Blue Grotto, Capri

Blue Grotto, Capri


Blue Grotto is a place not to miss in Italy. It has the favourite tourist attractions of Capri, Italy in the 1830′s .Famous sea cave is located off the coast of island of Capri..



The famous roman emperor,  Tiberus  adorned the grotto with the statues paying tributes to the roman sea Gods and used as his personal swimming hole.The flourescent glow comes in part from a large underwater cave opening beneath the entrance used by the visiting boats.And since, the days of ancient romans , the blue grotto had mystified reverence among visitors.


According to an underwater survey of the cave , a number of ancient roman water statues lie beneath the water.



Why grotto’s water is blue ?

It is created by the daylight, which enters via an underwater opening  located immediately below the entrance of the cave. The light is filtered by water which absorbs the red tones , leaving only blue ones to pass the cave .It created the silver appearence of the object immersed in the water. Due to the coloration of the water , everything in the blue grotto water appears silver, and that is the mesmerising effect .

The quality and nature of colour in each cave is determined by the particular lightning conditions in that particular cave. The light comes from two sources .One is the small hole in the cave all , that is meter and half in diameter. And this hole is barely large enough for an entrance of a tiny boat  and at the same time , this hole is also used as the entrance  way. The photographs taken from within the cave gives you an amazing view. And the another source of light is a second hole, with a surface area about ten times as large as first and this hole lies directly below the entranceway. This hole is separated from it by a bar of rock between one and two meters thick . It becomes impossible for a visitor who is taking a ride to identify the shape of the larger hole  who places a hand in the water can see the “glow” in the light.

glow of water

How to get to blue grotto ?

It is a 10 minute boat journey from Marina Grande .In Anacapri, bus facility is also easily available from from Paizza Vittoria .You can save a bit of money by taking a bus .

The roof of entrance is exactly situated 1 meter above the level of the sea and only for this reason , passengers are obliged to bent a little in order to enter into the cave .

Highlights of Grotto

Even pictures cannot truly capture  the beauty of the cave. It is a 60 meter long , 25 meter wide cavity .The cave has actually a bigger but a submerged opening .Due to phenomenal sunlight reflection , the underwater entrance allows the blue coloration of the water inside the grotto.There is an excellent view inside , the blue colour of the water gives the impression of navigating through a clear sky .This tour of the cave is always possible due to sunlight conditions but under optimum condition such as special water transparency.

The best way to see the beauty of capri is only from the sea by the boat .It is one of the natural wonders that you cant afford to miss if you are in Capri. The tour to Capri will be incomplete without having a visit at Blue Grotto. Blue Grotto is complete package to relax with the family and having a view at the natural wonders.

Tours and guides

You will have to switch to a lowboat to enter the cave , irrespective of the motorized boat you take to reach . There is a fixed fee to enter the grotto.Outside the grotto, a  long queue of boats patiently waits for the preceding waits to finish.The visit lasts a merely two to five minutes depending upon the number of boats outside and how well you tip the guide.



Swimming in the afternoon will give its own pleasure in the daylight .The row boat tours clear out at 4 p.m .


 Why to visit blue grotto?

The water glow is brilliant . It is unearthly blue from the effect of light refracting through an entrance tunnel.It is best to visit the island in the morning or in the late afternoon. The water of the blue grotto looks as if there are neon lights underneath it,It is very beautiful and it can only be seen during the perfect light . The blue  and shiny colour of the water is definitely an unforgettable treat to the eyes. Its dazzling effect has been known in ancient times.Blue Grotto has become an emblem of the “Beautiful Island Of Capri”.The grotto is known for the intense and brilliant water of the sea.Hence the name “Blue Grotto”.The blue reflection of the sunlight actually illuminates the cave .No special effects needed.

It is so mesmerising that ancient romans celebrated the beauty of grotto by installing statues .Other ancient romans came here to seek blessings. It is a very special place indeed . Couple visiting Italy can’t even afford to miss the natural beauty of the island.It is a surreal experience .Thus , Blue grotto is a place to be actually seen,discovered and appreciated.

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