The Emirati Pride: Abu Dhabi

The Emirati Pride: Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, being the center of the government and centralized capital of UAE- United Arab Emirates, is the most important cities in the world. It is also considered as the biggest and modern city of Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A large number of embassies and oil companies have their respective headquarters in Abu Dhabi. It is also known to be a place of rich people as only 420,000 people live there but each have a net worth of 17 million dollars. The city is well maintained and is very beautiful. All the roads and streets of the city are lined with green boulevards, buildings and hotels are very sophisticated, shopping malls are lavish and the gardens or parks are very large and gorgeous. The street addresses are very logical and will seem confusing to some people. The city was mostly developed after the death of Sheikh Zayed in the year 2004. His son, Sheikh Khalifa, took his place and made the city what it is today. This amazing city has many things in store for its people.


The Architectural Treasure: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the sixth largest mosque and one of the most beautiful treasures in the entire world. People of all nationality can visit the mosque. Non-Muslims can enter the Mosque in Sa-Th mornings only. The tour of the whole mosque can be done in 60 minutes. The materials used for the magnificent features of this mosque are best quality and are supplied by best suppliers from each corner of the globe. The artistic splendor of Sheikh Zayed Mosque is remarkable and people are definitely going to appreciate that.

manarat al saadiyat

The Glorious ‘Manarat Al Saadiyat’

This enlightened place covers 15,400 square meters of area of the Saadiyat Island. The Manarat Al Saadiyat was built to represent the vision of the Saadiyat Island at one place. The place also includes an Abu Dhabi Arts Gallery in the main area for an educational experience for visitors. The Abu Dhabi Arts Gallery is the place for art lovers as it offers a number of educational and exhibitions programs. Some other arts galleries in Manarat Al Saadiyat are the Universal Gallery, the Contemporary Art Gallery and the Central Events Gallery. The entire trip of Manarat Al Saadiyat will be eye-pleasing to the people.

al hosn palace

The Al-Hosn Palace or Qasr Al Hosn Fort

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan used to live at the Al-Hosn Palace but now this beautiful palace is regarded as a archeological historical place and is open for visitors. The palace is also known as the White Fort and the Old Fort. It is indeed the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. It also holds some important documentation of the Gulf region and some historical documents on the heritage of UAE. The interior of the courtyard is heavenly and is developed in traditional Arab style. Its walls are decorated with modern arts by using concrete glass. The most outstanding feature of the palace is the tile work on the main north gate. Many historical paintings, artifacts and photographs are held inside the main palace. A special natural history section is there to feature animal life. Pottery and other artifacts are also there.


The Traditional Golf Course: Yas Links

Yas Island, the unique island which has the richest ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, is the only island with three coastal habitats. Thus, provides the perfect background for a large golf course. This extraordinary golf course, named Yas Links, is among the Top 100 Golf Courses in the world and is at the 95th position among the Best Golf Courses on the Planet. It is the 1st Links golf course to be established in the Middle East region. This golf course offers an eighteen-hole course, a golf academy, a floodlit practice facilities and a nine-hole academy course. All are set with the background of the Arabian Gulf. This traditional golf course offers the right challenges with the correct thrills, the golfers have ever dream about. The unparallel glory of the game is still intact in Abu Dhabi because of Yas Links.

ferrari world

The World Famous ‘Ferrari World’

The biggest indoor theme park in the world is the Ferrari World. This place is specially designed friendly for families. Ferrari World is a host of many amazing rides and attractions that will imprint a never-forgetting experience in the minds of the visitors. The high speed rides will be a thrilling experience for the youngsters. Apart from the rides, there are many unique shops, a Ferrari boutique and some other entertainments. Some restaurants which offer delicious Italian food are also there. People can also interact with the shopping consultants. They will provide free advice to the people as per their budget and style. In addition to this stuff, the Largest Ferrari Store in the world is also located in the Ferrari World.

Abu Dhabi also has several other places with beautiful gardens and lovely fountains decorated with neon lights and sculptures also. Khalifa Park is also popular for its play parks, aquarium and museum. Corniche (famous for its sandy beaches), Flagpole (on Marina Island), Yas and Lulu Islands, Emirates National Auto Museum, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi Ice Rink and the Caracal Shooting Club are the other famous places in Abu Dhabi. This is the only place on this entire earth which is traditional, historic, mysterious, adventurous and magnificent at the same time.

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