Amazing treat to the eyes : Botanical Gardens, SIngapore

Amazing treat to the eyes : Botanical Gardens, SIngapore

Defining the word ” Botanical Garden “

Botanical garden is a wide area in which a diverse varieties of plants and flowers are displayed for scientific purposes . Basically , in the botanical garden , each plant and flower is labelled for the easier understanding of the visitors as well as for the students who come to botanical gardens for their research work . Botanical garden contains plants and flowers from specific parts of the world and they contains a wide variety of plants and flowers such as tropical plants , alphine plants or other exotic plants .Earlier , the role of botanical gardens was limited to books only , but nowadays , people actually pay a visit to botanical gardens for their art exhibitions , tours , education  and for the research .



There are many Botanical gardens in the whole world but Singapore’s botanic garden is considered as the biggest botanic garden in the city. It is located in 1 Cluny Rd , Singapore 259569.  This garden was established in 1859 and it has remained Singapore’s most prized charisma . It is a blossoming garden which consumes  63.7 hectares of the land . One can easily reach botanical garden by taking a bus from Changi Business park and going straightaway to Cluny road.

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The very first botanical garden got established in the year 1822.Its main engagement was to access the cultivation crops that were of utmost economic importance and a part of our livelihood such as spices , fruits , vegetables. Then , 32 hectares of land was been granted to the Agri Horticultural society by the colonial government  , then as a consequence , the biggest garden  was established in 1859. The main highlights of the garden is that it is largely based on Niven’s design .The garden indeed has played a paramount role during the “greening singapore” campaign . During the early independence days , it has also played a very significant role during the Garden City Campaign.




Attractions of the garden

1. National Orchid Garden

Located on the mid-western side of the garden , National orchid garden has been labelled as the favourite attraction within the botanical garden . This garden is rich in beauty and consumes only 3 hectares of land .This garden  has more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids .This park holds special significance as the Singapore’s national flower is Miss Joaqim , a hybrid orchid. People like Nelson Mandela , Princess Diana also had orchids after them.The opening hours of National Orchid Garden are from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm . Entry charges are $5-00 for adults and $1-00 for students and senior citizens of above 60 years . Entry in this garden is absolutely free for children below 12 years of age .



2 .Rainforest

The tropical rainforest is even older than the botanical garden itself .It consists of 6 acres of land and it is a very attracting forest within the botanical garden .


3.Ginger Garden

This one hectare garden is located next to the national orchid garden which was opened officially in 2003 .


4. Evolution Garden

Located within the central core area of the garden . This garden has a collection of the plants throughout the ages .


5. Jaccab Ballas Children garden

The donar of this garden was Jaccab Ballas and the name of this garden was also named after his name .The National Parks Board claims it as the first children garden as it was opened on children day . Water play area,tree houses , a small playground adds to the beauty of this garden and children love to pay a visit to Jaccab Ballas Children garden . The opening hours of Jaccab Ballas Children Garden is from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm daily . This park remains closed on mondays .Entry of children is absolutely free of cost in this garden as the name suggests , it is a garden absolutely for children .


Highlights of the Botanical garden

This is the most amazing and absolutely free of cost botanical garden except the National Orchid Garden .This place is very well brushed  and it is very popularly known as the ” star visitor attraction “.It consists of numerous heritage trees , more than 10,000 plants from different parts of the world  . Saraca stream is on  of the most visited attractions of the botanical garden . This garden opens at 5 am to 12 pm .


As it is a well known fact that Singapore is a small country . But , in the contradiction , this botanical garden of singapore is the biggest and attractive destination for the locals and tourists .  This garden has an array of botanical and horticultural attractions . It is rich in history . The most amazing and phenomenal thing about the garden is it has tons of mini parks inside it . It can be said that it has ” many gardens within a single garden “.  If you are in singapore , Botanical Gardens of the Singapore should be your first choice .They are so much rich in beauty that the beauty of each and every garden should be admired . The botanic garden is a civic and community space . This entire garden seems to people very nice and easily accessible . One should carry a bottle with him because it will need a lot of patience to walk through this entire park . But , even carrying of bottle will not work because one gets so lost in the beauty of the gardens that he forgets where he is ! One feels completely into a different world after entering in the world of the gardens , that is , ” The Botanical Garden “.

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