Buenos Aires: The Heart of Latin America

Buenos Aires: The Heart of Latin America

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentine Republic, is among the largest cities of Latin America. The name is of Spanish origin which means “fair winds” or “good air”. It is among the 20 largest cities of the world and third largest in Latin America. This is among the most important cities of South America and is the most visited city of Latin America. The architecture of this city reflects a European style in it. The city is also loved by the fans of theatre art as there are a lot of theatres in Buenos Aires. The city is full of culture and has diversity in people as a lot of immigrants are inhabited in this city.

Get into Buenos Aires:


This city is accessible to the tourists by all means of transport. You can reach Buenos Aires by air, by train and even by road. Many small airports are available in Buenos Aires where you can even park your personal aircrafts. The main airport of Buenos is the Ezeiza International Airport from where all the international flights depart and the airport is at a distance of 35 kilometers from Buenos Aires. The regional and domestic flights take off from Aeropraque Jorge Newberry airport. If you are taking a train, there are few national railway stations around the town of Buenos like Retiro – Cordoba, Retiro – Tucuman, etc. Car lovers can have a ride to the city without any inconvenience in their personal cars. The city is accessible by four main highways and some national routes connecting it to the suburban areas. There are ferry ships and boats that allow you to enter the city of Buenos Aires. But they are slower and take more time to enter the city.

Amazing Architecture:


The main attraction of this city is the Plaza de Mayo. This special architectural art was built in the 16th century and is surrounded by the Presidential palace from the eastern-side. This place is used as the political centre of the city as many Argentinean political leaders address the people from the balcony of this Palace. It is a common place for all the political gatherings and also for the political protests. The historic event of Dirty War, those who lost their loved ones gathered here in this Palace and held protests. When you visit the Palace, also visit the Spanish town hall right in front of it which is also a very fascinating architectural building of the colonial times built during the May Revolution of 1810.


Another favorite place of tourists in Buenos Aires is the Cementerio de La Recoleta which is quite unusual for a tourist attraction. This place is popularly called Recoleta. This is actually the resting place of all the rich and important personalities and families of the city; we can say that the good and great of Argentina and its past are lying here. There are the big ornate tombs all over the place. The tombs are made using dark granite and white marble while some are also made using lustrous bronze. All these are decorated with statues of a number of angels and The Virgin. One of the most famous one is the tomb of Eva Peron who was the daughter of the First Lady. Many sports stars, ex-presidents, and famous writers have found their resting place here.

The city of Tango:


Buenos is not just about the architecture and history. The Palermo Viejo District will tell you how trendy this place is. There are a lot of charming cobblestone streets, rocking bars, bookstores and boutiques that can be seen around here. Also, the similar trend and activeness can be seen in the San Telmo region of Buenos Aires. This is the place in the city which is always flooded on weekends and is visited as a flea market and a street fair for the tourists and locals. There is also a tango performance on weekend nights for the visitors and foreigners especially. This place has a colonial flavor of ancient times. The streets are narrow and the buildings are low but the shops have antiques and collection you will not find anywhere else.

The life of theatre:


The city has a lot of theatres but the main theatre is the Teatro Colon which is also known by the name Columbus Theatre. This is the main opera house in Argentina and is among the best five concert halls in the world. The original theatre was replaced in 1857 and the current version is a new theatre which was built in 1908. The most famous artists, singers and renowned opera companies all come to this particular place in Argentina to perform. The structure of this theatre is magnificent and has seven stories. The lobby has a small museum and tourists can take a guided tour of this entire building viewing the basements, rehearsal rooms, stage, workshops, seating areas, etc.

Apart from just sightseeing, you can do a lot in the Buenos Aires. You can watch football games which is one of the most famous things about Argentina. You can watch and learn Tango which can be found at the La Boca, Milongas and Calle Florida. You can experience the exciting and adventurous sky diving which comprises of 35 seconds free fall from Tandem Skydiving Jump. Also, take food tours and try the selection of wine of Argentina which is famous all around the world.

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