The Beautiful City of Florence

The Beautiful City of Florence

Florence city situated on the arno river is the one of the most beautiful city in the Italy. Florence lies in a basin by the hills of careggi, Fiesole, arcetri, poggio imperial is the birth place of Italian renaissance has impressive sites, historical beautiful palaces and museums, elegant buildings, traditional and religious cathedrals and churches. its artistic and architectural  beauty it attracts million of visitors every year.

Cathedral in Florence

The most famous site of Florence the Palazza vecchio, People’s palace Completed after 23 years, is the town hall of Florence and also an art museum containing a large bell to announce public meetings the small fountain at the center decorated with a statute of a putti and dolphin than at its first floor the room of 500 hundred people another interesting room is sala dei gigli (lily room) walls are decorated with golden lilies and frescoes of roman dignitaries.


Florence contains several palaces and buildings from various eras. The most famous square is piazza della signoria, the heart of historic center. Than the baptistery of Jhon is one of Florence’s oldest buildings and predates the cathedral. It was constructed on top of Roman foundations, possibly as early as in the sixth century. The interior dates back to the thirteenth century when the mosaics on the ceiling – depicting stories from the bible – were created. The exterior white and green marble cladding was added around the same time. Than the Campanile-bell tower its first store was designed by the giotto it gives the grest view of city of Florence. The Uffizi and the pitti palace are two of the most famous picture galleries in the world. These museums has a great collection of Donatello, verrochio and Michelangelo. Palazzo pitti was built in the 15th century garden is adorned with plenty of statutes and fountains.


Than you can also see the Best known site of Florence the duomo di firenze, the florence cathedral built in between 1296 and 1436, is one of the largest in the world. santa maria del fiore known as the duomo, largest dome built in brick and mortar in the world, its exterior made of green, pink and white marble has several elaborate doors and it is has an interesting statutes.


This city also contains numerous historical museum and art galleries such as the Uffizi gallery, Those whose appreciate the arts will also enjoy a visit to the Uffizi gallery, its Located in the heart of Florence, is one of the most famous museum in the world given rich amount of unique artwork and masterpieces conserved within its walls . it holds the world’s most important collection of renaissance art and thousands of paintings of Leonardo da vici and giotto, botticelli, Cimabue, and raffaello. Other Museums like Galleria dell’Accademia is a museum with a collection of Renaissance sculptures, religious paintings and musical instruments vast collection of Russian icons and works by many artists. It is best known for Michelangelo’s David, one of the world’s most famous statues.



Museo dell’opera del duomo this museum located nearby at pizza del duomo, is dedicated to the history and construction of the cathedral of Florence by consisting a valuable collection of artwork .  Other different , bargello museum, medici chapels , palantina gallery and modern art gallery basilica di santa del fiore is the main church of Italy. Florence is also famous for various parks and gardens such as boboli garden, the parco delle cascine and great monument Florence baptistery with its mosacics, the cathedral with sculpture, the gallery of modern art, the museum of silverware and the museum of precious stones.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge Over the Arno River Florence ItalyForte+di+Belvedere

Florence is also famous for its most outstanding bridge the ponte vecchio, provides great view of the Florence, it is the only bridge survived in world war II whose most striking feature is the multitude of shops built upon its edges, held up by stilts. After crossing the ponte vecchio to the giardino di boboli visitors can see  A large number of statues, fountains and grottos decorate the picturesque Italianesque garden, a huge park on a hillside in the middle of Florence behind the pitti palace and  santa croce is the largest Franciscan church in Italy and holds the tombs of several important Florentines including Michelangelo and dante and countless paintings and other work of art.


This city also has large numer of art filled churches such as san miniato al monte, san Lorenzo, santa trinita and santa spirit. Florence also a important research center UNICEF innocent research center. Serristori palace is a choice that offers you the opportunity of living in the heart of Florence by providing a view to touch the major monuments of Florence.

The other stunning buildings are Basilica di san Lorenzo, members of the wealthy and powerful medici family were buried here. San miniato al monte is a medieval church located on the hill in the Florence built in 13th century, Mercato central it is a covered market hall with modern glass and iron structure, than the san marco church, visitors can see 15th century paintings and frescoes, its one of the highlight is the last judgement an altarpiece in the hospitium- a shelter of pilgrims. So to explore the history of Italy you must visit this beautiful city.


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