The Friendly Town of Copenhagen

The Friendly Town of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, forms a geographical and cultural link between the two countries- Europe and Scandinavia. This old and friendly town is small, safe and easier to navigate around but the city is large enough to be a metropolis. This metropolis city has excellent culture, nightlife and shopping places. It will take months to explore the world class designs and spectacular architecture present in this city. Copenhagen is the fifth largest city of Denmark. Almost all the people that live in Copenhagen are Danes. They have the same attitude that you will find in big city people. Denmark’s capital city is indeed full of attractions such as The Little Mermaid, Tivoli, The Round Tower, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, The National Museum, etc. some of these places are very near to each other. Thus, people can visit these amazing places in some days only.

The Elegant Statue of ‘Little Mermaid’


Located in the Langelinie promenade, Copenhagen, this statue is one of the most impressive things in Denmark. This ravishing bronze statue was designed by Mr. EdvardEriksen. This statue weighs 175 kg and is 1.25 metres tall. As the name implies this statue depicts a mermaid and is based on a fairy tale of mermaid itself. The whole structure was made along the water on a rock indicating that the mermaid (who lives in water) is sitting on a waterside rock. This statue has been destroyed thousand times before but was restored immediately each time. Even many replicas of this statue has been made over the years in various parts of the world.

The Exotic ‘Tivoli Gardens’


This place is must for the children who want to have fun. Located some distance away from the City Hall, this place is among the major tourists attraction in Copenhagen. Three new rides have been introduced in the year 2013, covering an area of 600 m2. The most popular one among these rides is the 4G ride Aquila. Live music by various international artists and fireworks on every Saturday is offered in this gorgeous garden. The old roller coaster was also rebuilt in the year 2014. Although its original look was restored but some new changes are also done. In the new design, there are two mountain tops; the biggest one is at a height of 26 metres above the ground. An artificial waterfall is also made on one side of the roller coaster to provide it a more beautiful look. Tivoli stands at the second position among the oldest amusement parks in the entire world. Other famous rides offered are the Demon, Vertigo and the Golden Tower. The Veteran cars, Flying Trunk and the Little Aviator are famous among kids.

The Historic ‘National Museum’

national museum

The National Museum was built between the years 1743 and 1744 by the famous architect- Nicolai Eigtved. It was built for the Danish prince and the crown princess, named Prince Frederik V and Princess Louise. The place is now used as a museum after the royal family left the place so many years back. But still the place looks like a royal palace, best suited for a Prince and Princess to live. The elegant gallery consists of a quite wide corridor between the sleeping quarters and rooms. The floors and the panels both are covered with oak parquets. Also stucco is used beautifully in the ceilings. The eighteenth century furniture and store are still restored there. Every summer, exhibitions were held there to make people witness the great ancient tradition of their city. These exhibitions are open for everyone and even children and family tours were also held separately sometimes.

The Seventeenth Century ‘Round Tower’


The epic Round Tower, also known by the name Observatory Rundetaarn, is by far the oldest functioning observatory in the entire Europe. The Observatory Rundetaarn or the Round Tower was built by Christian IV. After the death of the king in 1601, the Round Tower came into the hands of the researchers. Still the tower is used by various astronauts for observations, hence the name ‘Observatory’ Rundetaarn. The tower is open for tourists also and they have to walk 209 meters to reach the top of the tower to witness the magnificent view of the old town of Coperhagen from the tower. The tower was amazingly built with a spiral walk which is of about 268,5 meters long from the outer wall and 85,5 meters from the internal core of the structure. The library hall of the tower is also very famous as the well-known writer, H.C.Anderson, used to visit this library and found the books available in this library inspirational. Various exhibitions on science, history, art and culture were also held regularly there.

The Royal ‘Rosenborg Castle’

rosenborg castle

Many ancient cultural treasures of Denmark are held in this old castle. Till 1720, this castle was owned by the royal family. But in 1838, the castle gained the title of a historical museum. The Rosenborg Castle has a sister museum, named Amalienbory Museum (or Palace). The great hall of the Rosenborg Castle which consists of the coronation throne is the greatest attraction and is guarded with three silver lions. Crowns, crown jewels and many other treasures can be found in the basement of the castle. Even the famous portraits of Caroline Mathilde and Struensee were also hung on the walls of the castle. Visiting this castle will give you a royal experience.

All these ancient and epic places make Copenhagen a gem in the crown of Denmark. There is no doubt in the fact that Copenhagen is the most historic, classic and impressive town of Denmark with a touch of royalty.

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