The Canadian Heaven: Toronto

The Canadian Heaven: Toronto

The most popular city of Canada is Toronto which is situated on the coasts of Ontario Lake. With 2.6 million inhabitants living there, the city is the most astonishing tourist destination in the world. The city is in the center of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is known as the anchor of the Golden Horseshoe area. This Golden Horseshoe region starts from the Ontario Lake and ends up at the Niagara Falls. According to the pools in North America, Toronto stands fifth in the list of urban agglomeration and is titled as the fourth largest city. The six internal neighboring cities are joined together in the year 1998 to make this mega city, named Toronto. These six districts that make Toronto are Old Toronto, Etobicoke, York, East York, North York and Scarborough. There are 16 official languages in Toronto. Toronto is the most multicultural city across the world as Canada is known as the country of immigrants but Toronto doesn’t demonstrate this fact totally.


We can call Toronto the largest city of Canada and is the host to many high class shopping centres and malls and other watchable sites too. The Niagara Falls offers the most beautiful site of Toronto. People will get the opportunity to ride in a boat and enjoy the various sceneries of falls from various viewpoints. There is a train, the Canadian, which will take you to a comfortable journey of three days and will allow you to have the beautiful sights of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Even a place named Jasper is the most visited place of Toronto. Tourists usually like to spend a night there to explore the place.


The second largest free standing structure, CN Tower, is also situated in Toronto only. The structure is 500 meters high and consists of a glass elevator at its top. This glass elevator will take you to about 1,122 foot high. There is a restaurant also which is quite adorable and even the view from the top of the tower is incredible. One can have the view of the whole city from the tower. The floor of the observation deck at the top is transparent and that’s why people find it difficult to walk over there. Some people even make reservations to visit the place.


Apart from the CN tower, the second most famous spot of Toronto is The Eaton Centre. It is an open and bright shopping mall which is situated in the heart of Toronto. The structure is four leveled and its dome is made up of glass. The whole building was designed by Michael Snow. More than 250 stores are opened on this mall. Most popular stores are Flight Stop and Geese Mobile. These stores are affordable and are budget conscious.

Casa Loma with Tulips in the foreground, Toronto, Ontario

Another interesting place to visit is Casa Loma which built in the 1900s by the famous Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellatt. The architecture of Casa Loma is quite smililar to the Hearst Castle, California. The structure is a representation of one’s architectural dreams. The place is so beautiful that it was even used as a set for a film titled Chicago, which was released in the year 2002. If someone is in downtown Chicago then the person should spend some in the Distillery District of Toronto. The Distillery District is best suited for art and heritage lovers as the district offers some gorgeous heritage architectures, wellness centres, art and culture centres and even some pubs and restaurants also for regular people.

hall of fame

There is no harm in visiting the outstanding Hockey Hall of Fame which is always busy with exhibitions for kids and youngsters. The broadcast pods available will let you enjoy the actions of some of the latest epic hockey games including the famous Canada / Russia 1972 series. A gift shop, a dressing room and a trophy room is also featured in the building to give a perfect environment of backstage of Hockey. The tasty food of the restaurants of Toronto’s Chinatown is world famous. There are hundreds of restaurants lined in the Toronto’s Chinatown, serving authentic and fresh cheese along with other Asian and Vietnamese food. Apart from food, Toronto’s Chinatown is also known for its clothing, trinkets, exotic jewelry and even household stuff with a lot of bargain.

In addition to these places there are many other places to visit in Toronto including the AGO houses i.e. Art Gallery of Ontario. It is striking Frank Gehry building. This art gallery has a huge impressive collection of about 40,000 works. Thus, there is no doubt in the fact that this gallery stands at the tenth position among the largest art museums in the North America. This Art Gallery features the beautiful Canadian arts and also many masterworks from different countries across the world. To take a break from the hustle and bustle life of Toronto people can even visit the Centre Island and can relax on the beaches and recreational areas offered by the island. Another posh place of Toronto is Yorkville which is full of high class boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. Even the popular Toronto International Film Festival is also held there once in every year. Therefore, this amazing tourist destination has a bunch of exciting places for tourists. The tourists will not only enjoy but also memorize their stay in Toronto.

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