Everyone knows what happens in Vegas – Las Vegas

Everyone knows what happens in Vegas – Las Vegas

What is common in the films, ‘The Hangover’, ‘Casino’, and ‘Ocean’s eleven’? Yes… It is the untamed and lively city of Las Vegas, a city of delight, of fascinating lights and of unrestricted and unrestrained fun. It is love at first hearing, on just listening about the magical city. Try giving a person an option of places to go to. Well, every person seeking a once in a lifetime unrepeatable adventure, will opt for Vegas. That defines Las Vegas, the abode of unrestricted fun. It’s famously said that ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ But the fact is ‘What happens in Vegas never stays just there! ’. Everyone knows what happens in Vegas.


 A desert metropolis, built with gambling and other forms of entertainment, it has just been a 100 years of existence, and Las Vegas has already drawn millions of visitors and billions of dollars of riches for the state of Nevada. The city was founded by ranchers and railroad workers, but today, it is definitely a city which is loved and visited by everyone. Las Vegas is a city that has revamped and restyled itself by having some of the most visited casinos, plush restaurants and other exciting facilities.

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada in the United States of America. Being renowned as one of the most internationally celebrated city in the world, Las Vegas is practically a resort city. It is well known for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and its nightlife. It is the leading financial and cultural center for southern Nevada. Moreover, it is famous for being acknowledged as the hub of consolidated casino-hotels in the world. Not surprisingly, the city is called the ‘entertainment capital of the world’.


The city was established in 1905, and was incorporated as a city in 1911. By the close of the 20th century, Las Vegas was already the most populous city in Nevada. Due to the presence of the various forms of adult entertainment in the city, it earned the title of sin city. Therefore, the city also acts as a set for a variety of television shows and film productions. The economy has thrived on tourism, gaming, and conventions, which in turn feed retail and restaurant industries.  There are well known and most appreciated lighting displays on display at Fremont Street as well as other parts in the city.

Tourism is a major attraction of the city. For reasons which are obvious, the most popular craze of the city is the casino and the hotels. As far as the casino history goes, Las Vegas got its start of casinos in 1931 with the opening of the Northern club. Other popular casinos are Binion’s horseshoe and the California Hotel and casino. The Golden Nugget is the largest hotel and casino in the city. The gambling industry is mainly crowded in the Las Vegas strip.


Talking about the things to do in the city, there is something for everybody. Not only does the city have hotels and casinos, it also has parks and other recreation. There are theme parks, roller coasters, and free attractions. Speed lovers can go for the Red rock canyon exotic driving experience. As the name suggests, it is an experience of driving a striking red Lamborghini.

Let’s talk about a perfect day in Las Vegas.  A desert that has transformed itself into one of the most lavish places in the world is sure to have some delights in store.  After all, the city is a neon- clad metropolis, where dreams come down to a turn of a card. What fun will it be to just experience the local flare and the natural beauty! Start the day with a good breakfast at one of the restaurants of cafes such as the Le Village Buffest. Classics such as crêpes and brie cheese can be found there. Next, a trip can be taken to the City center of Las Vegas. A selection from malls, hotels and residences can be found. There are also, Swish lounges that are swarmed with buzzing socialites. In the afternoon, a hiking trail is a good option. At night, all the festivities and enjoyment offered by the city are at display, to just pick and take pleasure in, by one’s choice.

Here is a quick mention of the places to see. The Strip, the legendary stretch with the casinos and hotels, which keeps getting better with every hotel undergoing some improvement. Downtown, the city’s business district and also home for Vegas’s best galleries, museum and boutiques. Taxis and monorail are good modes to get around. For stay, there is the MGM Grand , Four seasons, Bellagio. Shop at the Strip at the Crystals in the City centre.


On last thoughts, Las Vegas is not for the faint hearted. Those with the daring guts should accept the challenge and go crazy with the unmatched and unrestricted fun at the city. Because, it is not everyday that one can say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


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