Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park


The word “lake” comes from the middle English.There is no particular definition to define the lake but once hydrology book proposes to define it as a body of water with the following five characteristics.It partially or totally fills one or several basins connected by straits.It has essentially the same water level in all parts.It does not have regular intrusion of sea water.A considerable portion of the sediment suspended in the water is captured by the basins.The area measured at the mean water level exceeds an arbitrary chosen threshold.A lake is a body of relatively sill liquid of considerable size,localized in a basin,i.e.,.surround by a land part from a river or outlet that serves to feed or drain the lakes.Lakes lie on land and are not part of the ocean,and therefore are distinct from lagoons and are also larger and deeper than ponds.

The only reason why we are talking about lakes is to just describe about the most beautiful lake crater lake.The lake has inspired people for thousands of years.It is one of the country’s crown jewels.No place on Earth combines a deep blue in color;with two picturesque islands and the lake is surrounded by cliffs.But this beautiful place had a violent volcanic past.This lake is a United States National park located in Southern Oregon.Establish in 1902.It is the fifth oldest national park in the United States and the only one in the state of Oregon.

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Crater lake is in Western United States,located in South-central Oregon.It is the Caldera lake.It serves as the main and important feature of the Crater Lake National park.This is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity.This lake is also known for the “old man of the lake”.In June 1853,John Wesley Hill-man became the first non-native American explorer to report sighting the lake he named the “Deep Blue Lake”.The lake was renamed at least three times as Blue Lake,Lake Majesty,and finally Crater Lake.

The lake is 5 by 6 miles i.e.,.8 by 9.7 kilometers across,with a Caldera rim ranging in elevation from 7,000 to 8,000 feet i.e.,.2,100 to 2,400 meters and an average lake depth of 1,949 feet i.e.,. 594 meters.It fluctuates slightly as the weather changes.On the basis of the maximum depth,Crater lake is the deepest lake in the U.S.,the 2nd largest in North America,9th deepest in the World.

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This beautiful lake has a violent history.The Crater lake was formed from the collapse of Mount Mazoma,a volcano in Southern Oregon that once stood about 11,000 feet tall.Many destructive eruptions has occurred around 5000 B.C.This caused mountains peak to collapse in to its lava chamber which resulted in a Caldera nearly six miles wide.Over time,snow melt and rain collected in the crater to form the lake,which at 1,949 feet deep,is presently the deepest in the U.S.A.

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As this site is located in Oregon,snow is relatively low here.But the place is surrounded by hills so it is common to have on top of the hills.Winter ,which typically begins at the park in September and runs through June,includes an average of 98 days with a measurable snowfall.Up to 37 inches i.e.,.94 centimeters of snow have fallen on the park in a single day in the year 1937,1951 and 1971,313 inches i.e.,.800 centimeters  in a month and 903 inches i.e.,.2,290 centimeters in a year 1950.

Crater lake has a Subalpine climate which means situated on the higher slopes of mountains just below the treeline.The strong summer influence of the North Pacific high.In the summer, the weather is mild and dry,but in the winter is cold and powerful influence of the Alentian low allows for enormous snowfalls averaging 488 inches i.e.,.12.4 meters per year.The snow does not usually melt until mid July,and allows for substantial glaciers on adjacent mountains.

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To get in to the park from the west(med ford,about 85 miles away)or the South (klamath falls,about 65 miles away) on Oreg.62,or from the North on Oreg.138.Airports;Med ford and klamath falls.

Fees to enter in to the park is US $10.00.National Park passes and Golden Passports are accepted.We need to keep in mind about the water quality there.Due to many factors,mainly that the lake has no inlets or tributaries the waters of Crater lake are some of the purest because of absence of pollutants.The lake has relatively high levels of dissolved salts,total alkalinity and conductivity.The average pH has generally ranged between 7 and it is advised to bring your own water with you while hiking the trails.There are many ways to accommodate near this National Park and with  in this National Park.But advance bookings should be done.The park is open in all days.

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