Baia do sancho beach, Fernando de noronha, Brazil

Baia do sancho beach, Fernando de noronha, Brazil

The largest country of south American region Brazil is famous for its attractive places and beautiful beaches like Fernando de Noronha, alter do chao, parapraia do toque and marau peninsula. The most beautiful is the Fernando de noronha, an active volcanic archipelago of 21 islands in the Atlantic ocean, located approximately 350 km off the coast of northeastern Brazil accessible in one and half hours by plane from the northeast coastal cities of natal and recife cities . The island only accessible by plan or boat from the northern cities of recife or natal. Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a large part of the area is a National Marine Park. And it has the most wonderful beaches situated in Pernambuco. It is particularly famous for its extraordinary world famous beaches offering heavenly scenery of nature’s creation with crystal clear blue water area famous for swimming and snorkeling.


this island has many wonderful beaches like  Praia do Sancho, which is reached through a crack in a rock wall,  Baía dos Porcos (Pig’s Bay), a place of astonishing beauty and great for swimming and Atalaia, a natural saltwater pool with abundant sea life. All have translucent waters, and because tourist numbers to the islands are strictly monitored, it is easy to spot turtles, octopuses, a plethora of fish and even sharks.


The most popular beach is the Baia do Sancho, which is located on an island 215 miles northeast of the Brazilian mainland, is a bay of crystalline water and soft white sand surrounded by vegetation-covered 250 ft cliffs, considers as most expensive and most beautiful of some 2,100 beaches in Brazil. Sancho situated on the remote island of Fernando de Noronha,  is recently declared as world’s most beautiful beach. Paradise is the ideal word to describe this beach surrounded by cliffs in lush green vegetation, baia do sancho is one of the country’s most breathtaking beautiful beaches. There are two way to reach this paradise one is by land another is by sea.The one way to reach Sancho beach is by foot, several hundred meters down a dirt trail, down a rickety ladder through the rock wall, through a tight crevasse, down an even ricketier ladder and finally down  a few dozen uneven slippery sandy steps and The second option to reach this paradise is by sea, is through boat ride that part of Porto Beach. It is one of the best ways to be close to dolphins accompanying the boat and there are many islands along the way which are very attractive.


Baia do sancho beach With forested mountains and hills protruding from the islands’ interior stands as perfect and stunning creature of nature. Baia do beach is beat known for its sun soaked sand surrounded by native vegetation and high rising cliffs, which makes the perfect nesting ground for birds. The sand on Baia do Sancho is white and the water is emerald green. the clear crystal water is ideal for diving and snorkeling and provides to snorkelers to observe exotic fish and even sea turtles. The waterfalls tumbling over lush green cliffs into turquoise water, where visitors can see dolphins and sea turtles. It has more than 200 hundred species of fish, five shark species, sea turtles and dolphins. The cliffs surrounding this beach make a perfect spot to view dolphins spinning and diving into the water. baia do Sancho is a  home to the largest concentration of tropical seabirds in the Western Atlantic and its Baia dos Golfinhos has more resident dolphins than anywhere else in the world. The splendid visibility of coral reef full of marine life and crystal clear water . As the water here is crystal clear, it is greatly suitable for scuba diving. From the top of the cliff you have to descend a series of steps to reach the beach.


one of the selling points of the Baia do Sancho is its crystal clear water, . baia do Sancho, frenando de noronha, brazil, is famous for its green waters and white sands can be reached by boat or the “tricky stairs”. In February and June baia do Sancho comes alive with two most beautiful waterfalls cascading down from the cliffs. Craggy cliffs loom 230 feet over a perfectly shaped crescent of squishy-soft sand, trees carpet the cliff tops, giving refuge to sea birds and lava rocks form protected pools that shelter schools of Technicolor fish at either end of the blue green water.

baia-do-sancho (1)baia-do-sancho-bay-by-roberto-peradotto

Brazil city famous for its many breathtaking beaches like baia do sancho, baia do porcos and praia do leao among which baía dos porcos and baía do sancho are two of the most highly rated diving destinations (link to diving section Fernando de Noronha ) in the country, and praia do leao is home to abundant sea-turtle spawning. Now the beauty of Sancho beach is well proved when it is declared as the world’s most famous and beautiful beaches.This beach is almost always deserted and living here is one of the best in the entire island. This can be the most favorite and unforgettable place for Nature lover. The adventurist and nature lovers can get the unforgettable experience the beauty of extraordinary place of the earth by visiting the baia do Sancho beach.

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