Yeoor: A mini hill station of Thane

Yeoor: A mini hill station of Thane

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A beautiful hill of yeoor in the vicinity of Thane itself offers the visitors a beautiful blend of nature, wildlife, nightlife and meditation. Yeoor hill is also known as ‘Mama Bhanja hill’ and serves as the best get away in Thane. The beautiful hill is located in the district of Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra and lies in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Yeoor hills fascinates wildlife enthusiast as there are various flora and fauna found.

Yeoor hill is located on the outskirts of thane with the distance of few kilometers and from the centre of Mumbai around 30-40 kilometers. Around 80% of the land is under the forest conservative department.  Yeoor hills are home to many birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. There is a chance to explore and have a glimpse of the wildlife in Yeoor hills if you are lucky, as the place has high density of leopards, pythons, cobras, bamboo pit viper and other such other such man-eater creatures. There are range of birds and butterflies too and often there are various school trips and other trips organized in Yeoor hills to see the types of snakes and reptiles and other parts of nature.

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Portions of Yeoor hills are under army base. It is said that Indian Air Force station is located here and is strictly controlled under the forest department and thus the entry is strictly prohibited. A firing range is also placed within the hills of Yeoor. Other things about and inside the air force base is thus not reveled to public.

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Apart from the wildlife, the lush green greenery of the place also fascinates the visitors. Away from all the city life and its pollution, the greenery of the hills and the misty air soothes the body and soul of the visitors and thus is perfect weekend get- away and a picnic spot for the Thane localites, Mumbaikars and the nature lovers. There are various tree plantations like bamboo, nilgiri, red pine, boar, apple, mango, almonds, sandlefruit, jackfruit, lotus, tamarind, chasheco, turmeric, seasen, amla, bohini and many more. Thus with the various trees and greenery there are various birds and the chirping of the rare and exotic birds is just pleasant to ears. Bird watching is also the main activities in Yeoor hills.

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There are various activities and things to do in and around Yeoor hills. There is a jungle camp organized in the Yeoor hills which organizes various activities for the city goers and brings them close to nature.  Activities like trekking and hiking is very famous in Yeoor hills to explore the nature trails and the flora and fauna of the place. Mountain climbing and bird watching is another popular activity carried out in Yeoor hills. With the proper trainers and guide, one gets a good chance to explore the chance to learn mountain climbing and to gain more information about the birds. Jungle camp organizes star gazing and a visit to nearby waterfall during the limited and seasonal time. One gets a beautiful and rare experience of star gazing in the lush green nature with fresh air all over. Tree plantations, warli painting and pottery making is another activities they offer to indulge in. Doing creative stuff along with the nature has its own benefits to the mind and body. Rifle shooting, archery, commando obstacle course and treasure hunt are other rare activities to indulge in and to explore the scope in those fields. A bit of these activities and training is fun to do and learn. Other from all these activities there are yoga and meditation scope available. The chance to meditate along with the lush green nature is just mesmerizing.

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With various activities to do and with the beauty of nature, there are various good restaurants and resorts located in the Yeoor hills. Mumbai’s first country club named Golden Swan country club is located in Yeoor hills at 1300 feet above the sea level. Nine- hole golf course, good restaurant and AC cottages are the famous attraction of the club.

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Exotica resort and restaurant is other good option with good ambience and good food. The place which is surrounded with beautiful nature and greenery all around provides most of the facilities. The place has a great bar menu and has live music during weekends. Exotica is perfect get away during weekends to enjoy the greenery and nature and to lazing around with the live music and cool atmosphere. The place offers great cuisines, splendor views, facilitated rooms, pool side restaurants, music evenings and many more to enjoy the nature and to explore them.

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Other from these two famous resorts and clubs in Yeoor hills, there are various restaurants like Garava garden restaurant, Sai dhaba, Gulmohar, etc. Yeoor hills are accessed only by roadways and there are some prohibitions with the timings and entry is closed after around 8pm as the place has a threat of man-eaters due to high density of leopards and panthers.

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A visit to Yeoor hill is thus fascinating with various activities it offers to explore the flora and fauna of the place, with good restaurants and resorts to relax along with the nature.

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