The Countryside Peace: Yorkshire Dales

The Countryside Peace: Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are also known as ‘The Dales’ is an area located in the county boundaries of the Yorkshire’s historical area in the Northern England. This art of land is dissected by a lot of valleys and lies between the countries:  North Yorkshire and Cumbria. This place is blessed by Mother Nature and a lot of natural sights which will take you to a peaceful heaven can be found. The term ‘Dale’ is a Germanic term which means ‘Valley’. Yorkshire Dale is the term used to refer to the west of Vale of York and to the north of the urban area of West Yorkshire. The picturesque of the Yorkshire Dale includes everything like rolling hills combinations, wild moorland, woodland, valleys, landscapes, etc. that will create a very unique and beautiful ambience all around. You also get to have a look of the traditional like of Yorkshire which is a little old-fashioned but quite interesting. Tourists in Britain make sure to visit this wonderful creation of nature.


The major attraction of the Yorkshire dale is the exceptionally beautiful waterfall called the Aysgarth Falls which are 30 meters deep. These are waterfalls with triple flights coming out of the River Ure and are spread to a stretch of around one mile after it is descended to mid-Wensleydale. During the rainy season or wet weather, the Aysgarth Waterfalls looks spectacular. This fall is more than 200 years old and is appreciated since then for the outstanding beauty and has appeared in many films such as the Robin Hood. The triple flights are called the Upper Falls, the Middle Falls and the Lower Falls. There are walks creaked through the wooded valley that allows one to see the falls and the river with a large variety of flora and fauna including wild flowers, wild birds, deer, squirrels.


Another major attraction of the Dale is the Druids Temple. This temple is located at 4 miles from the west of Masham near Ilton. It was created by William Danby in the year 1820 when he was the High Sheriff of Yorkshire. The temple is structured inside a private forest and comprises of a giant stone table, a cave and an altar stone. The Druids Temple is 100 feet in length and 5 feet in width having a height of 10 feet. The intention of creating this temple was to provide work for the locals and a way to give them salary. It is also known as the Brikigg Stone Circle and comprises of two rings of stones. The outer ring has a diameter of 26 meters and has 15 stones. The inner circle is 9 meters wide and has 10 stones.


Skipton is another place where every visitor must go to. This is a historic place of North Yorkshire and is also popularly known as the Southern Gateway of Yorkshire. The main fun and joy is the walking around this town on foot. The most famous place of Skipton is the Skipton Castle. The castle is one of the most preserved castles from the medieval times of England. The castle was built in the 12th century and is preserved in the exact condition. The town of Skipton has a very attractive historic market. Another place to visit in Yorkshire Dales is the Ingleborough. It is the top second highest peak of mountain in the Yorkshire Dales with a height of 723 meters. Yorkshire has three famous peaks: Whernside, Pen-y-ghent and Inglebororugh. Recently, a Three Peaks Challenge was held in Yorkshire which is a challenge to walk a circular track of 24 mile starting and ending in Horton, Ribblesdale. To climb the Ingleborough is one of the tasks of this challenge. The mountain itself is very strikingly beautiful and if you view the entire landscape after climbing the mountain, it will be a lifetime experience.


Malham is a village in North Yorkshire near the Dales. The major attraction of this village is Malham Cove. Malham is a huge curved limestone cliff located at the head of the valley. There is a pavement, again of limestone, at the top of this cliff. It has irregular heights with the western part having 80 meters. There are more than 400 stone steps irregularly shaped and made of limestone. There used to a large waterfall flowing over this cliff originally which has dried now. The cove has eroded at some places which gives it the curved shape.

Richmond 008

Going to Yorkshire Dales demands you to visit this market town of Yorkshire named Richmond which is located at the edge of the National Park of Yorkshire Dales. This is the administrative centre of the entire region and is thus economically important town of North Yorkshire. This town has the Richmond Castle as the centerpiece. Other famous places of the town are Scolland’s Hall, Green Howards Regimental Museum (which used to be an old Trinity church), Richmondshire Museum, Georgian Theatre Royal (one of the oldest extant theatres of Britain) and a very large market place which is large not just for this town but for the entire Europe.

Apart from the above mentioned places, the town also has other attractions like the Bolton Abbey, the Grassington, Masham, Hawes, etc. All these small town and villages surrounding Yorkshire Dales are very beautiful and filled with natural beauty.

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