City of Dreams, Casinos and Nightlife, Macau China

City of Dreams, Casinos and Nightlife, Macau China


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Enthralling Lifestyle, embracing Nightlife and a life filled with money bouncing off from all over the place, well that’s Macau for all. It’s a place where entertainment still rolls around the roulette table and the options outside the major casinos are limited to be surrendered. For those who are seeking a money saving choice of nightly entertainment, a stroll around those parts of the city that are very busy by the day can leave along some unique impressions. The popular destinations include the main square, largo do Senado, Ruins of St. Paul’s, Clube Militar de Macau and Macau Houses Museum. These are the activities can be done anyhow but by being in Macau you have to visit the famous gambling destinations, Night Clubs and Bars.

club cubic

Party animals in Macau can be split up into 3 vivid groups like the one who travel there for big name DJs at Club Cubic

china rouge

The local well-heeled crowd who compete for attention as attention seekers at China Rouge

Lion's bar

and a mix of tourists and locals looking for a big night at Lion’s Bar till the small hours of night and having maximum fun time.

These are the top three clubs in Macau where you would find and notice the happening people and nightlife.

There are numerous Casinos which are extravagantly bedecked with dazzling chandeliers, luxurious gaming rooms and first-class hotel facilities add to the glitz of night time of Macau. Thousands of frenetic gamblers swarm into these venues for 24 hours to seek their fortunes and most of the best known casinos are housed in top-class hotels in the Macau Peninsular and the island of Taipa. The flagship casinos include Hotel Lisboa Casino, Macau’s first Las Vegas-invested casino Sands Macau, Galaxy Waldo Casino and Macau Palace Casino. The top five casinos include itself with Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa, Sands Macao, Venetian Macao and Galaxy Rio Macau. The tables include roulette, blackjack and poker of course there are the ever popular slot-machines as well. There are in addition local games such as Chinese fan-tan to give visitors and locals alike sound reasons for visiting in order to experience firsthand the height of luxury and excitement.

Galaxy Macau is lit up in the evening after it opened for business in MacauAll casinos are accessible without charge but people should be smartly dressed. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 for visitors and 21 for locals in all casinos.
The casinos accept only Hong Kong dollars and Macau Patacas and guests can exchange money either at casino counters or the nearby banks only.

Apart from the gambling venues, all sorts of gracefully decorated lounge bars and hotel bars and arrays of sidewalk cafes and bars featuring grazioso Latin and African style music provide more choices for locals. The two famous bar and dining streets in the city are located close to the main square, Largo do Senado in the heart of the city and along Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-sen near the Kun Iam Statue in the south reclaimed-land of Outer Harbor.

disco parlourNightlife in Macau has always struggled to live up to the glitz and glamour of near neighbor Hong Kong. Disco parlors with popular Chinese, Cantonese and Thai music and songs can be found easily in this city. People usually spend their evenings in such kind of parlors with friends until late into the night. The reasonably priced Kara-ok entertainment channel is very popular with the young generation though can be enjoyed by others too.

Most of the times the drinks are served inside the casino and the casinos have changed from top tail over the past decade. Earlier the dimly lit backrooms where traits bumped shoulders with chain smoking gamblers over creaking poker tables was the scenario in the casino halls but currently the days of by its all bright lights, yodeling gondoliers and playboy bunnies  and without forgetting the chain smoking gamblers as well.

Russian roulette

Las Vegas has also arrived in Macau and over the past few years. Honestly, in most of the pubs especially lounges the atmosphere is like that of a bus stop with washed away gamblers arriving and down a drink then scuttle back to the tables but though there are exceptions with the Xanadu, inside the sands serving up some of the best drinks deals in town in the Bellini Lounge, now styled as a Hugh Heffner club famous for its well bunnies

No matter what anybody says, there is no bonafide certificate required for drinking area in Macau despite locals dubbing various bits and pieces. The biggest conglomeration of bars is in an area known as Docos, on Avenida. Here there is a string of fairly low key, but lively bars to be enjoyed. Not much though goes into the design, service or even the name of the establishments, V bar and bar One are just a couple of the more adventurous ones but after 10.p.m. they usually fill out with locals and the place is rampant.

Antonios portugese restoPortuguese Macau has seen a modest resurgence over recent years with the Portuguese colonial building getting spruced up and a spike in Portuguese and Macanese Restaurants. Many of these restaurants double are bars and are popular with the remaining Portuguese locals and experts. The things available on the menu would be an enviable selection of wines from Portugal as well as Porto and superb beers such as Super Bock at very reasonable prices.

bunniesMacau has a lot more to itself to be revealed out to the visitors and tourists. If you want to enjoy your time in Macau then you know now where to head towards and book yourself a trip to remember for lifetime with all the gambling, drinks, food and dancing.

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