunts are covered. You can invent some own stunts too. Now that’s quite interesting.


There are few examples like jumping in formation of four or more people, jumping with skateboard doing stunts, base jumping and even try the night jumping. This kind of madness gives life a different meaning and an extreme edge. Don’t you think!


Other attractions 

Jumping from the plane and seeing the world from a high point, but there are some must see attractions in Pattaya which can only be seen by staying grounded.

Sanctuary of truth



This giant wooden structure is situated at Laem Ratchwet in north Pattaya. It was initiated in 1981 by Mr. Lek Wiriyaphan, the founder of the Ancient City in Samut Prakan Province. The sanctuary is constructed in four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian religious iconography. It is worth a watch as settings are beautiful and architecture is quite impressive.

Wat Yansangwararam


It  was constructed in 1976 for Somdet Phra Yanasangwon, the Supreme Patriarch. Within the compound are the Mondop where a replica of the Buddha’s footprint is enshrined, a large Chedi containing the relics of the Lord Buddha.

The Elephant Village


The Elephant Village visit is not only a unique experience but it is also a lifesaver because fees paid by the visitors are contributed to the survival of the elephants. The tour takes you to the elephant round up which is literally a large gathering of herds of elephants. A well known place for lovers of elephants and nature! The first of its kind and one of the very few places where elephants are kept in their natural environment.


So these were some places where you would like to go in Pattaya but as we know the love is in the air and it can be felt by flying in the air. So, Sky diving lovers! Pattaya is really a heaven on earth for you.

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