Wonderful Swiss Experience: Wengen

Wonderful Swiss Experience: Wengen

Located in Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is the village of Wengen. This extremely picturesque village offers some breath taking views of the abundant natural beauty imbued in this place and its surroundings. Situated in the lap of the Jungfrau Mountain Range and within a visible distance of Lauterbrunnen Valley, Wengen’s natural splendors are bound to leave a vivid impression in the mind of all visitors. Surrounded by the snow capped mountain peaks, crystal clear likes, magnificent waterfalls, and lush carpets of greenery, Wengen and its surroundings are a nature lover’s paradise. Not just that the facilities for winter adventure sports available in Wengen are internationally famous.

Mountain Railway

To reach Wengen, a car free village, the only means of commuting is through train ride that is easily available from Lauterbrunnen. Other nearby places too can be reached through the means of trains. The railway lines snaking through the mountains provide a mesmerizing traveling experience, with brilliant views of the Alpine landscapes stretching as far as eyes can see, interspersed with charming villages. A visit to and stay in Wengen exploring its many offerings allows any traveler to experience Switzerland’s unsurpassed beauty.

Skiing in Wengen

Wengen is an absolute delight for those who are enthusiastic about winter sports. With the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains standing nearby, it provides an array of apt locations for such sporting activities as skiing and snowboarding among others. The snow covered mountain ranges around Wengen are also internationally recognized as they host the famous Lauberhorn Ski Races. Places like Maennlichen, Schilthorn to name a few are located within easy distance of Wengen, and provide spectacular conditions and facilities to indulge in some adrenaline inducing sports. Besides the usual snowboarding, there are also opportunities for sledging, ski lift, and mountain biking among other things. The hiking trails within these mountains, covered with pristine ivory snow in winter, and vibrant wilderness in summers also make up for an invigorating activity in addition to providing some truly unforgettable sights.

Main Street, Wengen

The whole village of Wengen provides one with a sense of stepping into a different world all together. The gift shops, cafes, and many other knickknack shops line the main street of the village of Wengen. Besides the snow covered mountains of the Jungfrau Range and others, stunning vistas of Lauterbrunnen village, Alpine lush greenery, Wengen also provides clear views of valleys surrounding it. The rustic feel, carnival like atmosphere in the main lanes lined by shops, the car free streets, the profusely rich natural surroundings, the walkways laden with scenic views all add up to provide a fairy tale like setting.

Giessbach Falls

The beautiful natural sites in and around Wengen are bound to impress all visitors. There are many waterfalls which prove to be impressive natural specimens. The Trummelbach Falls for instance are a glacier fall, whose water cascades down into the valleys from a great distance. It is a popular tourist destination, and an amazing view. Among others the most popular are the Giessbach Waterfalls. Here from fourteen different pathways, the water falls into Lake Brienz. It makes up for beautiful surroundings to take a cruise in.

Alpine views, Wengen

Many neighboring places and villages are easily accessible from Wengen requiring within an hour or so of traveling time through the railways. The medieval looking town of Bern, Switzerland’s capital can be visited from here to. In more nearby and popular destinations are places like Spiez. Located on the banks of Lake Thun, this quaint and sleepy town has a castle and other ancient structures dating as far back as 11th century.


Interlaken is another very popular and equally spectacular place that is on all Wengen travelers’ must visit list. Situated a 20 min train ride from Wengen, amongst the lakes Thun and Brienz, this town is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The pristine waters of these lakes, splendid waterfalls, mountains in the backdrop, cruises organized in an extremely picturesque setting, all of these make a visit to Interlaken a sensory delight. Blausee or the Blue Lake in Frutigland is also worth visiting. The turquoise waters, green Alps, and rowing boat trips in such a scenic environs make up for a memorable traveling experience.


Jungfraujoch, at a height of 3454m, this peak boasts of having Europe’s highest railway station. The various adventure sports activities organized here, together with such offerings as Ice Palace and Sphinx Observation Hall make it a worthwhile place. Besides these activities the view from atop here is truly spectacular. Those interested in mountainous excursions should not miss out on Schilthorn either. One of the oldest revolving restaurants is found here at an approximate height of 3000m. The breath taking views of the Alps, and the snow sheathed landscapes make it a truly memorable place.

Wengen, Cable Cars

Maennlichen is another mountainous offering of Wengen. The cable car ride from Wengen to Maennlichen lasts some ten minutes and transports you some 1000m. In summers it is a popular area for hiking enthusiasts, providing some easy as well as demanding trails, all with their own overflowing beauty. The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains, in addition to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen can be seen from here, making the panorama extremely rich and eye pleasing.


There are accommodations available for tourists in all budget brackets in Wengen. But to have an unforgettable and authentic Alpine Swiss experience, stay in the chalets made available for rent.  These wooden houses located in stunning natural surroundings, with some equally stunning sights in night as well as day; add some extra charm to your Swiss sojourn. Overall a trip to Wengen makes up for an enchanting journey.

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