Fisherman’s Wharf : San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf : San Francisco


More than 80 percent of the visitors include Fisherman’s Wharf in their tour. Fisherman Wharf is one of the most admired tourist attractions in San Francisco.Being  located at the northern waterfront area of San Francisco and at the corner of Pier 39, is a alluring and prepossesing  sign of Fisherman’s wharf that indicates  its importance in the city’s history :  past and its present. The Wharf consists of a long coast side row of  sea food, restaurants , sea vendors, and beautiful ocean scenery. While , the main focus of the area is its historical tourist attractions .




Italian immigrant fisherman came to  the city in the city starting  days of the mid or later 1800′s. Fisherman wharf has inherited its name  from the neighbourhood characteristics in the city. Italian immigrants used took a lot of benefit of the influx of population as their was  gold rush prevailing in the city at that time . Achilli paladini  thought to become california’s second most wealthy italian .The first wealthy italian being the founder of the Bank Of Italy and later he became the founder of bank of America. He also worked as a colonist in expanding  the fish industry on the west coast  and he got his name very much popular as the ” Fish King”. And as  result , most of the italian immigrant fisherman went on to settle near the wharf  and they fished for the community intricacies for some time.

From then until the present day ,it remained the home base of San Fracisco fishing fleet. It also got expanded  and prominent as a very popular tourist attraction during the 1970′s and 1980′s .That particular area is still a homeland to many active fisherman and their fleet. The developnment plan was also proposed by the city officials to enhance its experience for the tourists . Astonishing sea lions are one of the most popular attractions of Fisherman’s Wharf. Most of the years, hundreds of these mammals got gathered on the docks beside Pier 39, .They cavorate , eat and bask in the sun. Depending upon the time of the year, their number differ but their  distinct barks can always be heard blocks away.



Attractions  of Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman Wharf is best known for being the location of Pier 39. It is one of the engaging  tourist attractions in California. Fisherman wharf has served many events  in San Fransisco  . It includes a world class and eccentric  display of for the fourth of July,and some of the best views of the Fleet Week air shows. Fisherman Wharf area in the last 30 years has gained a fair amount of veneration and stature for the citizens of the country  and tourists .

Fisherman wharf was also used in the film A view to kill by James bond . The Cannery shopping center ,Ghirardelli Square, a ripley’s believe it or a not museum  ,the wax museum at Fisherman ‘s wharf , the Aquarium of the bay , and the San Fransisco maritime National Historical park have made Fisherman’s Wharf a well known representative in the California. People can also ride on a national historic landmark in the Fisherman’s Wharf . It provides ample things at same time. The visitors are free to choose their favourite.

Sea food restaurants are enough in this area. Other attractions in the Fisherman’s Wharf are the Hyde’s street Pier, the USS Pampanito and Northern California.

World  famous Bushman is the most popular and debatable  resident of Fisherman’s Wharf . As he is  a local street performer , his basic job is to sit behind the branches and to startle people who walk by. Over the last 30 years , he is working as an  eye-catching performer in Fisherman’s Wharf who has been entertaining people with all his commitment and the locals and tourists love to see him . Bushman has always been the  centre of attraction in the Fisherman’s Wharf. Hyde street Pier is also one of the favourite tourist attractions which provides regular ranger guided tours, chantey sings , special programmes and hands-on demonstration for all the ages .

There is something for everyone at Fisherman’s Wharf to do . No one can get bored after stepping in Fisherman’s Wharf. Be it dining, entertainment , food , history leisure , family fun. Fisherman’s wharf has some of the best dinings in the world. The food of Fisherman’s Wharf is all the way hit to your taste buds. During the day , entertainment is also there . Street performers are also there to entertain the locals and the tourists. Magicians , mines, jugglars ,clown feel very proud to welcome the visitors and try their level best to entertain you . At night, Wharf offers live music with seizling  light that always keep the atmosphere going and alive . And live music keeps the visitors repose and calm. Fisherman Wharf is one and only package that offers you live music , clubs , dance , entertainment , delicious food at the same time . When all these things get clubbed into one , then  that makes a very refreshing and tireless day . It is perfect for feeling some fresh air .A walk along the shoreline over the Golden Gate bridge can do wonders for you. It will make you fresh and very active for the whole day.  One can also see the Angel island from the Fisherman’s Wharf which is one of the last undeveloped island in the California.

Walking along Piers and restaurants gives you a classic atmosphere. It is a delightful outdoor area. Fisherman Wharf is one of those places which everyone should pay a visit to. It is surely to be discovered and admired.

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