Beautiful beaches and warm Gulf waters of South Padre Island

Beautiful beaches and warm Gulf waters of South Padre Island


The world’s longest barrier island is the Padre Island. It is listed as the second largest island (in area) in the United States. Situated on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the island is very popular because of its stunning white sandy beaches. The island is 3 km wide and about 182 km long. It starts from the north from the city of Corpus Christi and ends in the south at the South Padre Island. A road connects the northern end of the island to another island named Mustang Island. And in the southern end the island is connected with Brazos Island. The whole island is quite lightly populated as the island part is somewhat away from the city area. The Padre Island National Seashore consists of the supreme part of the island. Since 1964, the Padre Island has been divided into two separate islands namely “North Padre Island” and “South Padre Island”.


The South Padre Island is the southern part of Padre Island. The Island is a small town which is situated on the coasts of Texas and in close proximity with Mexico. The place was established in 1973 across Laguna Madre. Laguna Madre is a bay which separates the island from the Mainland. The western side of the South Padre Island is referred as the “Bay Side” by the local people and the East side as the “Gulf Side”. It is a spring hangout place for many young college going students. The tourists can reach the place not only by flight, bus and car but by boat also. Youngsters living in nearer places prefer to use boat. Both on Port Isabel and South Padre there are marinas. Two of them are Sea Ranch Marina and Anchor Marina Park. There is a chain of Padre Island. They are situated in Kenedy, Nueces, Cameron, Willacy and Kleberg countries.

The beaches of the South Padre Island are very famous. These beaches are huge and they stretch for miles. People can have the stunning view of the sea from the old lighthouse in Port Isabel which was built in 1852. The city is home to three museums and three airport facilities are provided from Dallas and Houston. The names of the three airports are Brownsville/South Padre Island Airport, Valley International Airport and McAllen Miller International Airport. The names of the flights offered by these airports are Southwest Airlines, American Express, United Express and Allegiant Air. As huge number of tourists visits this place frequently, a South Padre Island Visitors Center is provided for the help of the tourists. The center offers help about the activities and events going on recently. They even search sites for accommodation purposes for the tourists.


The South Padre Island is popular for its water sports events. Kite-boarding or Kite-surfing is an adventurous sport that the place offers. The place even offers many other activities such as seashore recreation, boating and deep sea fishing. When it comes to water sports then dolphin cruise, parasailing, surfing, baying and wind surfing are the things. Some other recreational activities are tennis, bicycling, shelling and horseback riding on the beach of South Padre Island. A place called Laguna Madre Nature located on the north of the city is a enthusiastic place for crazy bird watchers and nature lovers. Air Padre Kite-boarding is a learning centre in the north region of the city. The centre offers rentals and lessons on wakeboarding, kite land-boarding, surfing, stand up paddling, kite-boarding and kayaking also.

For dolphin lovers there is a dolphin watch cruisers named Breakaway Cruises. There is a company known by the name ‘The Black Dragon Pirate Ship’ which provides a highly advanced pirate galleon. This pirate galleon is an exact replica of the 17th century pirate galleon. Moreover there are museums, four restaurants, Wal-mart, Movie Gallery, Souvenir shops, dolphin watches, the historic Port Isabel lighthouse and a marine biology center. Another centre named American Diving teaches you the art of diving and also provides certification in that course. The world’s tallest reverse bungee is available on the island. There are many massage therapy, day spa and healing centers also to reduce your stress.


The city of South Padre Islands is quite famous as a shopping spot also. You will find hundreds of shops in this place. There are beach wear, kite-boarding accessories, surf accessories, sportswear, beach accessories, etc. Apart from the beach wear casual clothes were also available in many shops.  Casual t-shirts, foot wear, sunglasses and in fact board shorts are also available. You will find some places where materials for home decoration can be found. In such shops some tropical art paintings, wind chimes, beautiful wax candles, etc can be found. Use of tobacco and cigarettes is banned in some parts but still people can find various shops for that also. ‘Inkredible’ is a famous tattoo shop for tattoo lovers. Like other famous Islands this island also has some really tasty seafood and steaks which are available on the street shops as well as on big restaurants also. Spending the nights on campgrounds, marinas, condo rentals and especially on seaside cottages and drinking wines on the beach bars will be unforgettable. The Island is full of Life and fun. People who will visit this Island will surely have a lifetime adventurous experience.

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