Charleston – the Holy City of US

Charleston – the Holy City of US


Charleston is the city of south-eastern state of South Carolina. It is the oldest city of the state. In terms of area it is the second largest city in Carolina. The city is located on Charleston Harbor which is a small inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Originally, this place was named Charles Town to honor the King of England – Charles II. But the name ‘Charleston’ was adopted in the year 1783. It is known to be the most famous and polite city in the whole America with a great level of hospitality. It has been titled as “America’s most friendly city” in 2011 and 2013 by Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler, respectively. Being near to the sea makes it a seaport city. It was built on the peninsula land formed by Ashley and Cooper, the two rivers which end up merging in the Atlantic Ocean.


The city is very well known for its rich historical places. There is a park on the southern tip called ‘the Battery and White Point Gardens’ is a beautiful one and have an elegant, rich Battery Promenade along the River Cooper. There are historical mansions all the way along this Promenade which are worth more than 20 million dollars. The city has a Charleston Museum which very well defines the history of this city. There is Fort Sumter Island in the city which is National Monument as the Civil War was started on this site. To go to this island, you must take a ferry from either Liberty Square or Patriot’s Point. This place is now in ruins but speaks a story about how things used to be in the past with the help of markers and museum. Patriots Point Naval is the place that has an amazingly well-organized and beautifully portrayed the warfare such as USS Clagamore submarine, USS Yorktown aircraft, USS Laffey, etc. some of which are of the Vietnam era. Also, once in the history of this city, there stood English Colonial Walled Town which includes the French Huguenot Church, St. Philips Church, art galleries, etc. and is now known by the name ‘The French Quarter’. If it is Friday, you must visit ‘the Citadel’ which is a military college formed in 1842 because they have dress parades organized every Friday afternoon. The oldest college of the South Carolina is ‘The College of Charleston’ is also an historic attraction of the city. The ‘Randolph Hall’ in this college is a popular site and is used in popular war movies as a war-site. Other historical places to visit are the Logitude Lane, Fort Moultrie, Gibbes Museum of Art, The Market, etc.


Charleston is nicknamed as ‘the Holy City’ of South Carolina because of the fact that the city delivered religious tolerance to all those who fled persecution. The very first monuments for worshipping were built in the late 17th and 18th century at the old-walled town which is now called the French Quarter. ‘French Huguenot Church’ was formed in 1687 by the Huguenot refugees who came from the Protestant persecutions at France. There is ‘Circular Congregational Church’ also known the ‘Independent church’ was formed in 1681 by the Congregationalists, French Huguenots, Scotch and Irish Presbyterians. This church is very beautiful and one of the oldest in the city which makes a holy symbol and an historic symbol. The oldest Catholic church of Charleston is ‘St. Mary’s Catholic Church’. The oldest Baptist church in the whole state is in this city which is ‘First Baptist Church’ and is also famous by the nickname – the mother church of all Southern Baptists. There are many more churches in this place which are all founded in the early 18th century and late 17th century.


Apart from the historical and religious monuments, the city has got a lot more. The longest bridge with cable-stay in the whole North American continent is built on the Cooper River in Charleston whose construction was completed in 2005 and this cable-stay bridge is named Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Another site is the oldest fire proof project in the whole country of United States. This building is simply called the ‘Fireproof Building’ and is a national monument now. It was designed by architect Robert Mills along with a local native architect. It has the style of Greek Droic construction with an oval hall, cantilevered stone stairway. The building is currently the headquarters for the non-profit organization called the South Carolina Historic Society. Tourists must have a tour of the city. This city offers guided bus tours on mini-buses for having a tour of the preserved past, historical and charming Charleston which is called the ‘Gray Line of Charleston’. For tours, one can also use Carriages drawn by horses and take you to the historical city in the historic manner. These carriage rides are fun and will take you in the past. Apart from buses and carriages, walking tours are equally fun. The city of Charleston also has very nice beaches as it is a coastal city. Folly Beach is the most famous in Charleston with a very casual environment for the tourists. To have the complete experience of the city, eat seafood at the Bowen’s Island near this beach. Other options for trying the best seafood are ‘the Wreck’ located on Mount Pleasant and the Hyman’s Seafood located in the South Market Street. Then there are Sullivan’s Islands as well as Isle of Palms which are equally popular among the tourists. The trip to Charleston will definitely give you an insight of the past history of the country and the beautiful holy churches will give you blessing in their own way.

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