Beauty that Resisted Tsunami: Phi Phi Islands

Beauty that Resisted Tsunami: Phi Phi Islands

The world watched in horror as nature’s fury stuck southeast Asia in December 2004, the massive quakes churned sky high waves which lashed the island countries with fury turning the natural reserve into a demolition site. Yet it didn’t take long for the small island of Phi Phi to re-establish itself as a top holidaying spot on the world map. Many say it’s the benevolence of mother nature which turned the ‘tides’ and brought the very essence of life back on this island , reinstating the fact in us that the best of things bounce back after bearing the brunt of nature. Like a dead phoenix arising out of ashes , Phi Phi islands remain buoyant with its ‘calm’ demeanor. The very thing that attracts the world’s tourists to its shores to experience its grace.








Tucked away in the interiors of Thailand near the popular Phuket islands, Phi Phi islands fulfill the want of serene sun kissed beaches with white sand and warm crystal clear waters. A major tourist spot since ages this small archipelago offers one an unbeatable combination of relaxation and partying with its rejuvenative attractions. Picture warm water touching your feet while you lay sunbathing at its one of many beaches , each being more impressive than the previous. Water gushing at your feeet and taking away your tires with the tide , leaving you refreshed for a tour of the next adventure spot.







Situated 50 kilometers away from the mainland , ferries shuttle nonstop from Phuket to Phi Phi islands or you could take a more luxurious trip on one of the many cruise liners . The atmosphere kicks in as soon as one sets off, with the sea becoming more serene and dazzling as one approaches the main island. A magnificent chain of high rising cliffs throw their shadow over the waters whilst one navigates through them to reach the island .A look at these dark green moss covered limestone cliffs arising out of waters is enchanting , their giant structure imposed over the waters offers one of the best cliff diving activities around here. Once on the mainland, you can choose between lazing around at the beach or checking out the recreational spots on the island. A visit is incomplete without sun bathing at the Maya Beach with its soft sands and lush greenery , a small walk from there takes you to Laem Tong bay with deeper waters perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts and an underwater safari with the baby sharks and corals.. Time flies by as one moves around the island visiting each area , a local tour can also be arranged for an elaborate experience.
The allurement doesn’t end at this, the geography of the landscape ensures one is left spell bound at its tropical beaches and location. Since distances are walk able on the island one needn’t shy away from exploring further , be it finding a comforting spot on the beach for some “me” time to joining a bunch of back packers for the hippie experience. Bamboo island, a few kilometers from the bay is yet another spot offering endless views of the sea with wild oceanic breezes cajoling your senses. Local shacks offer quality local cuisines which sends one on a culinary expedition , with seafood to local brews each competing to enthrall you with an appeasement fit for the gods. Ko Phi Phi Le offers one of the most stunning landscape eyes could witness with sheer cliffs dropping down for a deep dive to the water,must for an adrenaline fix. At Hin Muang,leopard sharks , sting rays and reef sharks patrol the deep waters and it’s the closest a man can experience wildlife at its best. Once you have treated your senses and lifted spirits with the relaxation and activities,a small trek at the end of the day to Phi Phi viewpoint which offers classic viewpoint from the top especially at sunset tingles the senses and brings back the vigor one often loses in our bustling lives.









For the hardcore party enthusiasts Phi Phi offers a plethora of nonstop year round night life. The entire scenic atmosphere changes as the sun goes down, bright neon lights flash at the beach bars making it hard to believe this was the same spot during the day. Popular nightclubs are filled with party animals and offer drinks at cheap prices thanks to the low taxes. You can also work for local bars handing out flyers to prospective customers in exchange for a few beers and snacks, a bang for your buck esp. for backpackers . Entertainment is large here from witnessing live musical nights under palm groves to local thai boxing duels fuelling the party adventure here. The party circuit caters well to the crowds attracted here , not a fan of big beach parties head to Long beach for a more relaxed zone offering some great conversations with fellow tourists. Conversely stick to Tonsai Bay for a nonstop party climate with like minded ‘junkies’.







The islands with their reclusive holidaying approach which caters to a wide spectrum of enthusiastic tourists is open through out the year thanks to its warm tropical climate which complements the appeal of Phi Phi. Its relaxed approach for a reviving holiday and a thrilling affair with its bountiful options. A fact which stood the tides of nature, defying the catastrophic Tsunami and rebounding with the same allure as before , reinforcing the charm of Phi Phi islands in us . Paradise abound.

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