The City of Peace – Sharm el sheik, Egypt

The City of Peace – Sharm el sheik, Egypt

Sharm el sheikh is gifted with natural beauties of Sinai, including its idyllic beaches, white sandy deserts with surrounded water, rare and beautiful reefs, crystal clear water and surrounding hills, is considered as world’s most famous holiday destination. The city is located on the southern tip of Sinai peninsula (Egypt) on the red sea close to Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Sharm is best known as one of the most famous and attractive diving spots of the world. Sharm is also called city of peace because it has been a main spot of peace treaties and conferences.


Shram el sheikh gives the red sea an international reputation as one of the world’s most extraordinary diving destinations. It is also offers luxurious hotels and restaurants surrounded by blue water and white sand, diving centers, yatch charter, desert safari, casinos, discos and beaches. By coming at this place your eyes can be tantalized by the white sandy beaches and endless desert landscape, which contrast with the crystal clear blue water of the Sinai peninsula. visitors can Imagine the thrill of Las Vegas and the tranquility of Hawaii, mixed with endless amounts of exhilarating activities all in one city. Sharm El Sheikh’s Red Sea, deemed as the world’s best diving location, offers breathtaking underwater scenery, featuring massive coral reefs, great visibility, and immense varieties of rare and diverse species. Its striking wall and shipwreck destinations as well as its unspoiled underwater life make it a favorite diving location for scuba divers worldwide.


Naama bay,located north of sharm  is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. The bay offers stunning views, a myriad of tropical fish, plenty of water sports and a host of wildlife.  Most hotels at Naama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars.

1353603647_largeSharm El Sheikh Crystal Lagoons

this is a long sandy bay, shore line on this bay is now complete and the seafront boasts a beautiful walkway, lined with bougainvillaea and oleander, following the full sweep of the bay. then there is ras sea cliff, famous for its coral reef has a very high cliff where many hotels are situated. It links naam bay and the bay of sharm el maya. Sharm el maya, this picturesque bay is a natural harbor and home to many small boats. Sharm el sheik is also a favorite spot for scuba divers from around the world. Being situated near the red sea it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm water making this an ideal place to dive. Beach seekers can experience many activities such as divind, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing,  boating and canoeing. This beautiful sandy beach has a profusion of palm trees providing natural shades for the sun loungers.  this area is developing into a resort town of its own. Most hotels at Na’ama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars.


Ras Mohammed national park,  locates 12 km from the city at the sourthen extreme of the Sinai peninsula encompasses of two islands, tiranand sanafir, overlooking the gulf of suez on the west and the gulf of aqaba to the east, provides an opportunity to witness the world’s rarest species, under water scenery. The inland area includes a diversity of desert habitats such as mountains and wadis, gravel and coastal mud pains and sand dunes. Then the shark reef and Yolanda reef are popular areas of coral reef in the park for divers.

The other coral reef sites are south bereika marsa ghozlani, old quay and shark observatory. . Other leisure activities available include, among others, archery, tennis, beach volleyball, biking, and much more.Explore the underwater marine creature, amazing coral reefs and learn about the colourful coral reefs ecosystem. You will be able to click some amazing photographs of the coral reefs and marine species of Red Sea.if you are not rally a water person than you can enjoy the splendid mountains, valleys, deserts and national parks surrounded by beautiful sea beaches.


The city also provides white sandy beaches, tranquil setting, vibrant nightlife, and outgoing local population combine to make this an ideal holiday resort.During the day, ride the waves on a Banana Boat or mount a camel and follow the many desert trails. You can water ski your way around the Red Sea or parasail while gazing at Sharm’s top view, where the desert merges with the crystal blue waters. You can get the opportunity of sand skiing in the desert.


this is the monastery Saint Catherine’s, one of the two oldest surviving Christian monasteries, built in the 6th century, located at the foot of mount sinai, famous for the reason that moses is said to received ten commandments. mount saini is a group of holy mountains and peaks Here you will see the imposing citadel, the historic manuscripts and ancient Greek and Russian icons, and the basilica which houses the relics of St. Catherine. You can also visit the Colored Canyon which displays various colour rocks and terrain.


In trip you can also enjoy the camel ride accompanied by Bedouin guides and will pass through the vast desert of the Sinai peninsula while the EL AAT mountain will be perfect background, you can feel the peace and vast isolation far from the maddening crowd. Tourist can see the vast wilderness of desert and can experience the Bedouin life and their culture and history

than the other attraction centers are The valley of kings is known to contain 63 tombs and chambers, decorated with the scenes from the Egyptian mythology. it is the principal  burial place of the major royal figures and all the tombs seems to have been opened and robbed in antiquity but still they gave the idea of powerful pharaohs. the tomb of Tutankhamun, now the wold heritage site is one of the most famous archaeological site of the world. then the Luxor, known as world’s greatest open air museum and the karnak temple, is the largest temple ever built by man. than the Abu Galum with an opportunity to swim, see high mountains, wadis and snorkeling the blue hole- one of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling sites in the red sea. then the New aqua water park largest water park in the city, Coptic church, the heavenly cathedral.

sharm-el-sheikh-egyptSharm El Sheikh Crystal Lagoons

The luxury of five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment can be enjoyed in the simplicity of sun, sea and sand. It is a developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai Peninsula and one of the most accessible areas. It is almost impossible for a visitor to ever suffer from boredom. Diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris are main attractions. 

So there are many popular tourist attractions and hot spots around the city of Sharm el Sheikh, which never fail to draw in the crowds. Beaches, beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of colorful marine attractions, luxurious hotels surrounded with deserts, mountains and water and many other heavenly activities and places make this city the attraction of the world. before you die must visit this beautiful city.

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