The City Of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa

The City Of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa


All of must have been to various places, on several tours and holidays; experienced a lot of new and beautiful things around but this that you are going to read about now is different. It is different because it has a different name. Yes! It is called the City of Gold, want to know why? It is called so because it has been built on gold mines altogether. The fact seems to be tricking you but then it is a fact and facts are always true. The capital province of Gauteng, the wealthiest province of South Africa; this city has the largest econonomy that any other metropolitan in the sub- saharan Africa has.


AS the name suggests, the city is famous for it’s gold mines, which it is built upon. Tourists come for far off place to have a look at it’s precious reserves of Gold. Being named the City of Gold does not avail that this is the only asset that this city possesses. Besides it’s rich gold mines, it has a quiet famous art gallery, a zoo, flea markets, the Market Theatre, Museum Africa and many more. Being the seat of the constitutional court makes it even more important.

art gallery

The Gold Reef City is quiet a great centre of attraction for the tourists who come to Johannesburg. It is a huge amusement park which is themed around the Gold Rush on the Witwatersrand. The amusement park and the staffs and officers over there mimic that whole era of the Gold Rush by getting dressed up like that. The Gold Reef City has a museum where one can have a look at the ore in which gold is contained and also how it is processed and purified. Besides this, it also has the famous Apartheid Museum. Apartheid Musem is a metaphorical demonstration of how brutal and cruel human beings can get by othering people of their same kind on this earth.

Rosebank Flea Market

Besides the two museums, we have various rides and a famous roller- coaster at the Gold Reef City. The most popular of the rides are the River Rapids, the Runaway Trains, the Tornado. The Tower of Terror, popularlr known as the Shaft of terror is a roller coaster which has been ranked as the fastest and the tallest roller- coaster in Africa till date. Then we have the Anoconda. Anoconda is quiet different from the other roller- coaster rides as it is the world’s only inverted roller- coaster to be ever built. We also have the Minor Boat, the Jozi Express and the Minor’s Revenge.

market theatre

Another informative center of attraction that this city has is the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum. It is built symbolically in the memory of a twelve year old boy Pieterson whi was killed by being shot by the police in the 1976 Soweto Riots. Visiting this place gives the tourists quiet a good amount of knowledge as to what were the things which led to a riot so violent and why and how did this twelve year old became the symbol for the movement.

nelson mandela museum

Coming to the next center of attraction, which is of National Interest to South Africa is the Nelso Mandela National Museum. Nelson Mandela, a worldwide known figure was an anti- apartheid revolutionary, a philanthrophist and even a politician. Quiet recently, he passed away. His house has been turned into a National Museum. The museum holds a whole bunch of memorable things like citations given to Mandela or  some of the important photographs and the most popular of them all, the World Championship Belt given to Mandela by Sugar Ray Leonard.

gold reef city inverted roller coaster

Museum Africa is another great museum found in Johannesburg. It is a hub which preserves the precious African culture and that of the continent as well. Just opposite to the Museum Africa is the Market Theatre. Market Theatre has been a significant centre during Apartheid because during this time, many political productions were staged in this theatre. In the present times it has two galleries and three theatres. Besides, it also has a Jazz Club, restaurants and bars. Then we also have the Carlton Centre Observation Deck, a fifty storeyed skyscraper, probably the tallest in Johannesburg and it gives and amazing view of the Gold City of Johannesburg.


Johannesburg is not a place where one will get to witness the exhorbitant beauty of the nature. Rtaher it is a site where some of the world’s biggest revolutions have taken place and this very fact is reflected quiet visibly in all the monuments which are housed in this city. There is a sense of rebel on the walls of the monuments of this place. To understand the past of our ancestors, one needs to go to this place and get enriched with the inspiring story of the natives of this place who lived years ago.

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